Trump Attacks Syria: America’s President Demonstrates His Country’s Commitment to “Peace and Harmony”


THERE WAS NEVER MUCH DOUBT in the minds of Austro-Hungarian military intelligence that Serbia was behind the June 1914 assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Nevertheless, they allowed their police force and judiciary to conduct a thorough investigation before presenting the Serbian government with an ultimatum detailing the actions it would have to take to avoid war. The shelling of the Serbian capital, Belgrade, commenced only after the Serbian government’s response to Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum had been considered and rejected.

That is how a civilised nation responds to a terrorist attack.

Today, 7 April 2017 (NZ Time) the American President, Donald Trump, ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles against military targets in the Republic of Syria. Having authorised an act of war against a fellow member of the United Nations, President Trump then called upon “all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end this slaughter and bloodshed in Syria and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types.”

It is important to note that the Republic of Syria had, at the time it was attacked, committed no act of aggression against the United States of America. That being the case, the US had no legal justification, under the United Nations Charter, for attacking the Republic of Syria.

The American President has invoked the national security of the United States as justification for his use of military force. But, exactly how a state located thousands of miles from US borders, and racked by a brutal civil war, could possibly constitute a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States, the President did not make clear.

President Trump is, of course, relying upon the global outrage occasioned by the horrific gassing of Syrian civilians on Tuesday (4/4/17) to provide some sort of moral cover for his country’s flagrant breach of international law. The Trump Administration will point to the precedent established by President Bill Clinton in 1999. When, citing the “responsibility to protect” innocent civilians from lethal aggression by their own government, the Clinton Administration unleashed deadly airstrikes against the Republic of Serbia.

The problem with the Responsibility to Protect doctrine (apart from the fact that it is not recognised in international law) is that it is invariably invoked at moments of crisis, when it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to verify the claims of the power, or powers, intent on doing the “protecting”.

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In the case of the Khan Sheikhoun gassing, no time has been allowed for an independent investigation of the multiple accusations that the government of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, is responsible. These claims, all of them made by enemies of the Syrian government, have not been tested by the United Nations Security Council. Nothing even remotely resembling proof of the Syrian Government’s guilt has been presented for international scrutiny.

The contrast between the conduct of the Trump Administration and the administration of George W Bush is striking. Prior to its invasion of the Republic of Iraq in March 2003, the United States Government dispatched its Secretary of State, Colin Powell, to the UN Security Council where he attempted to make the case for a military assault upon the regime of President Saddam Hussein. That Powell’s “evidence” of “weapons of mass destruction” subsequently proved to be completely false, does not detract from the fact that the American Government at least felt obliged to offer some form of justification for what it was about to do.

What has also become clear, since the missile launch, is that the American congress was not consulted or advised before the order to attack Syria was given. President Trump decided to make war upon another sovereign state unilaterally – apparently unconcerned that his decision was in clear contravention of Article One, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution which states that “[The Congress shall have Power…] To declare War” – not the President.

No matter, President Trump was more than willing to advise his fellow citizens, and the world, that the Syrian President was a “dictator” who had “launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians”. He made this statement from his Florida retreat, Mar-a-Lago, breaking briefly from his talks with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. The fact that President Xi also wields dictatorial powers, and that the Peoples Republic of China also stands accused of serious human-rights violations, clearly did not strike President Trump as either ironic or hypocritical.

The American President concluded his public statement by expressing the hope that “as long as America stands for justice, then peace and harmony will in the end prevail.”

More important, however, in terms of preserving “peace and harmony”, was the forbearance of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Informed by the Americans that an attack was imminent, President Putin advised his military commanders in Syria (and, presumably, his Syrian allies) to take no preventative or retaliatory action in response to the United States aggression.

For all our sakes, it is to be hoped that, in the days ahead, the Russian President’s commitment to civilised international conduct remains steadfast.


  1. Shocking. What else can you say. Lucky he didn’t use Nukes?

    Trump likes to get attention. It’s a toddler in charge of an arsenal of weapons.

    But at least it’s honest. We know Trumps a power hungry, possibly senile idiot led on by cronies. But so are most of the US ‘war on terror’ strikes, including the war on Iraq which was baseless as there was not weapons of mass destruction. Bush and Blair got away with it. Nobody takes them to court for their mistakes.

    With the US declaring illegal wars, and Russia joining in with their own agenda and wars to fight. Israel getting away with everything and China getting angry about the South China sea.

    We are living in a world, where idiots hold the power and in NZ we need to get these neoliberal, war mongering Natz clowns out before we are supporting another illegal war.

