The Daily Blog Open Mic – Saturday 25th March 2017




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  1. Meanwhile in other news,
    ‘Doctor Rock’ Barry J is increasingly sounding like Piggy Muldoon as he enters his dotage, albeit with a slightly Okker accent.
    Also in the newz,
    The homeless in Courtenay Place seem to be getting younger and younger, spurned by WINZ, and with dependant animals.
    Also, local real estate agents ‘flipping’ properties have joined up with AirBnB – bizzniss has never been better as their wealth increases exponentially.

    And later,
    an exclusive. “Our” Max Headroom interviews his namesake Mex, and how utterly torn he is between supporting his father whilst standing on his own two feet. We look at the devastating consequences that come with being ‘the poor little rich boi’

    ……. all that, after the break

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