Why National Party promises on the Environment are actually meaningless


National Party promises of being pest free by 2050 and 80% swimmable rivers by 2040 are fucking meaningless if Polar Caps melt in 2030!

We are seeing signs that the Earth can’t slow down the human generated heat wave engulfing it and that we are probably now beyond tipping points which can generate immediate and sudden climate change.

Making promises as far out as 2050 and 40 are meaningless bullshit that do nothing to prepare us for what happens by 2030.

When Scientists are having to march in the streets because ignorant fuckwits who believe alternative facts are calling the shots we have reached a snapping point where bullshit must be called for what it is.

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The utter lack of militancy in our political spectrum to force rapid environmental-economic-social change to enable us to get ahead of this looming climate calamity is as terrifying as it is delusional.

I believe a far more radical political agenda than is being offered by anyone in the current political spectrum will be required if this stars quo continues.


  1. True every word,
    Consider that we are all living in a big tent, making our own separate fires!!!!

    We cannot survive as more come into the tent starting more fires can we? Pretty simple logic it is so unreal that so many don’t get it do they?

    “As this new study shows, our poking sticks are getting bigger and bigger, and we’re poking the beast faster and faster. Meanwhile, climate deniers are egging us on because the beast has been angered in the past, and we’re not sure just how soon it will decide to maul us.”

  2. Climate change is just another of the many layers to the ecological catastrophe we are facing. Water pollution, soil depletion, chemical toxicity, deforestation, habitat loss, biodiversity loss, depletion of fisheries, plastic pollution, ocean acidification…and climate change. And right now our political and economic system is doing the exact opposite of what it should be doing to address these problems. It all went exponential around 1950, the ‘great acceleration’ as it is called, when industrial consumer capitalism was put on steriods, and then super-steriods with the period of unfettered neoliberal capitalism and globalisation, the period we are still in as I write. We’re never going to stop it now because industrial consumer capitalism is itself like one of its own machines, gaining its own momentum, demanding growth as its very ideological fuel And human population growth is part of that matrix – breed, consume, breed, consume, breed, consume ad infinitum. As a species we are displacing the real world with our own creation, but not acknowledging that it takes the resources of the real world to make that replacement world, and we are in denial that the real world, the world of air, water, earth and nature, is actually the basis to our survival at all. This planet and all it provides is where we live, we have got to where we are because of it. We are a truly arrogant species, blind in the belief we are special and made in some god’s image, superior to the millions of other creatures because we have something called ‘spirit’ (as if other species don’t). We are the top of the food chain, the dominant species for whom all other species were put here (by some god). But we are sadly deluded, fools to the size of our own brains. We are the creators of ridiculous systems to explain our privilege and specialness, the creators of tools and murderous weapons beyond our ability to control, the creators of eco-destructive machines and chemical reactions beyond our pathetic wisdom to use. And now this, the biggest miscalculation of all, the thin layer of vital and precious atmosphere is becoming fouled by our arrogant stupidity. It is well and truly the history of technology as catastrophe, the accident factor gone ballistic. And even our most well-meaning politicians think we can turn this thing around. They think they can ‘green’ capitalism. Another delusion, another form of denial. Sadly, it is always better to stick to the ‘happiness’ culture we are fed by the media. All is well in the best of possible worlds (Candide) and the system must always be seen to be working. And as Dan the Weatherman keeps telling us, “Mother Nature” is dealing us a strange hand right now, with temperatures 9C above normal for this time of year, and more rainfall in one day that in a whole month! He forgets to tell us Mother Nature is at the mercy of anthropogenic climate change. Beware the naysayers, the system will always be seen to be working even as it collapses around us. Its going to be a bummer.

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