Why raising Superannuation to 67 is so unethical


Raising the age of Superannuation to 67 in 20 odd years is ethically wrong.

For National, they are always focused on destroying and eroding any universal benefit they can seize upon. For them, pushing Super up to 67 is just step 1, means testing it will be step 2.

For Maori, working people, Pacifica and Gen X however, raising the age of eligibility is a slap in the face.

Maori and Pacifica live shorter life spans, working people have broken bodies and Gen X and under are the first generation who will suffer most from obesity and a lack of wealth.

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The impact of raising benefits on those who have bugger all is a special kind of cruelty.

On top of saving for a house in a property market Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials have been speculated out of, on top of paying for their education and on top of paying for their Kiwisaver we might now have to also wait 2 years longer before we can retire?

If National are concerned about future costs, they should dump their tax cut plans and put that money into the Cullen Fund now and restart paying into it.

It is insane that this Government have money tax cuts but not for our pension scheme.

Bill English is far more a slave to neoliberal philosophy than Key ever was. If he gets his hands on another 3 years, privatisation and elimination of basic Government obligations will follow.

With shorter life spans, it is unethical to allow Maori, Pacifica, working class and unhealthier generations to wait two more years to get to Super so National can bribe the electorate with tax cuts that benefit the rich.


  1. ‘ Bill English is far more a slave to neoliberal philosophy than Key ever was. If he gets his hands on another 3 years, privatisation and elimination of basic Government obligations will follow.’

    Indeed,… it has been the Double Dipper thief all along that has been driving this National party for the last 8 years. Key was the second hand used car salesman needed to front the further theft from the commons.

    One spin off from English getting another 3 years is that he would almost certainly destroy the National party forever.

    The animosity and sheer all pervading sense of malevolence would become almost palpable up and down the country. The cost however, would be far too great. It would come at the cost of our community’s.

    Similar to how it is now but exacerbated and magnified by the sense of not only being given some sort of ‘ mandate’ but also by a sense of having to cram through so many items on the agenda because he would know that would be Nationals last year.

    It begs the question of just why we need a govt that is so destructive, or why we as taxpayers should pay them so much to do so little.

    It would appear they have not been doing their jobs very well. And we are their employers. They seem to have forgotten that basic fact.

    No govt has the right to sell off anything no matter what justification is used if the people say no. They also seemed to have forgotten that fact as well.

    Have you ever heard of an employee willfully going behind his employers back and deliberately doing the opposite of what he has just been told to do?

    Because that is what this National govt is all about. And they need to be given the sack this coming September.

  2. yes agree Wild katipo it is time for us to sack these incompetent bastards too many lies and broken promises the trouble is they still keep coming. (the lies and broken promises) After almost 9 years of saying super was sustainable yet as soon as johns gone it all changes. John was the front now we actually can see what bill is all about and for someone who claims to be a devout Christian his polices are pretty nasty so are his comments and attitude towards people less fortunate than him. We all weren’t born with a sheep in our mouth Bill bah!

  3. National’s plan won’t beimplemented until 2040.safe to say it’s a non-starter. But in the interim it will alienate a hell of a lot of millennials!

    Good for the left!

  4. National apparently thought it was unethical too, till a couple of days ago and then they do a 180 and then pretend it was what they wanted to do all along.
    The phrase “weasel words” comes to mind.
    Winston Peters has just taken a giant leap forward in the prospects of being the decider in the next government.

  5. Soooo… Baby boomers still get to retire at 65, but millennials don’t get that chance until 67. Well what’s wrong with that picture?

  6. With absolutely nothing to lose but our lives, it is imperative that the dispossessed underclass take up arms against the state and remove it by force. How much longer until you realize that this is the future?

    • Lol.

      The problem is that people keep voting for these silly policies and stupid politicians. People keep voting to keep this moronic capitalist system going. An armed revolution won’t happen, and if it did it would be about 10-15 people who resemble Dad’s Army.

      We need to understand why people keep voting for neoliberalism. Why do they vote for environmental destruction. People actually like this system. Why? I’m not sure.

