Why Gareth Morgan is the only game in town when it comes to Political Tino Rangatiratanga for Maori


If Gareth Morgan throws the effort into standing in the Mt Albert by-election that he has into turning up at Ratana, the Greens and Labour are in trouble.

I have always argued one of the reasons why neoliberalism and extreme right wing madness has been allowed to go unchecked in NZ is because of our Unicameral Parliament.

We don’t appreciate or realise this, but NZ has one of the most powerful Parliament’s in the world.

Because we only have one chamber, all it takes to read any crazy idea an MP has into law is some urgency and around 10 hours worth of ‘debate’ and  bang, mad right wing policy can be imposed without so much as the barest of scrutinies.

This has happened throughout NZs Political History and that’s why our electoral term is only 3 years, the argument being, ‘you don’t want a Political Party in Government with this kind of legislative power for more than 3 years’.

If we want to move past the post-Treaty claim settlement phase, then we have to actively look at what real power sharing as defined by the kaupapa of the Treaty of Waitangi  looks like.

What does a functioning MMP Government in a Liberal Democracy look like if it was to be true to its Treaty obligations? What does political Tino Rangatiratanga look like structurally? And how would it work?

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I think the answer is obvious, we need an Upper Chamber of Parliament that is split 50-50 between Pakeha representatives and Maori representatives. They could vote on law that impacted Treaty Obligations (there would be a process where Politicians would have to appeal to the Upper Chamber and argue how Treaty Obligations were impacted by legislation) and while the Upper Chamber couldn’t veto out right any law, they could have the power to send it back down to the lower chamber if they decided the concerns were not addressed.

Gareth Morgan shares this same vision. This idea to create an upper chamber is a radical departure and a powerful vision for where we need to move NZ if we are ever to be truly proud of Waitangi Day as our founding national day.

Having a rich white pakeha articulate such a radical advancement of true Maori Tino Rangatiratanga advances Morgan’s mana and it advances Pakeha mana.

Imagine a country that was mature enough to make symbolic and real the relationship the Treaty has promised since its signing. The day we can commit to such a vision is the day NZ stops being a country and matures enough to be a Nation.

Kudos to Gareth Morgan for actually bringing a vision of the future to Ratana and not just the empty talk of projects and work schemes that do nothing to extend real autonomy of Maori.

Manama Fox and Hone Harawira should go talk to him and skill up on this Upper House idea.


UPDATE: Marama Fox has reminded me on Twitter that the Maori Party have had the idea of a two chamber Parliament on their books for 12 years, and while that’s certainly true, it is hardly a policy the Maori Party have championed in that time. 


  1. This should fit well with Gareth’s stated objective of gaining enough support to shake thing up, but no wish to take the treasury benches.

    Can say what he likes to get enough votes to cause a stir, but not risk getting enough to risk having to try to put such a policy into action.

    Cheers David J S

  2. “Why Gareth Morgan is the only game in town…..”

    Martyn Bradbury

    Hardly, Gareth Morgan is not even in the game. If he was, he would be standing in Mt Albert.

    Gareth Morgan is not serious about Tino Rangatiratanga, or anything else, his only purpose in standing it seems to act as a spoiler party, much as Bob Jones once did.

    By only standing on the list vote, Gareth Morgan seems to angling to alter the proportionality of parliament. To whose benefit? is a question for serious debate.

    Is Morgan hoping to cut into the Green Party vote?

    In that case he would seriously weaken the Green Party’s ability to lever concessions from the Labour Party.

    Is Morgan hoping to cut into the Labour Party vote?

    In that case he could be in a position to keep the Nats in power. Most likely in a coalition with Winston Peters NZ First Party.

    Is Gareth Morgan after the Blue Green vote?

    Gareth Morgan has long argued that their is a conservative constituency that usually vote National that would vote for environmentalism.

    Would this weaken the Nats?

    Possibly, but more than likely not.

    And there is no way that Morgan would take votes from either of the Maori Parties.

    Which ever way you look at it, Gareth Morgan’s intervention looks likely to lead to National third National Government.

    I am left wondering is that his intention?

  3. This following statement in Morgans TOP manifesto is one of the main reasons that I take them seriously…

    “Our goal is ultimately a fully informed public. Democracy works better if the public really understand the issues and are making an informed choice. If you are making a fully informed decision and don’t end up voting for TOP, that is okay by us.”

    Surely this should be top of every serious political parties stated goals.

