Donald Trump launches Tomahawk missiles at Syria


And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Concerned your poll ratings are dropping? Why launch cruise missiles at a country that can’t hit you back.

And that’s what Trump has done today by firing 60 Tomahawk missiles at Syria.

Nothing boosts poll ratings in America quite like firing missiles at someone who can’t fire anything back.

This is a complete 180 from Trump, before he was elected he was against any increased military action by America in Syria, now his polls have dropped, he’s all for it.

Australia has begged to be allowed to be involved while Bill English was so surprised and out of the loop he had no idea Trump had done this when the NZ media contacted him for comment.

And so it begins.  The Trump comes around because the American Military Industrial Complex must be fed…

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  1. The N.Z. Herald said English was surprised by the attack, now they’re saying he was informed and therefore new about the attack?

    “Prime Minister Bill English says we were simply informed but not asked for our view.”

    Our country is officially run by a muppet and he say’s “trust me, I know what I’m doing”.

    I say to him, stick to what you are an expert in… spaghetti pizza’s!

  2. I also think it is because the heat is really on Trump from the FBI which now has all the evidence it needs to prove his ties with Russia. It’s not the first time the leader of a country has started a war overseas to deflect problems at home.

      • +100… to that!

        …and Trump has betrayed his voters who were disgusted with Hillary Clinton inciting and leading a war against Gaddafi and Libya based on lies ….and disgusted with USA policy in the Middle East…including the sacking of Iraq


        There is no proof Assad was behind the gas attacks. He had no reason to be behind them. He was winning the war against ISIS

  3. The terrorists are rejoicing. The leader of the rebel opposition has claimed this is a turning point of the war in Syria.
    It has been reported that 4 Syrian pilots have been killed.

    Al Qaeda who have been driven back from Id Lib by the Syrian army recently, have now got a free run back into the area. Thanks Trump for making the world a safer place today by attacking a sovereign country based on the evidence of a You Tube video.

    The US is really the scourge of the world.

  4. This was an obvious move. Spurred on by the utter fake news that the chemical weapons were 100% for certain, definitely, totally for sure, without any doubt whatsoever launched by Assad, despite there being ZERO evidence presented, Trump is merely doing what most everyone thinks is justified and righteous (nothing makes people angrier than dead children).
    This attack scores Trump massive political points. 1) He shows he can’t possibly be a Russian stooge, 2) He shows that he is willing to unilaterally US military force, which the Republican’s are super excited about, 3) potentially start a hot US war with Syria so that the CIA can finally get what they wanted all along – to remove Assad and replace him with chaos (i.e. ISIL/Al-Nusra Front/rebels), 4) with the Chinese Premier in town, Trump can make a fist and tell China that if they don’t deal with North Korea, he will.

    • Well, let’s be honest here Frank, he’s probably still less of a war hawk than the ONLY other alternative that was on offer. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much at this point.

      • Nitrium, I have never been a fan of the excuse “Oh, but such-and-such would’ve been worse”. (I assume you’re referring to Hillary Clinton.) That is hypothetical which serves as much purpose as if Clinton had been President; she launched an illegal attack on Syria; and then I offered the excuse, “Oh, but such-and-such would’ve been worse”.

        What everyone is not realising is that Russia’s assessment of Trump’s vanity/ego was co0rrect only up to a certain point. They neglected to understand the American gung-ho psyche where the Good Guy wears a white hat; the bad guy wears a Black Hat; they shoot it out, and the Good Guy (usually) always wins. It’s a psyche based on guns and the winner using guns to achieve an end, which, by definition puts the US in the position of the “Good Guy” because they win the shooting match.

        The other thing people don’t realise is that America has just attacked an ally of the Russians. Think about that for a moment. It would be like Russia bombing a NATO country.

        The world has just moved one minute closer to midnight on the Doomsday Clock, in my view.

        As an aside, I dismiss suggestions that the Russians used chemical weapons on Idlib. It’s simply not their style. Plus, they had nothing to gain that air attacks using conventional bombs could not achieve (more slaughter).

        No, the culprits was either the Syrian government, or another ‘player’, such as the Saudis.