  2. What strikes me as alarming is not simply Trump’s willingness to use weapons in an undeclared act of war – but that US military personnel were party to this act. No one in the US armed forces stood up to Trump and said, “No, Mr President, I’m sorry but this has not been authorised by Congress. We cannot, and will not proceed until Congress has given lawful authorisation”.

    No one did what this man did (if it’s a true story, which I would love to believe it is);

    The international reward has found retired Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov, who averted a nuclear war in 1983 by telling his superiors not to press the red button.

    ­Not only do classified documents contain secrets, they can also tell stories of unrecognized heroes. A small episode in Soviet history, that could have changed the world forever, has recently been revealed and acknowledged internationally, with recognition finding a previously unknown Russian awarded in Germany’s Dresden.

    On September 26th, 1983, then-Soviet Lieutenant-Colonel Stanislav Petrov was on duty at an early-warning anti-nuclear center in the Moscow Region, when an alarm warning of incoming missile attack from the USA suddenly went off.

    Petrov, who, amid mounting Cold War tensions, saw several ballistic missiles launched towards the USSR on his radar screen, was responsible for taking decisions on the spot, and had to report to his superiors immediately.

    What he then told them might have caused the Soviet retaliation and unleashed World War III. But it didn’t – because Petrov decided it must have been a false alarm due to some system flaw. The couner-strike was eventually called off.


    In effect, like the Russian or Chinese parliaments, Congress has become irrelevant to the US President of the day.

    • Yes exactly. The US acts like a law unto itself. ALL of those Obama drone strikes were technically illegal. So was Bill Clinton’s attack on both Serbia and Somalia. Don’t even get me started on Iraq. It doesn’t matter if we think if it’s “justified” or not – it’s flat out illegal and should be condemned for that reason alone.
      The Neo-Cons (Hillary included) are giddy with excitement about these latest events. Marco Rubio was buzzing in his press interview. I find it all super depressing. Hillary called for this very attack hours before it happened:

    • Frank Macskasy: “No one did what this man did (if it’s a true story, which I would love to believe it is)”

      I’ve also heard this story, and not from RT, as it happens. It has the ring of verisimilitude about it.

      And during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, it is the Soviets – in particular Nikita Krushchev – whom we have to thank for not dragging us down the hellhole of nuclear war at that time.

      Of course, we were then told that it was Kennedy who saved the day; I grew up a Catholic, so the Catholics who taught me wanted their boy to be the saviour of the day. Not according to declassified documents; and no thanks to the crazies in the US military, either, although it may be true that Kennedy attempted to restrain them.

      Victory in WW2 seemed to have made the US military crazy with desire to pursue military solutions to every problem overseas. Back then, it wasn’t even 20 years after the end of the war; what’s their excuse now?

  3. It seems to me that the attack on Syria in breach of international law by the U.S. Empire suggests that a comparison with the Third Reich of Nazi Germany is timely.Having Taught the subject in my distant past I know a little about it .First of all, the paraphernalia of Hitlers Germany has an eerie similarity to what you can see in present day America with ten flags showcasing any event when every other nation displays one,and an American flag on every second house..This suggests a similar mindset,with a constant preoccupation with the magnificence and power of their nation.Nazi Germany also had a military -Industrial complex working closely with the nazi regime, similar to what has existed in the U.S. since the second world war. Germany had its Political system manipulated by the nazis in a similar fashion to what we have just witnessed in the U.S,with false flag attacks one of the weapons of choice ie The Reichstag fire.While both countries had a propensity to attack and invade other countries the U.S. has taken it a step further with its 800+ foreign bases and its 150,000 overseas troops.And of course the U.S has taken the control of the news media and propaganda to new heights that would make Goebbels proud.The three previous presidents have acted like fascists,but we now have a president that looks like a blond Mussolini and has a similar demeanor!

    So,I now have no hesitation in congratulating Herr Trump on his rise to leadership of the U.S. war-criminal Fourth Reich!!
    Ein Volk ,Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer !

  4. Here is something I don’t quite get. Most of the left these days claim to be opposed to neoliberal economics. One of the purposes of these regime changes from the US seems to be to impose neoliberal economics on those who have so far resisted them, and who have resources whose distribution is not subject to them. So why then, is a seemingly large part of the left ready to support regime-change politics based on indeterminate evidence? I can understand it on the part of politicians, who must tread warily and pick their way through events diplomatically, but not so much on the part of those commentators who insist with a certainty that exceeds the evidence that Assad “must” have done it, with the suggestion that to think so is the proper adult response.

