No Pride in Prisons releases booklet titled “Torture in New Zealand Prisons”


The prisoner advocacy organisation No Pride in Prisons has today released its report into torture, cruel and inhumane treatment in New Zealand prisons.

The booklet is based on findings made public by the Ombudsman in December 2016, following its investigations into four New Zealand prisons.

“The purpose of this booklet is to provide a thorough account of the abuse, violence, and neglect which goes on in New Zealand prisons,” says No Pride in Prisons chief researcher Ti Lamusse.

“The information provided by the Ombudsman is put in its historical context, and compared with other recent reports into New Zealand prisons.”

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“Importantly, the booklet also tells the stories of prisoners who have contacted No Pride in Prisons. Their stories are a stark reminder that inhumane treatment in prison is a lived reality for far too many people.”

The booklet is broken down into six major sections: food, shelter, and clothing; healthcare; privacy; conditions of confinement; safety; and sexual assault.

“Together, the accounts of prisoners who have contacted NPIP and the Ombudsman’s reports demonstrate the horrifying but undeniable existence of widespread torture in New Zealand prisons,” says Lamusse.

Copies of the booklet can be found online for free here, and hard copies can be purchased for $5 by emailing