Pro Trump Right Wing Group threaten to attack Indian Students today


Right Wing Pro Trump Activists have made threats to turn up at todays Indian Student rally.

The Indian Students have been lied to, manipulated and cheated and are being thrown out of the country. Migrant Union activists attempting to unionise and protect migrant workers from abuse have organised the rally today, and Right Wing Pro Trump Activists have been online whipping up their unique brand of rationalised hate


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It seems sick in the extreme that anyone would take time out of their day to actively mock and denigrate human beings who have been cheated, manipulated and lied, but here they are.

These frustrations and ill directed angers are building.


  1. They are indeed building, Bomber. I have done my best to warn of the coming civil war; it will be a bit late to say I told you so once it’s started, won’t it? And I thought you had finally clicked that the identity politics “lefties” are actually betraying the working class. Economic nationalism (a left-wing strategy hated by the IMF and others) is the way forward.

  2. Oh yes, proud members of Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) all of them…

    Thuggery is a bit of a Kiwi institution. The waterfront lockout, the Wellington Trades Hall, the Springbok tour…

    • That’s true JSB, and its a bloody shame there are many that can’t seem to handle the concept.
      It’s all been made worse however by the I I I me me me culture and the inexperience (non-experience?) of yoof on the one hand, and by the muddle-aged who are desperately trying to cling to their yoof (generally their kuds are supposedly their best friends, and could not possibly do wrong).
      Hence the boofhead Daniel Gross, John Clearwater and Karen Williams of this world. Dare I say it – there’s a former Proim Munster amongst them as well – along with used car salesmen, and many in Snr positions in our supposedly pUBLIC sERVICE.

      What’s rather pathetic is that when they’re confronted one-to-one, they run a mile. Their strength is in their number – which seems to be building.
      Watch them squeal like pigs though when it all turns to shit

    • JS, agree entirely with your first para, but the second…..
      Waterfront lockout ..1951
      Welly Trades hall bomb. ..1984 probably from the far right but the left love to hate the left too.
      Springboks tour ..1981
      As the newest example was 34 years ago I would have thought it’s a long bow to call these events a “Kiwi institution.”

  3. If these people have been done an injustice they should be heard and allowed to stay

    This has nothing to do with Trump in New Zealand…

  4. It’s a form of political realism. We have an utterly corrupt and frankly stupid government illegally flooding the local labour market with migrant workers. They will not stop for the asking – and they have powerful allies – police, businessmen, the international fraud community, and the media.

    You know who doesn’t have powerful allies? The students. This is the kind of action we might expect in a third world nation, where the government has abandoned governance for self-enrichment. There was an opportunity here for a smart leftwing party. It went begging.

    • …and many very intelligent New Zealand students can not afford university honours degrees ( despite being invited by their universities)

      ….and when these young NZ students go overseas they are hit with interest added to their huge many thousand dollar loans …and arrested at airports if they havent paid !

      ….the Nact Government under Key/English and Joyce has invited overseas paying students to take young New Zealanders’ places in the universities….these ‘rich’ overseas students are then allowed to buy up scarce New Zealand inflated price housing which young New Zealanders can not afford

      …the whole tertiary university sector (like hospitals) is being strangled for want of funding and NZers are being forced to take out crippling loans or go private ( and in the case of hospital care if you cant afford these options …too bad…suffer and die)

      …it is National Party and Act Party fiasco not only for overseas students but most particularly for young New Zealanders

      (…but hey Joyce says New Zealand can afford tax cuts for the wealthy…so it must be OK)

  5. No sympathy really. These are the dumb immigrants that don’t realise that they’re not here to unionise, they’re here to be slaves. The rest of them understand this. That’s why you don’t hear from them. They’re too busy kissing ass.

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