Easter trading has Aucklanders worried – retail workers’ union



Easter trading has Aucklanders worried – retail workers’ union

A union representing thousands of working people in retail says Auckland Council’s decision to consult on possible Easter trading changes is putting retail workers offside.

“People working in retail are only guaranteed three and half days off work each year. People want to see that protected,” said FIRST Union Retail and Finance Secretary Maxine Gay.

“Our union is deeply disappointed that Auckland Council decided to embark on a divisive, expensive and time consuming consultation process.”

“People want to keep Easter Sunday as a day for family and friends.”

“Auckland Council’s decision to consult has people working in retail worried. We’re fielding dozens of calls from our members who are worried about what this means for their Easter Sunday plans,” said Gay.

“The reality is local communities aren’t calling for Easter trading changes in Auckland, there are no media campaigns, and a number of businesses are half-hearted about it. There’s simply no appetite for change.”

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“Auckland Council should put family time first. We should leave shopping for the other 361 days in the year,” said Gay.  



  1. the Easter Trading ban has been scuppered by stealth.
    The National government has always wanted to get rid of it (and other things about the Holidays Act which they don’t like) but are too chicken to openly do it.
    Therefore they do the Pontious Pilate thing and put it in the hands of local councils “to make their own decisions based on their own particular requirements for their regions”.
    One-by-one most of the councils are finding excuses to allow Easter trading. It isn’t hard – any excuse is a good excuse.
    Another hard won victory being undermined by National government trickery.
    Should we be surprised?

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