How is this not fake news?

Cover of the book Surrounded by the Spirit by Kelvin Cruickshank Supplied 7th April 2017

The corporate mainstream media do a lot of complaining about ‘fake news’ and a lot of chest beating about the state of their ‘journalism’ but you can see why attacking the credibility of corporate news media is so easy to do when you see example after example of news that is not in any way shape or form actual news.

Take this steaming turd of s story…

Hearing voices: Kelvin Cruickshank, Jonah Lomu and sceptics

Psychic medium ­Kelvin Cruickshank had a packed audience in tears when he believed he was contacted by All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu from beyond the grave.

Rugby giant Lomu died in ­November 2015 after suffering a heart attack associated with a chronic kidney condition.

Sensing Murder star Cruickshank reveals how the bizarre message from the other side came during a live performance in Auckland in the middle of last year, when Lomu’s brother John was in the audience.

“It was an incredible experience because I knew Jonah ­personally, he was quite close to my son,” Cruickshank says. “I had no idea his brother was in the hall and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Jonah came through.”

The incident is described in the TV psychic’s upcoming new book, Surrounded by Spirit.

In it, he tells how John Lomu went to the show with wife ­Kristen at the last minute using tickets ­returned by fans who couldn’t make it along.

“They were sitting at the back of the theatre and I could barely see them, but their family members started coming through, so I began by going to Kristen first,” Cruickshank recalls. “After a while a man in spirit, who was clearly there for John, got my attention.

“I was given the name Joe, and John said that it was his brother.”

Cruickshank then told John his brother was telling him he didn’t get the chance to say goodbye.

…I’m sorry, what the fuck?

Some bullshit charlatan who pretends to speak with dead people has a book detailing him talking to dead people and they have the audacity to include Jonah bloody Lomu in this grotesque illusion?

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When will the ‘journalist’ of this piece step in and say, ‘shouldn’t you be fucking ashamed of yourself for including a well loved and decent human being like Jonah Lomu in your snake oil charade’?

Let’s see wait with baited breath for the ‘journalist’ to do just that…

Cruickshank hopes the Lomu episode will ­encourage people to share his belief they surrounded by loved ones after they have died.

His psychic abilities attract a big audience and have delivered a handsome living for the former chef. He shot to fame on popular TV show Sensing Murder and Surrounded by Spirit will be his seventh book.

The dad of two from Kerikeri regularly plays to sold-out crowds on live tours around the ­country and a new TV show he fronts called Haunted Hollywood is about to screen in the US.

…ummmmmm what? This was written by Russell Blackstock, who is the ‘senior reporter’ at the Weekend Herald and Herald on Sunday, note this isn’t some junior, this isn’t some grad student who they’ve appointed social media director because they have 500 followers on Twitter, this is the ‘senior reporter’ and at no time during this entire fiasco of a ‘news’ story does the ‘senior reporter’ point out that the entire thing is a sick fantasy used to manipulate people’s grief at a time when they are most vulnerable.

How the Christ isn’t this ‘fake news’ and how on earth can the corporate news media expect to be respected when they publish trash like this?


    • Bloody sports people are more trouble than they are worth, I have lost all interest in sport today sadly full of bad actors.

  1. This excoriation of a charlatan, and of the journalist who betrayed his professionalism, completely justified (although one has to wonder about the credulousness of the people who were, apparently, taken in by his nasty fabrications).

    PS As I once before needed to draw to attention on this website, the correct spelling is “bated” breath (as per Shylock’s first use of the word, in the 16th century, an abbreviation for abated).

    Once again, the only correct usage of “baited” breath is in this poem, Clever Cruel Cat, from Geoffrey Taylor, in the 1930s:

    Sally, having swallowed cheese,
    Directs down holes the scented breeze,
    Enticing thus with baited breath
    Nice mice to an untimely death.

    (Unless, perhaps, the meaning was to overcome the journalist with halitosis?)

  2. Kelvin Cruickshank, the return of Christ. If anybody else said the things he’s saying, they’d be locked up in a psychiatric ward. But he’s rich so who cares.

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