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  1. This lawyer is GREAT!

    ‘Govt stance on medical cannabis “unlawful” ‘

    “The Ministry of Health says that CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp, is covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act and has instructed Customs to seize any products containing it at the border but Nelson Lawyer, Sue Grey, tells Kathryn Ryan that’s an incorrect interpretation of the act and she’s got the backing of one of the members of the government’s own advisory panel on illegal drugs.”

  2. I might add the existing stance on medicinal cannabis by the Nactional Party is sadistic and inhumane! ( lets hope Peter Dunne is ousted next Election)

    ‘We must legalise access to medical cannabis as a matter of urgency’

    Mike Barnes

    “My report proves the drug can alleviate suffering for many sick people. The government must have the political courage to accept the scientific rationale…

    It is about time the Opposition parties ( so called) spoke out on this issue and called it for what it is.

    It is already legal in much of the USA and in Australia

  3. While we are on the subject of multi billion dollar BIG PHARMA…David takes a potshot at Goliath:

    ‘Dirty underbelly: Shkreli fires off drug industry list of failures’

    “Martin Shkreli, aka Pharma Bro, showed the industry he’s not the guys to mess with after a pharma trade company launched an ad campaign which takes a pot shot at him. Shkreli has fired back with a website listing drug companies’ scandals.

    “I’m pretty p***** off,” opens Shkreli on his YouTube post introducing this tell-all website, “This lobby group, PhRMA, thinks it’s a good idea to come after me for the industry’s problems. So I made a website called, and you can see the industry has quite a history of problems.”…

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