    OK. There is a case for saying that Putin and Assad are authoritarian. They more or less have to be if they want to hold their ground, since liberal organisations are so open to penetration by those with neoliberal regime-change ambitions. But after Iraq, can anyone seriously assume that people are better off with a veneer of socially liberal politics serving as a mask for militaristic destruction and neoliberal economic predation?

    It is relief to read your thoughtful and measured pieces on this subject. After 117 years and much technological innovation we don’t seem to have left the 19th century – just replace the 19th century “not Christian” with the 21st “not liberal” and the sentences justifying savage colonisation are close to identical.

    • Olwyn
      When one starts down the road of doubting American integrity in a matter like this, one step inevitably leads to another and you quickly get a picture that our big best friend is a deeply corrupt and evil empire. Utterly ruthless and devious.
      People mostly lack the courage to allow themselves to start down that road, so they have to believe everything the US does is right and good.
      D J S

      • Perhaps if they were a bit more willing to question claims that come without obvious support and that handily fill a desired role, the warmongers within the US establishment would be pressured to show greater wisdom and restraint.

    • I don’t know about a Left analysis, but Assad appears to have lost legitimacy through his behaviour towards his own people.
      Consequently the best chance for a negotiated solution would likely involve his being replaced. However, this decision ought to be ultimately one for the Syrian people. I am fairly sure that this view will be shared by most, whatever their politics.

      The level of foreign involvement as a response to the seeming use of chemical weaponry is both a matter for international law and pragmatic efficacy. What evidence available to date is fairly persuasive. The question is then: does this kind of unilateral action do anything to help locals subject to chemical attacks.

      I, for one, am not a fan of false-flag explanations. They are easily leveled but rarely carried out. I’m not sure I can think of a solitary case, though TDB trainspotters may be able to find an example.

      I’m not sure quite how you tie this all up with neo-liberal economics.

      • Nick
        Syria’s UN rep claims that the CIA has done surveys of opinion in Syria and finds around 80% support for Assad. He has not lost legitimacy in Syria, only in the vassal states of America. A free and fair election would be fine. The world could not deny the result. That is why America will never let this happen. Not until they have killed or imprisoned Assad and can impose a puppet replacement anyway.

  5. Great analysis and article there Chris, pretty hard to argue with your conclusions regarding the US’s outrageous disregard for international protocol and conventions.

    Makes me wonder again why you seemed to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential run so determinedly last year, in light of her outspoken (and predictable) whole hearted support for this action…

  6. The lunatics have taken over the asylum

    On Thursday, after Mr. Trump traveled to Florida for his dinner with President Xi Jinping of China, he convened what officials described as a “decision meeting” with his top national security aides — many of them with him at Mar-a-Lago, and others on secure video screens from Washington.
    After what aides called a “meeting of considerable length,” Mr. Trump authorized the missile strikes before starting the dinner with Mr. Xi.

    I wonder at what point during the dinner with Mr Xi, did Donald Trump bring up the matter of his ordering a missile strike against Syria.

    Before, or after desert?

    And was it in conjunction with mentioning North Korea’s plans to develop WMDs?

    Or did Trump just turn on the TV and tell Xi, “watch this”?

    Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said Russian forces had been notified in advance of the strike. “Military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield,” he said. No Russian aircraft were at the base, military officials said.

    According to an official Syrian government spokesperson, the only people killed in the US raid were civilians near the air base. Presumably the Syrian government had not passed on the early warning they had received from the Americans to the local civilians.

    The same for the gas attacks by the regime on the rebels, only civilians were killed in this raid. Presumably they never got any polite pre-warning of an attack either.

    • It is a curious sort of warfare where you telegraph your attacks to the enemy and only civilians get killed.

      SANA the Official news service of the Assad regime announces that 9 civilians including 4 children were killed in the US Tomahawk missile attack on the regime air base. No Russian or Syrian military casualties were reported by the regime. The regime envoy to the UN gave a speech to the United Nations Security Council in which he confirmed that the only deaths from the US raid were of civilians.

      And eye witness said that the Syrian military anticipated the attack.

      And an official Pentagon spokesman confirmed that they had sent the Russian military authorities, an early warning of the impending attack.

      After an unprecedented show of force (59 Tomahawk cruise missiles) no Syrian or Russian military were killed or wounded and nor was the airbase put out of commission. The airbase is up and running and continuing bombing the town in Idlib hit by the earlier gas attack.

