Parents weren’t told about HIV dental clinic scare and more children could be impacted


The terrible story unfolding in Auckland of how a dental clinic may have contaminated children with HIV is shocking enough…

Clinics set up to test children after health contamination scare at school dental clinic

Emergency clinics are being set up to deal with a large dental health scare affecting around 2500 South Auckland children.

Children treated at the Pukekohe Intermediate dental clinic between September 13 and January 23 may be at risk of hepatitis and HIV after a contamination scare.

The Counties Manukau District Health Board is blaming malfunctioning dental equipment for exposing children treated at the clinic to unsterilised water, possibly containing blood or saliva.

…what TDB can reveal after being contacted by the parents of a child at that clinic, is that the number of children impacted could be larger than is being reported…

“Our 6 yr old daughter is one of the many kids who visited the Pukekohe Intermediate Dental clinic during the exposed dates.

We are 2 pissed off parents, firstly that we found out through social media and that our beautiful girl now has to have blood tests and hopefully get the all clear.

The helpline was only limited use as they were not aware that children other than those that attend Pukekohe intermediate school attend that clinic regularly.”

Our thoughts and best wishes are with the family at this stressful time, but the fact parents weren’t even alerted to what was happening before it became public knowledge in the media demands answers from the Counties Manukau District Health Board.

What’s most concerning however is that more children than just those at Pukekohe intermediate school were using that clinic and that this seems to be news to the Counties Manukau District Health Board.

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This is totally unacceptable for those families.

How many children total have been impacted as the Health Board is under the impression it was only children from Pukekohe intermediate .

How did it happen?

What will change to ensure it never happens again?