TV REVIEW: If you write TV reviews about the Bachelor that don’t demand an end to this sexist trash then you are part of the problem


The Batchelor is to responsible broadcasting what a Big Mac combo is to breakfast.

Unless you are a hipster blue green blog who takes money for copy, there is no excuse for any other TV  reviewer to write anything other than septic venom when reviewing The Bachelor.

I was flicking through the TV channels and my 7 year old daughter saw a promo for The Bachelor and immediately started asking me questions.

“Dad, what is that show about”?

“That’s the Bachelor love, it’s a stupid dating show”.

“How does it work”?

“30 odd women all try to get one guy to date them”.

“Why do the women have to chase the one guy? That’s sexist”.

“That’s right love, good point, it is weird isn’t it. Are you going to clean up your Lego or am I going to get stuck with doing it again”?

“They should have a show where all the men have to chase after one girl and she says no to all of them”.

“Yes that would be funny, are-you-going-to-clean-up-your-Lego orrrrrrr am I going to have to clean it up again”?

“Dad, I’m trying to tell you something and you are not listening to me”.

“Yes, yes I heard you, a dating show where all the men chase after the one woman and she makes their lives miserable, I heard you, love it, sounds magical. Now about your bloody Lego…”

Folks, The Bachelor is gross. It’s just weird and awful and the messages it sends as prime time TV entertainment are pretty fucked up.  I would think that anyone with any class would just not watch this for anything other than brutal social commentary.

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For a culture that has the problems we do with male privilege and rape culture, the Bachelor seems to incorporate all the necessary preconditions that make those things bloom and grow.

I liked my Daughter’s idea. I want to see the Feminist Bachelor, 30 NZ blokes trying to date an uber Twitter Feminist from Wellington.

Each episode she would test the male contestants on their gender politics general knowledge while getting consensus agreement to equally divide all the domestic chores. Tampons would be split as a cost that everyone subsidies and all the men would accept a 10% reduction in their appearance fee in solidarity with the gender wage gap.

It could be funny and enlightening.

We deserve locally made TV that builds society, not corrodes it.


  1. My God I saw the very start of this revolting programme where the presenter or whatever he is says ‘where are the girls -ah there you are’. I cannot believe how often we still here women referred to as girls. Actually in sport and sports reporting it is rife!

  2. Keep in mind that there is a programme called The Bachelorette that plays in the US and in Australia. I don’t think it could run in NZ as we wouldn’t have enough men willing to make such fools of themselves.
    These girls are on this show to boost their career, find a path into the entertainment industry…it is really just a big con and we are force fed it on the mainstream networks by a cynical industry.

  3. The Bachelorette (which has had TWELVE seasons in the US) is pretty much the show you describe, but don’t for one second think it’s any better “entertainment” than the The Bachelor. These shows not only embody but celebrate the incredibly vapid nature of “reality TV” (their is NOTHING real in any of these programs).

    • They should come with a mental health warning. No, really, they should. On the rare occassion I’ve seen a few seconds of it at a friend’s house, I could feel my synaptic neuron-connections disengaging… (My friend is also a fan of the Kardashian tv programmes. I still don’t know why they’re ‘famous’?!)

  4. So you were watching the bachelor with your 7 year old daughter and then you conceived a show where the sexes were reversed, it’s been done and done and done.

  5. I only learnt about it from Martyn going ballistic about it here at the T.D.B.

    It’s on the dumb down network for the brain dead and that was warning enough for me.

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