        But parlour games aside, the planet is now living in a dangerous moment that I equate to the Cuban Missile crisis, when the US and Soviets faced off against each other.

        More than ever, I lament the fact that Bernie Sanders did not become the US president.

      • +100…note the smugness of the msm and those who supported crooked warmongering Hillary Clinton…who instigated the war in Libya…and those who supported the war against Iraq

        ….wow Trump has been turned! …lets celebrate!

        • …and from an American, Robert Bridge, questions about the role of the mainstream media:

          ‘Disregarding cruel lessons of Iraq War, Trump launches attack on Syria’

          …”I find it amazing that the first positive media piece that I’ve seen on Trump since he was elected president comes on the heels of a severely misguided military adventure, based on zero evidence.

          However, the New York Times is certainly not alone in its zeal for agitating on the side of military conflict…

          Today, after years of hand-wringing over its past trespasses, the Western media is once again in the saddle, practically fomenting for military escapades, whipping leaders like horses into action, which is of course not what it was designed to do. This dangerous tendency has evolved from the days of the Bush administration, and now seems to work hand-in-glove with the military and government…

          It is quickly proving to be the tragedy of American politics that this insane rush to war is no longer controlled by the people, or questioned by the media, but rather is something that is declared – unilaterally – by the President, who more resembles a Roman Caesar than a democratically elected official.

          These American war games, endorsed by an mendacious media, and largely ignored by a marginalized, misinformed public, must be brought to heel before the dogs of war are unleashed, never to return home again.”

      • +100 NITRIUM…the sanctimonious anti Trump , hypocritical Hillary Clinton supporters…seem to have missed the point she would have done worse and been quicker on the draw

        ‘Confused Leftists Slam ‘Trumpmageddon’ Despite Hillary’s Call For Direct Strikes On Syrian Airfields Hours Earlier’

        …”Before pointing fingers at President Trump, however, it is important to note that just hours before Trump launched missile strikes against Syrian airfield targets it was none other than Hillary Clinton herself who said she would have done the same thing:

        Speaking to the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Mrs Clinton said she believed the US had been wrong not to have previously launched such an offensive.

        She said: “Assad had an air force, and that air force is the cause of most of the civilian deaths, as we have seen over the years and as we saw again in the last few days.”

        “And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop Sarin gas on them.“
        Source: Independent
        Let’s not pretend that Donald Trump did anything Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have done.

        If Trump’s Syrian strikes lead to further tension between the United States and Russia, or even widespread military conflict, it has nothing to do with a Republican or Democrat being in office, but rather, a pre-planned agenda.

        As Ron Paul highlighted this week, it’s the neo-cons who benefit most, and that includes Hillary Clinton.

        War is very good business for the military industrial complex, bank financiers, energy magnates and politicians.”

    • Yes Frank, it always amused me when people took one statement from Trump and ignored the other statements.

      He agreed with Ted Cruz in a debate that USA should carpet bomb ISIS, then he promised to spend billions on bombs and upgrading the military.

      For some reason many people only heard his critiques of Obama.

      Trump is a complete and utter buffoon. He’s unhinged. What is scary is that the true measure of his buffoonery will come when he has to respond to an attack – like George W did. If we got another Iraq from Trump we could say we got off lightly. God help us if a major terrorist attack happens on US soil when he’s still in the White House

  5. A definite benefit of this action – no mention of the atrocity that triggered it though? And I’d like to hear a suggestion or two on how one is supposed to deal with an autocrat who clearly has no qualms about using chemical weapons against his own people… take it to the UN?

    • Step 1) offer full immunity from prosecution on the provision that the autocrate be exiled to a place of his choosing for him and his family.

      Step 2) hold UN monitored elections

      Step 3) celebrate

        • Ikr. The US 5th fleet operating out of Syrian waters left home waters 5 days ago, “alleged chemical weapons attack in syria took place after the 5th fleet left home waters.

          Any connection between US 5th fleet operations in syria and chemical weapons attack is pure political fiary dust (*cough CYNC*)

          I laugh at mainstream media, they are saying what I was saying 5 hrs before breaking news stories started floating. They are so slow i dont even bother woth them any more. Twitter is our freind.

