The Great Auckland Pride Debate


The boys are back in town!

In this special election year match-up, champions Team Jacinda Ardern will be challenged by Team Richard Hills in what promises to be a battle of the sexes like we’ve never seen before.

Recently elected Auckland Councillor Richard Hills will be joined in the red corner by Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson and comedian Eli Matthewson.

In the lavender corner, future Mount Albert MP Jacinda Ardern will be joined by Green MP Jan Logie and award-winning comedian Urzila Carlson.

Adjudicated and disciplined by The Real Housewives of Auckland superstar Gilda Kirkpatrick, these politically comedic monoliths will be debating the moot, Girls Do It Better!

Throw in MC Steven Oates with a bevy of celebrity judges, and you have a not-to-be-missed night of hilarity that also helps to raise funds for Positive Women.


  1. “In the lavender corner, future Mount Albert MP Jacinda Ardern will be joined by Green MP Jan Logie and award-winning comedian Urzila Carlson.”

    Ha, ha. “future Mount Albert MP Jacina Ardern” is almost like ‘future President elect Hilarly Clinton’.

    Meanwhile on the ground, unremarked by all the pundits a political earthquake may be underway, shaking up everything that was previously considered solid.

  2. Only a super confidant candidate would agree to be part of such light weight frippery before an electoral contest that will chart their political future.

    However; It is quite possible that if Gareth Morgan does announce that he will stand in Mt Albert, rather than facing a trouble free, issues free, electoral campaign, followed by certain victory, that Jacinda Ardern may be in for the biggest political fight of her life.

    It could well be that if Morgan does stand, this debate instead of being a humerous footnote on her way to victory in Mt Albert,that this light hearted nonsense debate may instead wind up being Jacinda Ardern’s political Swan Song.

    Especially in the light of the fact that it was planned that there would be no serious debates, in her campaign. And this mock satyrical debate was being held to fill this planned vacuum.

    It could be that this arrogant mocking of our democratic process on the way to a foregone conclusion, may be taken badly by the voters of Mt Albert who may actually want to hear the real issues debated.

  3. In light of the fact that the Green and Labour Party have secretely agreed not to hold any other public debates in this by-electiion.

    And in the light of Gareth Morgan’s possible standing in the Mt Albert by-election which would inject some proper democratic debate into this contest.

    If I was on the Jacinda Ardern team I would be trying to quietly dump this satyrical debate. In light of the above facts, this mock debate has all the potential to be a major public relations disaster.

  4. so nothing was learned from the hillary debacle?
    keep up with the gender politics and men are evil and little Billy gets another term in office
    well done you friggin morons

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