      I find your calls for armed revolution funny. I doubt anyone on here takes it seriously. The dispossessed underclass you are calling to vote to sustain this nonsensical system. They’re not going to kick off a revolution

  7. Lets remember The Dribblers lineage.

    He’s one of a cadre of wily old cockies who figured out that there was an easier way of making fortunes from agricultural endeavours than chasing it around a cold windy paddock while either praying for the rain to stop. Or start.
    Once agricultural product is manufactured ( Farmed. ) and is beyond the farm gate it’s open slather for any crook to thieve and misappropriate the huge margins that are added to their hearts content and with impunity.
    The Dipton Dribbler, and just to make sure he’s safe across the board, a God botherer to boot, is the schmuck who would have drawn the short straw to desperately try to hide the swindling carnage he and his few ilk have waged against their own farming people specifically, but the country as a whole.
    Like the Spanish inquisition, no one could have seen the Internet coming.
    The scum are on the run.
    Fuck just voting them out. That’s too easy for the bastards. I want a public inquiry. Where’s our fucking money? The billions that should have been tax revenue? Where’s that?
    The investment banker and the farmer? I mean, really? Strange bed fellows one would think… unless one looks under the bed.

  8. Yes – ripped off again.
    The way this country has been run over the past decade, or should I say past three decades, has been all about greed and making a quick buck.
    I for one am over it.

  9. I’m not sure how much it helps Winston Peters as most of his supporters won’t be affected by an increase in the age because they are already close to retirement or retired.

  10. Blinglish’s recent drivelling ramblings are assuring us of a change of government come September.

    Keep ’em coming, you clown, keep ’em coming!

  11. As a 21 year old, I’m shocked that you think raising the superannuation age is unethical (not least because when you raise any question of ethics you set yourself a very high bar). Over the next few decades, the cost of superannuation will exceed the amount the Govt spends on education and healthcare combined. This, when combined with the fact that the baby boomer Generation X is so large, means that my generation will be paying for the generous superannuation scheme. And importantly, because of the political power of people older than me, superannuation is always going to be so so difficult to change regardless of the medical and societal advancements over the next twenty years that address a lot of your ethical concerns.

    I agree some sort of exception system should be considered for earlier superannuation schemes to be offered in some circumstances (medically decided perhaps). But to call an increase across the board ‘unethical’ is economically illiterate and does a dis-service to my generation.

    • Kia ora, thank you for your comment Jessica.

      As a Gen Xer, I miss out on getting Super under this new arrangement, just like you will.

      Eroding universal benefits is not the solution, it is in putting the money back into the Cullen fund to keep Superannuation universal.

      The reason National aren’t putting that money into the Cullen Fund is because they are too busy using the money for tax cuts.

      With shorter life spans, it is unethical to allow Maori, Pacifica, working class and unhealthier generations to wait two more years to get to Super so National can bribe the electorate with tax cuts that benefit the rich.

      • if you did an apprenticeship instead of going to university then you already been in the work force 8 years longer than graduates we should be allowed to retire at 55 or 60 those who have done pysical jobs should be allowed to retire earlier

        well younger voters will not vote so by default they hand power to the boomers they have the collective power to remove national they just wont use it!

        • john key and bill english increased new zealands population and borrowed 110 billion to do that and now says super is unaffordable. I can forgive a young girl for not being able to comprehend the orders of magnitude but i can not forgive you Darth.

  12. ‘Oh! We can’t afford it! This ‘generous’ super – all $350 a week of it – cannot be afforded.

    So what can we afford?

    Poorhouses? Container housing for oldies so the housing can be freed up for ‘younger generations’? Ration or cut off medical services? Gruel and soylent green on Sundays?

    What about all the people/businesses who count on the oldies’ spending? Medical and pharmacies. Coffee shops. Small businesses in small towns.

    Who cares?! ‘We can’t afford it. Not and spend it on good stuff.’

    Successive governments have sold this and that ‘to balance the books’ – and that was when there was this humongous horde of rapacious Baby Boomers dropping tax dollars faster than dandruff. Even in the good times we didn’t fund education and health enough to produce improvements. Don’t start bleating now.

    If it ‘couldn’t be done then’ be assured nothing has changed in either systems or thinking to make it possible now.

    It’s this mindless ‘we can’t afford’ drone. The system is set up to prevent people other than the ‘healthy, hard-working families’ folk from having any chance at making a decent living. Don’t cry. No need. Change the system. Intelligently. (If possible.)

    Fatalistic. Learned helplessness. Blame someone. Mum and Dad. Granny and grandpa. Yeah, them.

    DO NOT question the wisdom of your rightful rulers. They say it’s unaffordable so CUTS and DELAYS are the right answers. Scarcity for the plebs. Hoard. Scrimp. Save if you can and live in fear but NEVER ask why this bunch of tossers cannot develop an economy that doesn’t pay people to breed, entice more innocents to come in, come in, or trash the natural resources for the short term benefit of a few.