    • Well step 1 would surely be to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that Assad was behind it. The facts, as sparse as they are, is that he is unlikely to responsible.
      1) Syria’s chemicals weapons were supposedly destroyed in 2014. Chlorine wasn’t included, but this attack WASN’T chlorine based.
      2) the fact there is a crater presented as proof for the alleged attack is all I need to know that this is total fake news. Chemical weapons are detonated ABOVE a city, blanketing the area in a heavier than air gas – they are NEVER detonated at street level because that renders them highly ineffectual. If there had been upwards of 1,000 deaths I’d buy into the notion that Assad/Russia was responsible, but at 80 odd dead that is HIGHLY unlikely.
      3) Finally, what possible tactical/strategic advantage would Assad gain at this stage in the civil war using such an attack, fully knowing how the rest of the world would perceive and potentially respond to it? Is Assad insane? The interviews I’ve watched, he comes across as HIGHLY rational.

    • and yet he still has the absolute loyalty of the army, 80% Sunni, the teachers , doctors, real Civil Defence whose salaries are still paid by his administration, the whole parliamentary system is still behind Assad, as are the Christian archbishops, and other minorities protected by Assad.
      By far the majority of Syrians live in Govt areas
      If you think the Idlib rebels are peace loving, scrabble playing democrats , think again. Up until recently they have been murdering each other, conducting turf wars and enforcing sharia law in the most barbaric fashion

      • Other than drowning on shoddy escape vessels, a huge amount of Syrians now live in Europe. I wonder if the Assad regime was the impetus they needed to go on their OE.

      • Yep, by that rule, you may as well say, John Key, now Bill English, have most of the loyalty of NZers, whose jobs, bank accounts and all else are dependent on their way of running and manipulation the economy, on which all else depends.

      • There ain’t no theory about it. The laws of physics are pretty much set in stone
        I respect your right not to open this can of worms but consider the implications of someone behaving in such a callous way, murdering 4000 odd people and using this to justify the invasion of Iraq. Subsequent world events that have been used to demonise Russia and Assad might be viewed in a different light, if the US security apparatus really is this bad. Consider this possibility and you will find a lot falls into place and the inexplicable becomes obvious

        • Further more the official white house story about 9/11 has been totally discredited by many groups including the official 9/11 commission which is the reason why foriengers can sue US officials for US terrorist acts abroad.

          If you want to run anti 9/11 lines, try this for awhile until offical 9/11 stories are produced.

          Its all about the money baby!

  6. Russia called an emergency UNSC meeting. Oh what i would give to be a fly on the wall.

    This meeting may prove to be a pivital moment in our history.

    May god have mercy on our souls

    • I concur, Sam. This is a very dangerous moment in our history. Time travellers from the future (if there is a future left) would be carefully studying this moment in history, wondering how civilisation survived.

      Let’s hope saner heads in Washington and Moscow prevail.

      • And let the innocents die at the hands of the mighty “Assad”.
        I here there will be a book written soon about the slaughter, “Assad” has presided over. Although it will be taken seriously, as should the most recent book of Hager et/al.

        • Actually, id like to see you personally tape off the crime scene where the chemical attacks took place and lead and investigation into it. Even then I wouldn’t belive what you said about syria. Personally id read what ever report is produced to check to times of death, ages, ect.

          Because people always put political fairy dust all over things that effect thier feelings

      • Other than drowning on shoddy escape vessels, a huge amount of Syrians now live in Europe. I wonder if the Assad regime was the impetus they needed to go on their OE.
        YOU know what I mean.

        • Ahem. A huge amount of Syria population wasn’t even born there and they ain’t tourist or civilians either.

          Simply speaking the amount of aiding and abetting by association recived by ISIS from the global deep state surley means that the US terror watchlist which ISIS tops is a work of fiction and doesn’t exist.

        • I believe Einstein once said, “If you make a fish climb a tree it will think it’s dumb.” which is a similar notion to enlightened business men becoming president of the united states.

          Fyi, while trump was ticking up hotels, Putin was running the KGB.

