EXCLUSIVE: Arthur Taylor – Prison Suicide Cover Up


Arthur Taylor is The  Daily Blog’s Prisoner rights blogger. He is currently inside prison.


  1. I am astonished that they can hide this information and I am sure that they will have to produce it when whoever goes to the Ombudsman. Thanks for the work you do Arthur I want our prison population to drop, get more people working in the community if we need to ‘punish’ so many people.

  2. Prison systems are mostly disgusting ; ineffective and need complete revision. Where are the creative expression art and writing classes and proper successful rehab. programs ? No funding because the prison system is mostly a money making grab machine for the corporate greedy criminals. They are making millions on prisoners and poorly run prisons.
    We model after the U.S. prison system that stinks to high heaven. Some idiots think that the U.S. does things better. Yeh right.



  3. Discovered today that SERCO is “the Queen”. I guess SERCO is a company of what the Windsors term as ‘the Firm’. Money-spinner extraordinaire.

  4. Having to deal with Arfu is enough to make any staff member lose the will to live.

    Any comment on the health of staff who used to have to work I passive smoking …… thought not ….

    Btw smoking is a cause of stress and anxiety not a cure, but why allow the facts to challenge the cognative dissonance smokers need to justify their selfish stupid habit.

  5. A lot of what goes on in Prisons is hidden from the General Public, they are failed institutions which need reform. Many of the people in these prisons have severe mental health problems, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be there.

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