On ‘flushing out the homeless’ and stoner workers necessitating mass immigration


I love the excuses Bill English makes to explain why his Government is just sitting on its hands over the fundamental issues confronting New Zealanders.

Firstly, it’s environmentalism to blame for the lack of new houses.

Then all these homeless people requiring motels isn’t a housing crisis, it’s just ‘flushing’ out the homeless.

And finally we all need this massive immigration because NZ workers are too stoned and keep failing the tests.

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Add National’s new swimmable water standards and National have managed to out alternative fact Donald Trump.

Blaming the environment ignores the simple truth that National can’t afford to pop the housing bubble because it’s all that is propping up the economy. Bill English may as well blame the full moon for the lack of houses because it makes it somebody else’s fault, certainly not his.

As for the explosion of housing the homeless in motels, English claims that it’s ‘flushing out’ the homeless who don’t want to have anything to do with state agencies because his neoliberal welfare state is so brutal.


Well, perhaps this wouldn’t be such a surprise if welfare agencies weren’t so cruel and perhaps if the state didn’t throw people out of state houses we wouldn’t need to put them in motels in the first place.

As for his claim that we need to import all this cheap and exploitable migrant labour because NZ stoners keep failing their drug tests, let’s remember that  in 2015, 8000 beneficiaries were sent for drug testable jobs, and how many fails were there?

22 fails.

Out of 8000 drug testable jobs.

22 fails?

That’s the problem? Stoned workers? That’s why we need to allow tens of thousands of migrant worker visas into NZ?


It’s not because National have built their reputation on a flawed and dangerous economic growth that demands constant migration?

Oh no, it’s stoner workers. Perhaps if the tests are this stringent then there needs to be new tests? A joint someone smokes on the Friday night well still be in their systems if they are tested on the Monday. Now they won’t still be under the influence of cannabis, but they test positive.

Are these drug tests focused on work safety or punishing poor workers for indulging in a substance that large chunks of America have now legalised.

There’s no follow up questions to English’s assertions, just denial of his own Government’s role in exacerbating the current problems and druggie beneficiary narratives.

Are NZers this easily led?



  1. Read the report by Dr Christina Stringer of Auckland University weirdo so called leftists on twitter attacking Iain Lees-Galloway!

  2. Game’s up fake left.

    Some of you attacking Labour’s immigration spokesman right now apart from looking confused and unschooled are going to look pretty dumb when it comes out that the SIS had someone in the Greens in Parliament until quite recently (changed careers) besides those in unions, and other corrupt unionists.

    Assange knows.

  3. 1 ) Firstly, it’s environmentalism to blame for the lack of new houses.

    2 ) Then all these homeless people requiring motels isn’t a housing crisis, it’s just ‘flushing’ out the homeless.

    3 ) And finally we all need this massive immigration because NZ workers are too stoned and keep failing the tests.

    Seriously… this guys a wanker.

    Bill ,… your a wanker.

    So it was you the Double Dipper that was behind the wrecking of our community’s and nation all this time….

    And Key was your little front puppet. Your used car salesman .

    And Joyce – Dildo Joyce – was your little runaround to patch things up all this time…

    And so you now have the arrogant Pullyerbenefit as your little Deputy – that’s right – the same vicious cow that thought nothing of using her position to humiliate several members of the public using official data… and other ‘ things’ ….

    Martyn – keep showing this dweeb up for what he is. There is NOT ONE in this or the former line up under Key that has any credibility whatsoever.

    Where… oh where…. do we get these sort of creeps from ?

    And they actually get elected to run this country ?

    It is… unbelievable.

  4. The latest line of BS from the Transnational Capital Party is that the migration figures are so high because of all the Kiwis not leaving! Leave, NZ-born citizens… make way for the colonists; provide them with lebensraum you must! Beyond laughable *pitchfork ready*

  5. English is flying by the seat of his pants and he, as with a lot of what he does, is not very good at it.
    Let’s see now . ….raised gst thus instantly disadvantaging the poor who have to spend all of their income to survive and at the same time recklessly opening the door to the type of immigrants who deal largely in cash thus avoiding gst. Trust me, it is huge in the building industry…
    Gave tax cuts to the wealthy apparently to ‘stimulate’ them into doing something with it …..didn’t work… They’ve done nothing except drink me , buy more houses and go on more lavish overseas holidays.
    Big companies are leaving N.Z or going bankrupt in their droves.
    Fell asleep at the wheel with the solid energy debacle, giving his usual excuse that it was ‘tricky’ and he was hit by the ‘perfect storm ‘….
    Got stitched up to the tune of $30 million by Rio Tinto with the Camalco debacle….
    Can’t sustain even a small surplus for any length of time despite he and Key lying to everyone that we were going to ‘aggressively’ come out of recession and into surplus about 5 years ago…..
    One minute he tells us that most of the immigrants are Kiwis coming home but then says Kiwis are unemployable to do the jobs because they’re are drug addicts.
    So that’s why he has to bring in 100’s of thousands of Chinese and Indians who apparently don’t do drugs…..but aren’t the Chinese the biggest suppliers of ‘P’ in the world and hasn’t the ‘P epidemic gone into overdrive in the last 8 years??
    Why did a journalist today not ask him specifically what ‘skill shortage’ jobs the new immigrants were going to be doing to replace the Kiwi druggies and why do we have such a massive drug problem in this supposedly marvellous country anyway???
    Why did they not ask that ??

  6. Agree 100% !

    Personally also think any new MP needs to spend one week in a state house paying market rental and living solely off the unemployment benefit.

    Then one week a year in a private market rental living off the minimum wage and having to go fruit picking for 40 hours. They can be judged on how well they juggled it.

    I’m sure it would be enlightening for many politicians but also ensure better social welfare and working conditions overall and less bullshit!

    And I’m not just talking National and ACT MP’s either! There’s quite a few out of touch all across the political spectrum!

  7. Indeed, would we expect anything different though, from that smart-arse PM Blinglish?





    The benefit itself is likened to a DRUG by Bill English and his “experts”, and despite of the facts that there have been few drug tests failed by jobseekers, they continue with FAKE NEWS, or alternative facts, these “leaders” of our Nation. How bizarre, how bizarre, but the MSM assist them by letting them get away with it all.

  8. Labour should end the war on drugs and shift toward a harm reduction approach. So long as we legitimise the demonisation of drugs we’ll have political opportunists blaming it for poverty.

    Alaska is more progressive than NZ. Lol

  9. […] As TDB pointed out yesterday, the stats simply don’t suggest there is a problem with workers or beneficiaries failing drug tests, and we also noted that these unreliable tests might find a person positive on Monday for smoking a joint on Friday. They aren’t ‘under the influence’ of cannabis and aren’t impaired by it, but THC will still test positive in a  persons body fat. […]

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