Bill English blames Gaia for Auckland Housing Crisis


I don’t know if they’re going to buy this Bill


It’s almost unbelievable that after 9 years in Office, Bill English is still struggling to find scapegoats for his Government’s total inaction on the Housing Crisis.

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You would have thought after yesterdays joke announcement that National have redefined swimming standards by lowering them that they would pause in embarrassment, but no, they’ve doubled down just like Donald Trump would and today came out and blamed Auckland’s Housing Crisis on environmentalism…

Prime Minister Bill English blames environment for high cost of housing

The high cost of housing “hanging over” young families is a result of the efforts to protect the environment in Auckland and other big cities, Prime Minister Bill English says.

Regulations dictating how furniture should be laid out in yet-to-be-built buildings and how plants should be positioned on sections needed to be axed, the Prime Minister said today.

English used his keynote speech to his party’s Bluegreens forum – which is National’s advisory group on environmental issues – to point the finger at environmental concerns as a major driver of house prices.


That’s right folks, it’s not the property bubble that National have nurtured to keep the middle classes voting for them.

It’s not the flood gate opening of our 70 000+ immigration numbers.

It’s not the exploitative and sometimes fake student/work visa that sees 250 000 enter the country.

It’s not that our taxation system is geared towards exploitation.

It’s not our neoliberal ownership laws that allow any over seas resident to purchase our land.

It’s not that National are addicted to this fake economic model and can’t stop it.

Oh no.

It’s environmentalism.

They are just lying to our faces now.

They’ve spent so long bullying beneficiaries and the poor with this bullshit pretending it to be sound reasoned policy that when they try the same garbage on the educated middle classes they use the same condescending tone.

Middle Class Folk will accept 220 000 kids in poverty, 41 000 homeless and tones of other negative social stats if their property valuations keep rising, but not even over inflated paper millions will calm the fury of the middle classes if you are condescending to them.

National are in trouble here and they don’t recognise it yet.


  1. I disagree; the change will come when renters are the majority, and most owners are elderly and/or foreign. Not far off now… *sharpens pitchfork*

  2. New Zealand has been controlled offshore from the beginning. Those who track and trace how the cabal operate can see how insidiously slow the breaking down of the country and communities has been to the point where bad news is “normal” and bruises, breakages and people opting off the planet are acceptable collateral damage for “economic growth”. In other words, the cabal want the land period, don’t care about ecology just the asset stripping of whatever from wherever, the population needs decreasing, corralling and controlling by whatever means…whoever reads this comment can chose from a myriad of choices from replacing indigenous with “imported”, vaccinations, EMF frequencies, GE/GMO/ fluoride/chloride the list goes on and down the rabbit hole.
    If people’s lives can be made so miserable and uncertain that they rebel even slightly, more prisons are being prepared to be run by SERCO the world’s biggest employer of mercenaries headquartered in the U.K. and run by Nicholas Soames close close close relative and obedient servant of our QEll the provider of bed and breakfast at Balmoral to our own bankster former PM jonkey. And, of course, we have cabal’s own Black Ops of the Military Industrial Complex which has been inserted into every aspect of our lives … no wonder this country never runs out of bloody mind bending drugs.
    Maybe New Zealanders need a wakeup call similar to Australia:
    But not the one that may possibly be on its way: (Keep safe)
    The NZ Government are bloody obvious Cabal foot soldiers. I am pleased to post the following so that they can read their future for themselves: (Way to go, Mr Ed!)
    Homelessness, poverty, helplessness, incarceration are the disgusting offspring of a government that wallows in Service to Self.
    2017 will see these bastards kicked out of the ballpark!

    • Well, theres that..BUT …My landlords have all been NZers, good old Ma and Pa landlords. And atleast half of them have caused myself my husband and our children grief and hassle.
      All of them have profited from my misfortune of not being able to raise a deposit.
      All of them have profited while I paid off their mortgage.
      Some of them have taken taxpayer money in the form of Accommodation allowances and Insulation funding. Because basically, their business model is a scam.
      All of them have felt free to kick us to the curb when they feel like cashing up.
      We need State Houses for all life time renters.

      • ” We need State Houses for all life time renters.”

        No you don’t. You need to purge NZ / Aotearoa of the foreign Banks and wipe ALL domestic mortgage debt.
        In a $ and resource rich NZ the size of the UK that makes world class export foods and fabulous wools etc and has a scant few 4.7 million people ? It’s the Banks. They’re your enemy. Them, and the politicians who brokered the deals that allowed the banks to now have us $-emasculated. Great though, if you were simply lucky enough to be the first to the top of the shit pile.
        You got to remember; rich people are NOT smarter, more clever, more informed than you. They’re just luckier, so fuck them.
        Bill English and his dirty few Parnell farmer cronies need ousted and hunted down like dogs.
        Any and all talk around the above basic facts and realities is time wasting.
        You guys need to stop acquiescing and rage instead.
        ( Yeah ! I know? Sounds crazy right? Well, that’s what the old media whore to the Banks tell you to believe. )

      • +100…”We need State Houses for all life time renters.”

        Nactional refused to do up existing stock but let it rot and sold it off!…unforgivable!

  3. Labour and coalition when they become government should go from street to street and find out who the overseas owners are …break down the statistics and make them public

    …they should be taxed accordingly to pay for New Zealands’ disenfranchised and young and homeless

  4. Sprawling cities are bad for the environment. Build up, or have environmentally friendly public transport nodes beyond the cities

  5. In Korea, outgoing administrations are often prosecuted for their most egregious failures and corruptions. We have a lot to learn from a country that has had to overcome the worst of governance in the midst of a war, with very limited resources. In terms of resources and a resourceful population, NZ is very well off compared to other countries. But for the last three decades we’ve been putting the worst crooks in parliament instead of prison.

    A strict line on corrupt politicians will rapidly improve our governance outcomes. Letting the fuckers away with it guarantees more and worse villains.

  6. The crazy thing is he is bizarrely right but it has nothing and I mean nothing to do with the RMA, Council’s or environmentalists. It’s all about the Private Property Act and developers placing covenants on land to build big houses so the developer maximises their profits. It also makes the area very hard to intensify in future without resending the covenant. This law needs to be changed as in Australia with this type of covenant only possible for 10 years. But better still getting rid of this type of covenant.

  7. “Regulations dictating how furniture should be laid out in yet-to-be-built buildings and how plants should be positioned on sections needed to be axed.”

    There is a number of everso posh subdivisions and suburbs where such silly things already happen. But they’re nowhere I could afford to live.

    Sort of Banks Peninsula and Arrowtown and little gated, exclusive enclaves.

    Some of Bill’s constituents must have been kvetching…

  8. While he likes to go on about town planning being a “disaster”, and praises the Auckland Unitary Plan, Bill English has obviously not even read the Plan, as there are no such rules he is quoted as having said. The AUP has done away with a lot of former rules, yes almost thrown the baby out with the bathwater, as the Council largely voted in favour of the recommended Auckland Unitary Plan by a supposedly “independent” hearing panel that would make the ACT Party proud.

    So let us prepare for more urban sprawl, that is if Nats have their way with “reforming” the Resource Management Act. I dread the future, should these idiots get a fourth term.

  9. What it really boils down to is that John Key, Bill English and the rest of the National party members sold us out and I can’t forget the blind fools that voted them in in the first place . Thanks a lot for selling us out ya bloody fools, you know who you are. I think they forget that the National party of today is not the same party that once held the National party name. This government doesn’t care about it’s people, it’s all about the $$$$ and the here and now.

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