      7 April، 2017

      Homs, SANA – Nine civilians, including four children, were killed in the US missile attack on a military airbase and the nearby villages in the southeastern countryside of Homs province.

      Civil sources told SANA that two missiles used in the US attack that hit al-Shairat airbase in the Central Region killed five civilians, including three children, in addition to causing huge material damage to the houses.

      Another US missile fell in al-Hamrat village, killing four civilians, including a child. Moreover, seven civilians were injured as a missile struck houses in al-Manzoul village, 4 km away from al-Shairat airbase.

      It is a curious sort of warfare where you telegraph your attacks to the enemy and only civilians get killed.

  7. Every indication Khan Sheikhoun is a Ghouta style false flag committed by ‘ex’MI6 James LeMesurier’s sinister Britprop troupe, the white helmets, widely reported by Vanessa Beeley/Eva Bartlett as provocateur in the pay of USAID MI6 etc- and now obviously with connivance of Hollywood.
    There is NO proof of ANY kind the SAA/Russian alliance deployed gas.
    Other immediate anomalies “that about 250 people from Majdal and Khattab were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda terrorists last week. Local sources have claimed that many of those dead from the chemical weapons were those from Majdal and Khattab. This would suggest that on the eve of upcoming peace negotiations, terrorist forces have once again created a false flag scenario. This bears resemblance to the Ghouta chemical weapons attack in August 2013 where the Syrian Army was accused of using the weapons of mass destruction on the day that United Nations Weapon’s Inspectors arrived in Damascus.” There were also reported to have been kidnapped civilians from Latakia villages later found dead at Ghouta.
    2.Faras Karam reporting before the event : Orient TV :”tomorrow we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side including the usage of CW” 12:42 AM – 5 Apr 2017 must also be investigated. 3.Khan Sheikhoun is in terrorist control. Reports CW stockpiled by terrorists doubtless will be investigated by UN.
    Initial reports US airstrike not a great success militarily anyway. Could it be domestic purpose only? First Russian Foreign Ministry statement made this morning at 10:27 Moscow time. “It is obvious that the cruise missile attack was prepared in advance. Any expert understands that Washington’s decision on air strikes predates the Idlib events, which simply served as a pretext for a show of force. Russia suspends the Memorandum of Understanding on Prevention of Flight Safety Incidents in the course of operations in Syria signed with the US.”

    Connecting those dots brings us to a very dark place.

    • I posted the second link you have Remo a few days ago . It is obvious few bothered to read it as it does not support their anti Russian/Syrian narrative.

      There are some facts we need to consider.
      The area that was attacked is a rebel held area. The Russians claim that air strikes targeted a supplies depot outside the town. Their suggestion was that it may have held chemical weapons being stored by the rebels/al qaeda and asked the UN to investigate it immediately it was reported people had been injured/killed.

      The 2013 attack they blamed on Assad was also a false flag event by the US West funded jihadis, launched to pressure Obama to bomb Syria.

      The US said yesterday that the cruise missiles had pin point accuracy and had avoided hitting the structure at the Shayrat airfield which stored the chemicals that were used in the attack. Why ?
      The fact is that the operation hit only 23 targets according to the Russian MOD and no one knows what happened to the other 36 missiles claimed to be launched.
      Having seen footage on all major networks of the Syrians on sorties again shortly after suggests that the US don’t know what the hell is going on in Syria and depends solely on the motley group of terrorists they support who are the only ones who benefit from executing people and blaming it on Assad. No one is reporting that 9 civilians including 4 children died as a result of the US strikes.

      So do we now agree that any country can act unilaterally if the UN does not do what they want ? The US and the West blame Russia and China for vetoing UN resolutions that prevent their ongoing lust to invade and destroy countries they wish to control . I see this as a good veto as it is for non aggression.

      Where is the outrage for the US continually vetoing UN resolutions to sanction Israel for the decades of persecution of the Palestinians.
      Why doesn’t the West just go ahead and impose the sanctions to force change for the good of people ? I see this as a bad veto as it is imposed for continued aggression.

      If we all join Trump in his contempt for the UN which is exactly what is being observed today, then we are all on a very slippery slope to another world war.

  8. Chris Trotter, you will know the difference also, between the law and general agreements (Geneva convention, bla bla bla) and the realities on the ground. The League of Nations that was formed after WW1 was soon losing credibility and influence, because individual powers simply used, abused or ignored them. The same has happened with the UN, we have a powerless ‘united nations’ that are anything but united. With all the good intentions, it is a body that has lost so much credibility and influence, it is almost a joke now.

