Fringe Festival – Are You Sure?



Auckland Fringe Festival & Stray Theatre Company
– Are Your Sure?
Audiences that arrive to Are You Sure? will find themselves smack bang in a choose-your-own adventure story come to life. Starting in Silo 6 and moving throughout the vast playground of Wynyard Quarter, the choices the audience make will determine where they go, who they will follow, and ultimately how the show will end.

Director James Wenley (Risk & Win Arcade, Auckland Fringe 2013) has joined forces with Stray Theatre Company to give conventional theatre a swerve by creating an interactive outdoor experience with multiple storylines and possible endings.

Hidden away in Silo 6 by the water’s edge, a movement is beginning. Audiences will be initiated into the ‘truth-seekers’. Weary of the corruption and lies of society, they need your help to create a new social order. Audiences will be able to play out their own fantasies of rebellion and resistance in this world of dystopian disbelief.

Are You Sure? explores the anxieties of our post-truth world and social media echo chambers. Wenley says, “The truth-seekers believe that by removing the noise of the outside world they can become more enlightened.”

“No two nights of Are You Sure? will ever be the same. We encourage participants to return to see how different choices will play out differently.”

The first choice is easy: buy your tickets to Are You Sure? now.

More About Stray Theatre Company
Completely student-run, Stray Theatre Company (formally Stage Two Productions) has been an institution at the University of Auckland for decades. Performing all types of theatre, from Shakespeare to original student work, Stray strives to give opportunities to all drama-lovers – be it on stage, backstage, directing, writing, whatever!

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Devised by Gary Hofman, Rory Janssen, Ryan McKee, Ruby Payne, Polly Reardon, Charlotte Robinson, Zachary Robinson, Kelaan Schloffel-Armstrong, Ben Shand-Clennell, Jonti Sosich, Caleb Wells,
Directed by James Wenley (Risk & Win Arcade: Auckland Fringe 2015) with Jess Stubbing
Produced by Iana Grace for Stray Theatre Company

Are You Sure?
Venue: Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter
6 Jellicoe St, Auckland, 1010
Dates: February 21st-28th, March 1st-2nd
Times: 7pm, 90 minutes running time
To Book Tickets: visit