Fringe Festival – Moon bridge by Culture Clash – TAPAC at the Fringe


Moonbridge – A story of love, loss and a little bit of wackiness.

A new exhibition has come to town: “The Museum of Broken Relationships” from Zagreb. Pedro, the town’s museum archivist is heartbroken from the sudden death of his beloved wife. Eclipsed by the moon, we follow Pedro crossing from his loss to a new life, with help from the provocative and wild museum workers. ‘Moonbridge’ entwines fantasy & reality as exhibits become real and stories from the ancient and near past, that thrust Pedro into historical encounters that propel him back to life, love and the moon.
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“Are we lost in translation or inspired by intercultural connections?”

Supported by Creative New Zealand and Foundation North, Culture Clash has been a wonderful yearlong development and mentoring performance programme that has developed skills while challenging participants in a supportive, fun and creative atmosphere. It has provided a platform where different cultures can express their individual perspectives through the performing arts through sharing, gaining knowledge and collaborating in a safe, creative space, guided by established leading performing arts professionals. This year long programme, has culminated in the creation of culturally unique and dynamic show ‘MOONBRIDGE’, presented in the 2017 Auckland Fringe Festival.