Why TDB has walked away from Google Adverts

By   /   April 3, 2017  /   13 Comments

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You might notice the site looks a bit different today, we’ve dumped our google adverts.

You might notice the site looks a bit different today, we’ve dumped our google adverts.

One of the reasons online journalism is suffering is because google adverts destroy the revenue model by paying a pittance in advertising.

We can’t in good faith continue having Google adverts on the site when they represent all that is wrong and destructive in the current online journalism landscape.

That means we need your contributions more than ever before and that if you are an advertiser who wants to market directly to NZs largest left wing political blog, then contact us today on tdbadvertising@gmail.com



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  1. Peter Griffin says:

    Would be interesting to get your insights into how much Google adverts were bringing in revenue wise for the Daily Blog site – which according to Sitemeter, is one of the biggest blogs in the country. http://sciblogs.co.nz/open-parachute/2017/04/01/march-17-nz-blogs-sitemeter-ranking/

    Presumably even for a blog that attracts a fair bit of traffic, it just isn’t worth it?

  2. Kim dandy says:

    Good for you.

  3. Once ......... says:

    Uber Google.
    The first imperative being to capture an audience by means the likes of a Steven Choice would be proud of.
    Following on (going forward, as they say),
    the second imperative being to transfer any wealth or earnings ‘upwards’ (in terms of a class-based structure) by way of shitting on the actual earners and effectively ‘taxing’ them. Not unlike the drug dealer/producer/’territory holder’.
    All dressed up in a new (now 30 years old) peculiarly neo-liberal language, aided and abetted by ticket clippers such as spin doctors (supposedly with 4th Estate credentials …. and oh how they manage to ease their consciences with a bit of Chardonnay and an occasional suck on a P pipe), and consultants whose most valuable asset is now a parachute that enables a landing in any sector where their egos and supposed ‘expertise’ can be exercised. The only thing that stops a soft landing is when a crony or nepotistic cohort starts worrying and thinking in the longer term

  4. Dave Brown says:

    Site loads much more quickly without all that Google baggage.

    • Once ......... says:

      yep … how refreshing it is to be free of the BS that I never took advantage of anyway – indeed I’d make a point of avoiding anything the BSitters promoted (going forward)
      (Oh fucking CHRIST! …. as I comment with RNZ Neshnool in the beckgren, along comes a Mora with Squeaky Fromme and some other sage I’m yet to identify). But but but Jum – you really really are an essit to the 5the Estate.
      Aha aha
      Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Awe! gorgusssss

  5. Siobhan says:

    Is the bluelight vapes ad still meant to be there? Or am getting a ‘touch of the SPAM? Or are they first off the block to buy advertising space?
    I hope not.

  6. Mike in Auckland says:

    Now what would Google do? If they cannot advertise via the TDB, they may also ignore TDB, and not show it in search results, I fear.

    There is still the ‘connect with Google’ template above this comment box, so that means they are still following blog traffic here, for the mere reason of that link existing.

    The problem is we are so tied up with Google and other internet service providers, it is near damned impossible to work without having anything to do with them.

  7. Dreww says:

    Yet why use a Google email address if your against Google, seems rather ironic.

  8. Kevin says:

    Martyn does your site accept BitGold, or as it’s possibly now called, Gold money, by way of contribution to the great work you are doing?

  9. Strypey says:

    Great move TDB. One less bunch of JavaScript spyware tracking TDB users. I agree with Siobhan about GMail. I recommend OpenMailBog.org or Tutanota.com as replacements. They used only free code (“open source”) software on their servers, and don’t track their users, as their business model is not based on selling users to marketeers. OpenMailBox are not-for-profit and run on donations from users. Tutanota is a “freemium” service, which means they provide basic email services for free, and a set of advanced features for paid subscribers. They also provide end-to-end encryption for email between Tutanota users, which is a good feature, but I wouldn’t rely on it too much unless you understand and deal with all the others way spooks can get access to your emails when you’re using webmail (email via a website).

    PrivacyBadger (handy add-on for Firefox-based browser) tells me Google is still tracking us via Analytics, Ajax.GoogleAPIs, and as pointed out by Mike in Auckland, the Google button above the comments (along with FarceBook and Twit who are also known for tracking users and giving back-door access to the NSA). What value do these buttons provide that makes it worth giving these companies a back-door into the browsing of TDB user? When I click any of them I just get “Forbidden: You do not have permission to access this document”. Time for them to get the boot too I reckon.

    There are still a few others trackers in there too, including ScoreCardResearch.com, and StatCounter.com. If these and Google Analytics are being used by TDB crew for internal use, I suggest replacing them with a free code package like Piwik or AWStats.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      I think that Ken on Open Parachute expects blogs to use StatCounter so he can include blogs in his monthly ranking lists:


      So doing away with that feature may leave TDB out of the rankings we can see every beginning of the month on that website.

      It is not easy to cut out Google and other services just like that, and there is a price to pay for it (e.g. TDB being ignored by many social media platforms).

  10. Martin C says:

    Yay!!!! loads in 2 seconds flat without all that busy bullsh*t on the sidelines.

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