Why Willie Jackson’s Labour Party Candidacy is a political earthquake within Maoridom


By winning Willie Jackson over to Labour, left wing political Svengali Matt McCarten has not only checkmated the Maori Party, he’s prepped an inoculation to the wider left wing activist base who will go into online revolt when Police cheerleader Greg O’Connor wins the Labour Party nomination for Ohariu.

McCarten is a player of the great game unlike any other on the Left.

Jackson’s candidacy for Labour is a political earthquake within Maoridom.

The Maori Party’s Iwi snobbery offered Jackson nothing for possibly standing with them and that lack of respect has forced Jackson’s hand to stand with Labour instead.

Some within the Maori Party leadership (certainly not all, but some) have not managed to move beyond their Iwi elitism to embrace Urban Maori. This has led to a disconnected reality within political Maoridom. The vast majority of Maori live in urban areas, yet have little affiliation with an Iwi, the Urban Maori organisations set up by Jackson and Tamihere recognise that but are treated like the bastard offspring by larger more corporate Iwi.

What Jackson brought to the Maori Party was that huge urban working class Maori voting bloc, but the lack of anything real on offer by Te Ururoa Flavell  to Jackson gave Labour an opportunity that they have cleverly seized upon.

Tariana Turia has made the Maori Party leadership promise they’ll never go into power with Labour, that bitterness caused from the Foreshore and Seabed confiscation may cost the Maori Party not only their relevance but any future as well.

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Losing Willie Jackson is a terrible strategic blunder by the Maori Party which may well be seen as the beginning of their end.

One can only imagine the shouting matches erupting behind closed doors with  Te Ururoa Flavell  right now.


  1. Neither the Maori Party nor Labour offer more than just platitudes to Maori. Willy jumping waka is probably just a storm in a tea cup compared to what Mana and the Maori Party could do if they played the election really carefully. Flavell and Mr. Underpants need to bite the bullet and do some serious deals with Hone.

  2. Time will tell if having Willie Jackson on board is a wise move. However, if Greg O’Connor doesn’t get the thumbs down for Ohariu, it will be a gift it to either National or, God forbid, Peter Dunne. The ‘arm the Police’ candidate is totally the wrong fit, especially when the last two candidates who couldn’t be more different did so well in the reasonably affluent, liberal/conservative seat.

    • except, what if, what if…… Greg O’Connor said something like he’s had time to reflect on things he’s said in the past whilst representing his membership. (Btw, I never liked Greg’s stance – an absolute apologist for some of the worst behaviour in the Police force. I used to think that in many ways he was their own worst enemy – but then what a cnut of a job). I also used to think (and still do) that there was always a bit of a conflict of interest in some areas.
      He does have some appealing qualities well one I can think of): a genuine concern for the huge amount of weaponry getting into the hands of ‘P’ fried brains for one.
      If need be, I’ll hold my nose because I suspect he may have had an epiphany, or at least is in the process of having one

  3. I’m saddened that so many left wing Māori are lining up to kill the only kaupapa Māori party in Parliament. Shame on you! Divide and rule is rife and you are a fool for falling for it.

  4. Maori Party sound surprised?
    8yrs of laying down with Nat dogs, fleas are inevitable. It’s not Willie Jackson waka-jumping that’s a nail in their coffin, it’s the taint, nay smarmy brown-palm stench, of late, JK-branded, neolib capitalism we smell. Another National Govt term? Perish the thought, and any abetters. Maori Party, sorry ’bout it but ana to kai.

    Mana on the otherhand, that’s a travesty right there…work hard focus on pulling the agenda & convo left please. May Hone get in via list vote.

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