          Its no wonder you cant talk legs on fish #CharlesDarwin

        • I dare say the only sane head is in Moscow.

          There is an element of truth to that, Nitrium. WWIII was averted last century for two reasons.

          The first is that the former Soviet Union had been invaded by the Nazis and the utter destruction and massive death toll was well remembered by the Soviet leadership. They understood what Total War meant. They also understood that an atomic war would make WWII pale by comparison.

          With a historical lesson like that, one is well-motivated to avoid the unthinkable.

  7. The White Helmet led staged Propaganda production worked,
    Assad had disposed of his chemical weapon stockpile some time ago (as agreed ,because disposal was difficult – the US & Russia came to an agreement to remove all these).
    when an ‘attack’ on a civilian population happens elsewhere its because of ‘terrorists’ – yet because its in Syria ‘Rebel’ controlled territory it must be ‘Assad’!!?. so why are the White Helmet / Head Choppers who are first on the scene handling these ‘victims’ with bare hands ect (when Saarin can be absorbed through the skin).
    its faker than the ‘Aleppo Boy’ covered in dust ,makeup & fake blood sitting idle in a pristine brand new ambulance (while the white helmets do what they do best when not making high quality HD propaganda pieces – Rifling & stealing from the dead!)

    • We dont know that all chemical weapons have been removed from syria or the middle east, because, we are still digging up T40 medium tanks that where buried in the middle east on purpose. This is one example of a cultural tradition of defence and revenge.

  8. Trump has learnt a lot from Russia: this move is called ‘Crazy Ivan’ – it may not scare Putin, but it should give Assad reason to pause.

    Nek minit Bill will want our boys dying in this deeply unattractive sandpit.

  9. Trump has been played by ISIS and the Rebels, they have achieved their objective of drawing the USA deeper into the Syrian Conflict.

    However the Illuminati in the USA are itching for war.

    • Of course the military industrial complex want war, they eat sleep and shit war. But the wierd part is, Trump actually made a campaign pleadge to bomb syria. Far from being secretive you can go check @realdonaldtrump on twitter.

      Erdagon the Stronk pleaded with Obama many times for the US to set up a no fly zone over syria to supress russian air power so turkey could overthrow Assad which is a bad idea because assad is an elected leader odf a soverign nation engaged in running battles with ISIS who is the wests 2nd highest strategic threat behind Russia.

      In fact Trump is aiding and abetting a known terrorist group in his own terror watch list.

  10. If there was a penis enlargement procedure that actually worked none of this hellish shit would be happening.

  11. Assad was legally elected President by the people. This is not about Assad but about Israel/US/NATO strangling the Middle East into submission. We can tick off this disgusting trios achievements : Tunisia, Iraq, Libya, now Syria, next … Iran, next ….?
    And we are right there in support. I hope we, the people, will call for all our troops to be returned home.
    Rumours abound that impeachment is about to hit Trump. Not keen on his replacement – Ryan – but we’ll see how this ridiculous reaction to this Mossad/CIA false flag plays out.

  12. So Trump joins the long list of war criminals. Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump. They really are exceptional people. Exceptionally ignorant and inhumane. As one commenter on Zerohedge noted it took 6 months to convict OJ Simpson, Assad 1 day. The whole chemical bombing of innocent children was such a false flag. The evidence against Assad based entirely on the “White Helmets”, proven liars and associates of child beheaders. I am absolutely aghast at this turn of events. John Campbell’s checkpoint show on National Radio aired a BBC item last night predictably villanising Assad. Do these these people have no common sense. Why would Assad, a neuro-surgeon, launch such an attack. Anyone in line for surgery ? Lookout they are obviously fuckwits.

      • Thanks Aalathythy. My mistake. Fortunately I did not launch 59 tomahawk missiles based on a misremembered fact.
        Substitute ophthalmologist and eye surgery in the preceeding post

    • I would agree with you if trump had either, Bombed civilians or dropped poison gas on the people, who had apparently voted for him. Maybe the Russians had something to do with the ascent of Assad.

