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  1. My fucking God!!
    I’m listening to Saturday on RNZ with Kim Hill interviewing Lester L.
    Many years ago, I used to think the guy was ‘reasonable’. I can now see what a complete neo-liberal ideologue the guy is – right down to the language and the pathetic attempts of justifying overpaid and under-performing senior managers.
    Have a listen when the podcast becomes available.
    All that’s wrong with the public service wrapped up in a single interview.

    “The reality is…………”
    “Efficiency and effectiveness……..”
    “Outputs and outcomes………..”

    How is it that we’ve become so bloody captured.
    And did I hear that along with his various roles, he also has some tertiary lecturing role in business? Propagating the bullshit ideology/religion.
    One day the patients and the nations will wake up.
    There goes one utterly smug self-promoting fuckwit. Even the bit about conflicts of interest doesn’t really wash.
    Delusional! He professes a sense of “obligation and duty”. I’m sure
    he actually believes it as well.
    He rivals a Scott Morrison or a Mathias Cormann.

    Actually he’s just answered my question as to how is it we’ve become so captured: He’s apparently so “serious” and comes across as such. It gives him the air of credibility. A bit like the ability to lie through his teeth whilst staying straight-faced

    • ‘How is it that we’ve become so bloody captured.’

      RNZ refused to allow the truth to be spoken. And, amongst many others, Kim Hill sabotaged anyone who attempted to get the truth out via RNZ.

  2. Wake up call for New Zealand….our trade partners are getting fussy:

    ‘Russia issues temporary ban on beef from New Zealand’

    “The Russian agriculture safety watchdog has imposed a temporary ban on imports of beef and beef products from New Zealand, effective February 6.

    “The measure comes after the feed additive Ractopamine, a stimulant fertilizer for promoting muscle growth, has been discovered in some samples,” the watchdog spokesperson said.

    The watchdog also said that it might ban fish imports from New Zealand due to traces of mercury in some supplies.

    New Zealand is not one of the Western countries facing a Russian food ban. Moscow introduced the measure in 2014 in response to sanctions imposed by the US, EU and their allies over Russia’s alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.

    The ban Russia plans to impose on the beef would be disruptive because of the uncertainty, but it’s the reality of being in the food business, Special Agricultural Trade Envoy Mike Petersen told Radio New Zealand…

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