    That is why many countries, i.e. their governments, including Israel, Syria, Russia and the US and China, also Saudi Arabia, the list can go on by listing dozens of nations and governments, ignore the resolutions passed, the declarations made and so forth.

    We have a Security Council, which is made up mostly of traditional superpowers, imperialist nations, and any one of those larger powers have a veto, that will stop any action to enforce anything the rest of the Council may decide.

    There have been bombings, wars, invasions, and so forth, that various members of that Council have been responsible for, and the US is just one of them.

    Human rights mostly are printed on paper, but mean damned little in most UN member countries, even NZ does not always respect human rights, or disability rights, the government that is.

    We have sanctimonious behaviour and comments coming from various Security Council members and arrogance and manipulation is the regular part of their presentations and arguments they have.

    So what we have now is a total break down of international law, conventions, of the UN rules and so forth, what the US has done is just another incident, that Russia has itself also been responsible for before.

    Blaming just the US is not appropriate, if NZ wants to be credible, we should as a country and nation distance ourselves from ALL superpowers, and work with nations that consider themselves more independent, economically, socially, politically and strategically.

    The world is heading into very dangerous territory, but all this was totally predictable. I lived through a crucial part of the Cold War in Europe, which was one of the reasons I left that place.

    The Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain fell, but I feared then, this will not be the end of history, there will be new challenges and problems, and all those nuclear weapons will not simply be dismantled, as humanity does NOT change, there are these power hungry, these manipulative, corrupt and self serving interests all over all nations, they are onto it again, and again.

    We have new arms races now, between the US, Russia, China and a few others, there is NO talk of getting rid of nuclear weapons, getting rid of chemical weapons has been agreed, sounds nice, but is also a BS agenda, as new more sophisticated weapons are developed as we speak and write and read here.

    The US overstepped the line, we know Congress was not consulted, we know the UN was not consulted and not used to use legal means re the gas attack in Idlib, but we also know the UN is impotent.

    So where we are heading is, that every power there is, considers itself to have ‘reasons’ and ‘justification’ to step up and do what Trump and his generals have just done, and whatever the consequences, they will continue with more of this.

    That will inevitably lead to WW3, perhaps the last major war of humanity, as it will near annihilate us all. It is inevitable in my view, as humans do not change, are unable to change, due to their genetic makeup, there are these power seekers and users, and those war mongers among us, they are here luckily mostly using the rugby sport to use their “power”.

    But with resources being fought about more in future, besides traditional wars about influence and territory, nothing will improve, we must prepare for WW3 and a nuclear war, as it WILL happen, sooner or later, there is NO doubt in this from my point of view. New Zealand is one of very few places where humans may perhaps survive, hence we are so attractive as a place for people to immigrate or escape to.

    • I do not, by the way, try to defend the jihadists also shown, That is another issue, the result of the crap that Basher is responsible for.

      • Why then are you using a video produced by Vice News. And believe the jihadists accounts of who killed the room-full of dead men.

        There are not many of those who have also watched that video who would agree with you according to the comments.

        • If we rely only on opinions expressed by the number of comments compared to other comments by persons with other views, we will not get to the truth, I am afraid.

          It is like the BS polls we so often get presented on political preferences, you believe what you choose to believe, I fear.

  9. ‘This is not the sort of thing you see in a confident, brave, and civilized nation, it’s the sort of stuff you’d expect to see toward the end. It’s the stuff of craven war-mongers, of dishonest cowards, of a totally deranged and very dangerous media. The signs are everywhere; imperial decline is set to accelerate rapidly in the coming years.’

  10. The world was more secure when we had a strong Russian federation, as it provided a buffer and balance of power.

    NATO must desist from war mongering against Russia here as they appear to want to invade Russia now in 2017, evidenced by them already now circling the Russian borders with missiles.

    What is NATO’s real intentions?

    Commenting on the buildup of NATO forces on Russia’s borders and the increasing frequency and scale of military exercises, French journalist Christine Bierre, editor-in-chief of the Solidarite & Progres newspaper, warned that the situation is

  11. Just how many final warnings and “red lines” do you give Assad?

    If Obama and Kerry had had the balls to use the weapons at their disposal maybe we now wouldn’t have hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced.

    • Years ago John Kerry boasted on twitter that all of Syrias chemical weapons were removed from syria so are you on about?