    Now. Which flavour Kool Aid would you like?

  13. NZ Herald today :

    Bryan Gould: English must take strong action to help young job-seekers and home-seekers :

    ”He was quick, for example, to rely on allegations apparently made informally to him by employers about their problems in employing young Kiwis on account of their supposed drug use; he preferred this prejudicial evidence rather than look to his own official statistics which tell a very different story.

    His preference seems have been to explain away youth unemployment and to make the case for immigration, even at the expense of slandering a whole generation of young Kiwis, rather than to accept that immigrant labour is popular with employers because it is often cheaper as well as plentiful.”

    Bill English




    Neo Liberal

    1) ” We should be glad we have a LOW WAGE ECONOMY as that encourages FOREIGN INVESTMENT.”

    2) ” The concept of the sovereign state is going to become more and more irrelevant in the future”.


    Bill English aka ‘ The Double Dipper ‘ who led the National party to its greatest defeat ever.

    Impotent without his used car salesman / front man John Key.


  14. Can we at least agree that it should only be possible to receive Superannuation if you have lived in NZ for at least 20 years? There are a million NZ citizens offshore and I’m not sure we can afford to have all of them come home to retire if they haven’t been paying their taxes here.

  15. The question of super has been a political football since Muldoon campaigned on a full pension could be paid at the age of sixty in 1975 and once elected he told treasury too stop collecting the money then he stole from the consolidated fund to pay for it , that and the 66 cent tax on your wages to pay for it once the fund was exhausted.

    We even had a cross party accord on the bloody subject because kiwis were fed up with the constant tinkering of the scheme by politicians who had themselves a very generous tax payer funded scheme that is never cut or the age limit raised.

    Cullen was the first minister to really address the long term “problem” of saving and investing for the future liability of super and sensibly saved the surpluses in govt accounts to help alleviate the drag on the country’s finances.

    Then kiwisaver was introduced as a response to our poor savings rate, but his mistake was to tax those savings and not set the employer contribution rate high enough.

    Then right on cue the National party had to tinker with kiwisaver and stop contributing to a fund that was well on its way to a sizeable nest egg, spending the money instead to appeal to the greed of New Zealanders and are about to do it all over again in Mays budget.

    They don’t do long term planning or give any thought or provision to retirement unless they can use it as a political football or cut the bejesus out of it and condemn many poorer kiwis to a life of aged poverty after a lifetime of slavery paid wages.

    Its time that stopped and god knows they have has the best advice money can buy on the subject and ignored all of it unless it fits with their nasty ideological theories or let a man who will never know the pain of poverty in retirement play games by not tackling the issue so he can remain popular and win elections, that shyster John Key, we have been held to ransom too many times.

    Its time to get super and the means to fund it sorted with the tools Michael Cullen left us and legislation to ensure that kiwis have a fair equitable scheme that does not victimize and have you wait until your nearly expired to receive it as of right.

    And leave politics and ideological burps out of it.

  16. It pays to remember that ALL current systems and arrangements are a very short-term gross aberration in the grand scheme of things, and that in the grand scheme of things industrial civilization is totally unsustainable and quite close to the point of collapse.

    Whether it will be rapidly declining energy availability or the ever-worsening global environment or unravelling of fraudulent finance that demolishes present economic arrangements is difficult to determine -probably a combination of all three- but you can be absolutely certain there won’t be any such thing as superannuation or even an economy [in the current sense of the word] in 2040, and the great die-off of the plague of industrial humans that have taken over most of the planet and wrecked its geochemistry and biodiversity will be well underway.


  17. I can not figure out why National Party is raising retirement age to 67?
    John Key didn’t want to do it why Bill English has to do it.
    It’s not good thing at all. Maybe leave it at 65 is the best option.
    I don’t think people will be happy about the change even in 20 years time. I have been doing shift work for 17 years and at my late 50s,
    It’s very hard, especially your health is packing up.

  18. Maybe a heretic here but this conventional wisdom on the left worries me.

    ‘If National are concerned about future costs, they should dump their tax cut plans and put that money into the Cullen Fund now and restart paying into it.’

    Cash surpluses should be to used to write off student loans invest in education and things like health and state housing. No point in getting to 2040 with money on the bank and poor people unable to live.
    The NZSF does not make NZSuper cost less- those assets could be used in a large number of other ways. There is no magic solution. The mirage of universal pensions and low taxes for ever is the problem

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