      • To hear the Democrats Squeal about losing the election I am not sure Trump did not do that. Of course the Russians have something to do with Assad’s retention of power, not his ascent, they were invited in to assist. Under United Nations rules only Russia and Iran have Syria’s permission to be there. Syria is a sovereign country that the USA and NATO feel is their military playground. What was a minor insurrection was escalated by the USA and NATO into a major conflagration all because Assad would not play ball with their pipeline dreams. A gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria to Europe. Gas that would be sold in US dollar,s protecting the petro-dollar scam, and that would compete with Russian gas to Europe, driving down the price. American capitalism at its finest. The American dollar is king and civilian lives are valueless, especially if they are brown.

      • Maybe the US / Israeli propaganda has a hold of you.

        Maybe Israel will give back all Palestinian land and compensate them for decades of losses.

        Maybe the US will stop telling lies.


      • Trump took the NATO bait to become the war-monger instead of them and get the US taxpayer to pay the bill.

        Last week trump was accusing NATO members of not paying their fair share remember?

        And now it is the US taxpayer who is paying the lot!!!!!!!

        Clever pricks aren’t they, “kill two birds with one stone”

        Russia & Syria, and also causing a Trump loss at home with the 2018 midterm election’s!!!!

        • ‘America’s Syria strike ‘on verge of military clash’ with Russia – PM Medvedev’

          “The US attack on an airfield in Syria has been conducted “on the verge of a military clash” with Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, adding that President Trump has been “broken by the US power machine” in just two-and-a-half months.

          “Instead of an overworked statement about a joint fight against the biggest enemy, ISIS (the Islamic State), the Trump administration proved that it will fiercely fight the legitimate Syrian government,” Medvedev wrote on his Facebook page…

          ‘ ‘Emergency’ protests across US demand ‘Hands off Syria’ (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)’

    • Being a ‘doctor’ or medic of sorts does not protect you from becoming a fanatic and human rights abuser, I am afraid, may I refer to one other well known historic doctor of sorts:

      “Josef Mengele (German: [ˈjoːzɛf ˈmɛŋələ] ( listen); 16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979) was a German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Mengele was a notorious member of the team of doctors responsible for the selection of victims to be killed in the gas chambers and for performing deadly human experiments on prisoners.”

      Here another example:

      Your faith in Assad as a doctor of sorts having “ethics” seems naive to the extreme. Did he shine as a doctor saving lives, or did he not rather make a career as a President stepping into the footsteps of his dictatorial father?

      I wonder at times, how well informed some here are.

  13. The world has gone mad
    How do Tillerson and Trump get to be sucked in so completely and so suddenly with so unlikely a plot that nearly everyone here can see through at a glance. There’s a much deeper story here that we may never hear.
    But the chorus of accusations from heads of state and the MSM (western) came so quickly it was like the speeches were already drafted before the chemicals were released. One alternative news outlet named a rebel based jurno who announced it on Facebook hours before it had happened.
    It’s like ISIS and or al qaeda have the US by the balls, have they got nukes planted under every US city and Trump just found out but the deep state has known all along. ( just my overactive imagination here) , but theres more to this than meets the eye.
    D J S

    • +100 DAVID STONE…interesting comments…why Trump’s sudden turn around?…and betrayal of his voters

    • +100 DAVID STONE re “How do Tillerson and Trump get to be sucked in so completely and so suddenly with so unlikely a plot that nearly everyone here can see through at a glance. There’s a much deeper story here that we may never hear.”

      ‘Trumplash: Rapidly Evolving Syria ‘Policy’ Leaves Pundits And Supporters Puzzled’

      “In the span of just one week, President Trump and his team have pivoted from declaring that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad could stay in power, to launching airstrikes against his regime—and possibly committing the United States to a new military conflict whose scope and scale are unknown.

      Needless to say, the rapid evolution of Trump’s Syria ‘policy’ has left many pundits and supporters in complete shock, particularly since back in 2013, a relentless Trump blasted our then “very foolish leader” for threats to intervene in Syria, saying that military action would just risk a “worldwide conflict” with “no upside and tremendous downside” for the U.S….

      And, as late as last Thursday, U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley was saying, “Our priority is no longer to sit and focus on getting Assad out,” and Secretary of State Tillerson, borrowing language from Russian diplomats, was announcing, “the longer-term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people.”

