Punching ‘Nazis’ in the face – Liberal Rage is building Trump’s second term


American Liberal’s are still in a state of shock.

‘How could Trump have won’, they scream to themselves on their social media echo chambers, and before even attempting to answer that question, they are raging off to start another confrontation.

I loath Trump, he is a fascist, an orange Nazi who has manipulated people’s loss of economic power. He will only make this world far worse.

For those desperately clinging to the notion that just because the neoliberal war machine wanted Hillary for President then somehow Trump is a saviour, they need to wake up.

The dark spiders hiding within the Deep State will be eyeing up Trump’s Presidency as the perfect time to roll out authoritarian ideas that will take America in a very different direction.

In short, Trump is no hero.

I can’t wait to see the back of this cretin, but I fear that in their rage, all American Liberals have done is strengthen Trump’s chances at a second term.

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Look at the assault on alt-Right poster boy Richard Spencer and how the liberal social media machine rejoiced in the violence meted out to him…

…the moment you are celebrating political violence means you’ve lost the war. Forget the bullshit liberal sophistry trying to defend punching Nazi’s in the face and the gleeful schadenfreude by many on social media who remixed this and made it into entertaining songs – what have we just said to our political opponents?

We have said we believe physical violence is acceptable and that it’s a valid part of the political process.

How are the well armed Trump supporters who see an elite corporate media who lies about their choice of President and a culture they are disconnected from continuing to mock them going to see the assault on Richard Spencer?

Richard Spencer has said vile things about black people, they can be no denying that, but by beating him and revelling in the violence, all Liberals are doing is legitimising the backlash that will come from Trump supporters.

The fact that liberals in America have not even paused to understand how it was that Trump became elected is of itself deeply concerning.

Trump won 43% of Union homes in last years election – 43%! Work out why 43% of Union homes voted Trump and you can beat Trump in 2020.

Those workers have seen their jobs taken offshore and their factories shut down and have seen their children forced to enrol in America’s latest corporate war to make ends meet. Screaming racist, sexist haters at them while Trump gives them a job is no way to win their vote over.

The irony in all of this is that it was these Liberals with their insistence of identity politics over placing the best candidate tp beat Trump that ultimately allowed Trump to win.

The elites within the Democratic Party wanted Hillary despite her being a neoliberal war hawk who was wedded to the very free market globalisation that was crucifying Union workers.

If all those women who marched last weekend had voted for Bernie they wouldn’t be protesting Trump!

Rather than examine their own short comings as a political movement and how their own neoliberal worship helped create Trump, American Liberals have descended into a shouting competition amongst themselves to see who can scream their anger the loudest.

Part of that competition is the glee with which many have taken to Richard Spencer’s assault without any appreciation of how that can and will be interpreted by Trump supporters.

NZ politics is not without these tensions, the Union movement is currently being directed by middle class Wellington identity politics liberals whose social media feeds are amongst the most alienating in NZ. This disconnect between the ideas and values they espouse and the alienation of the very people they proclaim to stand for is as vast as it is in the American Liberal political landscape.

Identity politics is simply an extension of the hyper individualistic narcissism that neoliberalism celebrates and while it ignores class for another selfie, those it promises liberation to stop being the working poor.

The Left need to re-establish the debate back to class and solidarity over division because it will take all the 99% to beat the 1%.




  1. “The fact that liberals in America have not even paused to understand how it was that Trump became elected is of itself deeply concerning.”
    The liberals voted him in Martyn.
    They want their jobs back. And they aren’t that stoked on the endless regime change wars devastating the Middle East carried out in their names either. Trump might not stop them but at least he says he’s going to.
    The cacophony of condemnation of the man by the establishment and the MSM since his election looks like an orchestrated campaign to acclimatise the public to accept his impeachment or assassination before he can get to do what he has promised, and is proceeding with apace.
    Cheers David J S

  2. +100…good Post…”The Left need to re-establish the debate back to class and solidarity over division because it will take all the 99% to beat the 1%.”

    Well Donald Trump certainly ain’t politically correct!…and he has stirred up a hornets nest amongst the Liberals and Democrats with their identity politics and political correctness morality…so why didnt Hillary’s Democrats win in a landslide?… for a good discussion see below:

    ‘Politically incorrect?’


    “Is Donald Trump a modern day anti-hero? What is the state of liberalism and what is referred to as political correctness? How did we get to a place where politics is hyper-prejudice against prejudice? Is liberalism caving in on itself?

    CrossTalking with Daniel Bonevac, Jeffrey Tayler and Ralph Niemeyer.”


    ‘Trump’s media war’


    “Battle lines have been drawn and marching orders assigned: Welcome to a new kind of media war. The choice is easy – you can pick Donald Trump or the liberal mainstream media.

    CrossTalking with Eddie Scarry, Pamela Geller, and John Cardillo.”

  3. Well said, Martyn. A good assessment of where the Left/Liberals have gone wrong.

    Getting rid of Fuhrer Trump will take much than whacking a few neo-nazis in the face (though god knows they deserve it)…

  4. Do you honestly think an ideology that proposes ethnic cleansing and genocide needed a single weak punch from an antifa to justify their own violence? The US is already halfway to fascism, im surprised there isnt a lot more violence – look at what is happening there. getting wound up over this punch is a waste, and if that bothers you youre going to be in for a rude awakening because things will absolutely get a lot worse before they get better.

  5. The only difference between Richard Spencer and black lives matter is BLM is pretty much mainstream. Churchill was right when he said the fascists of tomorrow will call themselves anti fascists. So Trump is a fascist aye Marty? Ironic considering your hero was one too. Anyway I’m glad to hear you denounce this sort of violence. Any white supremacist is a loser.

  6. Good post , pretty much outlined the reality, and an honest appraisal of where the Left is at , both here in NZ and the USA, … indeed it seems , throughout the west.

  7. So you oppose violence against fascists on principle Martyn? What about when those fascists are in power and locking people up for their ethnicity or sexuality, should we just stay composed and wait til the next election? What a bad take.

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