  12. ***Source***

    “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

    Trump won on an “America first” platform that promised to emphasize the well-being of American citizens over geopolitical adventurism. We now know for certain he’s been manipulated into the imperial mindset, and his recklessness will merely accelerate U.S. decline on the world stage, and in turn, back home.”

    Russia will attempt to make the U.S. extend itself further in a region where no real success is possible, at the same time that the American economy deteriorates further. Recall that the current very weak economic “recovery” has been going on for nearly a decade. This cycle is very long in the tooth, and all Russia really needs to do is sit back, make some moves behind the scenes and allow the U.S. to collapse upon itself in its hubris and stupidity.”


    Raining fire over the oceans,
    Another madman done struck again,
    Sitting down here fall out shelter,
    Thinking about the people long time ago….

      • Lolz

        When the truth is found to be lies,
        And all the joy within you dies….

        Keep up the hard work playing dumb and ignorant all y’all stooge journos


        “Vladimir Putin shocked reporters when he said that Russia has received intelligence from “trusted sources” that more attacks using chemical weapons are being prepared on the Damascus region, meant to pin the blame on the Assad government.

        “We have reports from multiple sources that false flags like this one – and I cannot call it otherwise – are being prepared in other parts of Syria, including the southern suburbs of Damascus. They plan to plant some chemical there and accuse the Syrian government of an attack,” he said at a joint press conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Moscow

        Following Putin’s presser, Russian General Staff released a statement announcing that it has information of militants bringing poisonous substances to areas of Khan Shaykhun, West of Aleppo and Eastern Guta in Syria.

        Chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy said that the militants are trying to provoke new accusations targeted at Syrian government for alleged use of chemical weapons. The militants aim to incite the US to conduct new strikes, Rudskoy warned, adding that such measures are impermissible.”

        • Looks like Trotter’s got a few fellow ‘conspiracy buff’ friends to keep him company



          Alan Duff

          “What are the facts? Who tells us? Whom do we count on to tell us the unvarnished truth? No government tells the truth. So it’s up to the media. Whom do we believe when competing media are misinforming, twisting and manipulating, even inventing the facts? Where does that leave us, the supposed free citizens living in free countries”

          “We need to demand the truth while there is still a chance the media will bow to our demands. Otherwise consider it all just “news” like tittle-tattle over the back fence.” Alan Duff


          Dave Armstrong

          “Up until recently, I thought I understood the Syrian crisis – Bashar al-Assad was an awful demagogue in the Saddam Hussein mould. That’s what our Government and media told us. Then they went quiet.”

          “A few months back John Key told us all about the evils of ISIS in Syria. That was the priority. Was it OK to tacitly support Assad simply because he was against ISIS? Was it OK to bomb principled members of the Syrian resistance because ISIS militants, also opposed to Assad, might be about?”

          “ISIS must be rubbing their hands with glee”


  13. @Mike That awful VICE piece. The ‘liberal reforms the first demonstrators came on to the streets to demand 4 years ago’ have been thrown ‘live’ off 5 storied buildings by the bearded wahabbi death cultists and GLADIO operatives MSM call ‘moderate rebels.’
    They Film it for us. Got the stomach for it?

    This is not a revolution. This is a desperate western ‘deepstate’ proxy WAR, an orchestrated foreign invasion; a geopolitic ‘regime change’ operation long on London and Washington and TelAviv and Paris drawing boards pre FalseFlag 911 casus belli for the Pentagon PNAC/YINON’ plan General Wesley CLARKs revealed : “7 countries in 5 years” .
    Of which Syria is one.
    A Western backed mercenary jihad worse than Bashar al ASSAD ever was.

  14. And in other news: Trump’s jobs recovery is not going well.

    The US economy relies on the makers of munitions and war toys. They know, graven on their teeny hearts, that America was Great at the tail end of WWII. When all that pent up production was unleashed and they were on top of the world, Ma.

    Here is the justification for the massive shift away from civilised items in the budget to the multi-billions for the Pentagon, the overdue amounts for the veterans and other war remnants.

    The Excuse he’s been looking for…’praying for’?

    Anyone who disagrees? Unpatriotic! Put them in the van! Arrange a lynch party or several.

    The sarin gas could have come from anywhere. Another round in The Great Game (with new players) -or just someone needing a fast buck and willing to flick off a bit of death to opportunists with an agenda and money enough.

    It’s easy to jump to labelling Assad the villain. He’s got a face fit for radio, after all. But we DON’T know and are unlikely to ever know for sure.

    Yet we do know Trump is a warmonger, based on his actions and decisions. Sanctions, anyone?

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