      All of which, of course, makes yesterday’s decision to bomb an airfield in Syria all that much more puzzling.

      “Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched,” Trump said in brief remarks at Mar-a-Lago, casting the move as necessary “to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

      And while most of the mainstream media could find a way to criticize Trump for almost anything, the latest decision to bomb Syria seems to be costing him the support of even the most ardent conservative proponents….

      (so what IS going on?)

      Why has he betrayed Americans who voted for him wanting no more wars in the Middle East or attempts at regime change?

  14. Syria is Europe’s and the Middle East’s problem. Most people couldn’t care less about poison gas there. Note on this blog, there was nothing on poison gas attacks until Trump’s missiles starting flying.

  15. So where are all those Trumpistas or Trump fans, who seem to find all kinds of excuses or justifications for whatever he says or does, or fails to say or do?

    I was not one bit surprised about this, I almost expected it to happen, sooner or later, after the pictures of those alleged gas attacked civilians were repeated by the MSM again and again.

    On Al Jazeera, who I otherwise cherish as one reasonably reliable source, it was repeated probably hundreds of times now, the footage of the White Helmet medicals trying to rescue those with breathing and other problems, in Idlib Province. This is where AJE are also biased, when it comes to Syria, I must say.

    But to be blunt, from the US Military Industrial Complex kind of view, and from the Pentagon’s point of view, now apparently also Mr Trump’s view, it was something of a very ‘smart masterstroke’. I say that for the following reasons:

    Trump is not the conventional kind of guy that is in the White House, he is a businessman, and he likes to play POKER. He is unpredictable, and has been so for his whole life, and is well known for that character attribute.

    This is how he operates, a 180 degree about turn can never be ruled out with Trump. He has Mr Xi Jinping, Chinese President, at his estate in Florida, and what better opportunity to not SEND A MESSAGE also re North Korea. Only a day or two ago Donald Trump sent a Tweet saying that China had not done enough re North Korea, and if they do not do more, then the US may need to do something themselves. So there we go, it was a strategic step, not just to send a clear message to President Assad of Syria, but also the leader of China, re North Korea and its activities in sending missiles into the Sea of Japan, and in building nuclear capacity.

    There was also a message to the Syrian government, if you do what you are alleged to have done, this is what you will get more of, so perhaps Mr Assad, step down and let others negotiate a peace now, or else. The same message was also sent to Putin and Russia, and Trump can do so, as Russia intervened in Syria, albeit ‘invited’ by Assad and his government, without asking the US, the UN or anybody else, bombing there for many months since over a year ago. So what can Mr Putin say now, the US do something similar, not for the Syrian government, but to “protect” the civilians in Syria.

    What has happened is the following: The competing interests in the White House and around Trump have had their battles, and finally Trump has given in to his cherished daughter Ivanka and her husband, the orthodox Jew Jared Kushner, a friend of Israel, but like his wife more liberal minded, pro business and international trade and also military actions.

    Steve Bannon has virtually been “banned”, although Trump himself may still have some time for him, he has lost all influence in the White House, so he is apparently on the way out, rather grumpy now. There goes the stuff that Trump had first made irritations with, and the true President in the White House is now daughter IVANKA.

    Trump himself is not the strong man he thought he was, he has realised also, he needs advice and people he can rely on, the ones besides Ivanka and her hubby are his generals and security men, and they come from the quarters where there are strong ties to the Pentagon, the US Military Industrial Complex.

    While the cruise missile attacks are of course an attack on Syrias sovereignty, few bother to care now, as the country is a mess and a playground for other powers and various groups anyway, the Turks are there, the US already before, the Iranians, Hezbollah, IS with their local and many foreign fighters, other groups, some with Chechen fighters, add Iran, and I bet the Israelis are involved there also.

    So low risk for Trump, and as it was also in breach of the UN rules, nobody cares, except Russia perhaps, as the UN is powerless, the Security Council will always have one power at least veto anything that is decided re Syria.

    Now as usual, the Brits, the French, and of course the Australians, they all offer ‘support’, others are more careful, I have not heard what Canada’s PM says, nor what Merkel from Germany things and has said, they seem to be more mindful and careful.

    This is a risky step now, we will have to see what Putin will do, as he never acts straight away, but something may happen in Ukraine soon, if not in Syria, to show the US and Trump, hey, you had your “chance”, now we will deal with you, my friends.

    The Syrian government was not offering convincing explanations for the incident in Idlib a couple of days ago, and can not be trusted anyway. They can complain and accuse Trump, it will not solve anything, we will probably never know the true cause for that gas incident, and what and who caused it.

    Meanwhile various rebels rejoice, and will prepare to get back to the arms, and fire up the civil war again, for them there is “hope” now, to have another chance at dealing to Assad. Prepare perhaps to more of Trump bombings in future, it will be celebrated, he will feel encouraged, tomorrow it may be North Korea.

    So get on with it, it will happen one day, let us experience that nuclear winter, that will get rid of much of humanity, I am waiting.

  16. Maybe the geospatial experts from NZ currently involved in attacks against Syria that may lead to WWIII will get jobs at MSD afterwards like the ones who were involved in attacks against Iraq?

  17. Dammit , Bradbury !

    I was fighting a battle over at The Standard, tryin to be all geopolitical ,… dropped back to TDB and here you were using a Johnny Cash number… damn well gets me every time !

    The last one was ‘ Sooner or later Gods gonna cut you down’

    But I thank you for it ; centers me back to where I belong.

    Thanks , Martyn. Yeah just thank you , mate.

    Mean it.

  18. Absolutely every indication this was an egregious false flag in the 2013 Ghouta pattern, deployed by the incredibly sinister and corrupt MI6/britprop [LeMesurier] WhiteHelmet troupe.
    ‘It is reported about 250 people from Majdal and Khattab were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda terrorists last week. Local sources have claimed that many of those dead from the chemical weapons were those from Majdal and Khattab.’

    WHICH MEANS, those dead children bringing the idiot Trump to tomahawk, were murdered BY a psycoterrorist group paid for BY him, thru USAID. TRAINED by ‘ex’MI6 LeMesurier, to pose dead children in underwear.
    With whom our ‘leadership,’ now identify .
    Sad day.
    There are credible reports of the staging being reported hours EARLY by Feras Karam – a known terrorist ‘support’ reporter for ‘Orient’:
    “tomorrow we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side including the usage of CW”
    — Within Syria (@WithinSyriaBlog) April 4, 2017

    That our media have habitually, not accessed and contested the false flag information/evidence streams screaming at them – unable to recognize the WMD type hysteria packaged alongside this false flag by MSM – while calling them and us, ‘fake-news,’ is the next very hard lesson to swallow in the infowar following the NZDF cover-up.

  19. I thought Sarin was a deadly chemical, affecting all who come into contact with it.

    Have there been reports of secondary deaths from the toxin, notably those unprotected rescuers of the victims?

    From what I have seen on the news, rescuers seemed to be completely exposed to the victims, with seemingly no ill effects! I would have thought protection would have been paramount in assisting victims of such a deadly chemical!


  20. Trump has done his chips with any voters and supporters..he has bowed to the crooked Hillary Clinton supporting Neocons

    ‘Western media ‘whooping for joy’ following US missile strike on Syria’

    …”you also have to factor in the massive amount of pressure that all of this hysteria about Trump’s supposed ties to Russia had on this situation.

    A symbolic strike on a Syrian airbase can relieve the pressure and we saw a chorus of “idiot” liberals – I would call them “Id-libs” – celebrating the lack of congressional oversight on the Trump administration’s march to war in Syria; a celebration by Trump’s opponents of this potentially internationally illegal attack. From a political domestic standpoint, Trump has scored a kind of victory with his opponents.”

    ‘ ‘They’re terrified that peace was going to break out’ – Ron Paul on US Syria strike’ ‘

    ‘Nigel Farage turns on ally Donald Trump after US missile strike on Syria’

    ‘ ‘I never rush to accept anything US says,’ Ken Livingstone tells RT after Syria strike (VIDEO)’

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