  4. Maybe a better way to look at it is, how many maori vote for act and NZ1st? It would make sense for some one like Garreth to build a strategy around that

  5. The Mt Albert byelection is a golden opportunity for Gareth Morgan to strut his stuff prior to the next election later this year, giving people an idea at what his TOP party is standing for. To not throw his hat into the ring for Mt Albert next month, Morgan will simply continue to be a lost cause as far as voters are concerned, knowing nothing whatsoever what his policies are, or what his party represents.

    So either get to it Gareth, or butt out altogether. Waiting until the election, will be too late.

  6. Maybe you Martyn, need to skill up on the real and hidden history of New Zealand. The fact that the Maori’s were not the first peoples here and that our country has been denied the truths of its past and its true history. Artifacts proving the truth at TePapa kept from the public. Why ? ? ?
    Ugly skeletons kept hidden in the cupboard.

    The crown and our govt. and many Maori’s have hidden the truths about our history and I put up two links about this that you seem to not want to share. Maybe this time you will.



    • Maybe you Martyn, need to skill up on the real and hidden history of New Zealand. The fact that the Maori’s were not the first peoples here and that our country has been denied the truths of its past and its true history. Artifacts proving the truth at TePapa kept from the public. Why ? ? ?

      So who were the first, Blake?

      • Dig deeper Frank. I have spent years researching this topic. Check out the two links above as a beginning and see for yourself. There were many different peoples here thousands of years before Maori’s arrived. I do not deny the strong Maori culture whatsoever AND I AM NOT A RACIST AT ALL – in any way ! ! but I feel the truth about our real history needs to come out and stop being lied about and intentionally covered up.

        Youtube – ” Skeletons in the Closet ” – Part 1 and Part 2.

        Check our Barry Brailsford’s work and look into the Waipoua forest in the north island that is partially restricted to access and why. Then do research into Te Papa and all the artifacts they have hidden and will not allow the public to see. What is the crown and our govt, and some Maori’s and Te Papa so afraid of being exposed ? Why are they fearful and keeping the truth about our history from us ? It will shock you when you dig deeper especially when you take time to watch both parts of Skeletons in the Closet and so many other resources and stories.

        • Regardless, Blake, the reality is the Treaty was signed between a number of Maori chiefs and the Crown. Therefore, a “contract” exists between Maoridom and the Crown. If their were people here in New Zealand prior to Maori (and I’ve never seen reputable evidence for it), they weren’t around at the time of the signing. They certainly weren’t parties to the document.

          • ” Regardless ” sounds so dismissive and one who plays the authority trying to enlighten the unaware. Just because YOU have not seen any reputable evidence does not mean IT does not exist. The treaty that means so little to so many. Do you not understand that this document ( THIS CONTRACT ) was fraudulent – a lie ? Do you not think that some of the chiefs were duped and manipulated into signing and that many other Maori’s and also other authentic chiefs were not in support of nor did they acknowledge the treaty. Many still do not. Some Maori’s and many non-Maori’s do not acknowledge the treaty and this has nothing to do with racism. The Crown – maybe best not to do deals with the devil ?
            and that’s just my personal opinion.
            Frank, we have been lied to and a good portion of your ” reputable evidence ” maybe fraudulent as well.
            Because Morgan makes the Treaty his end all and be all, makes me suspicious of him even more.
            I am also a cat lover ! & * % # 0 ! @? % 4 # @2 = !?>_+,1 = 6 =@$%
            ===>>>> and a supporter of equality & freedom & honesty.



            • The two part series on youtube is entitled
              ” Skeletons in the Cupboard ” not ” Skeletons in the Closet “. I typed in the wrong word above.

            • I agree, if the Treaty was a fraud, all later migrants, including me, have to fuck off, or renegotiate their entitlement to stay here.

  7. With respect Bomber, you’ve totally lost the plot; giving oxygen to Morgan, who wants to go into opposition or with National, is gifting vote-splitting on the “Left” and gifting National another term. Where is your logic? What is your goal? You must have a mortgage and kids. Those of us in the have-nots camp are getting the pitchforks ready. Aoteakupa, here we come….

    • I’m curious why you wouldn’t take tax advice from some one who’s made tens of thousands of kiwis a lot of money. If you think exponentially rising house prices is a good thing then you should be a good fit for national, then pop just like America08. If you want to draw down the housing gradually over time then I don’t know why you mock Gareth.

      So far Gareth Morgan has pitched pretty hard for the Maori vote, specifically those maori who go for NZ1st and Act, they also swing both ways. I have no idea why you prioritised your version of a tax regime over Martyn’s blog that sets out constitutional reform. And I keep telling you the revolution will be bloodless.

      And I’ll remind you, no revolution has ever been successful with out the army and there’s no way NZDF will brake ranks, things would have to get markedly worse, just not gana happen bro, hope this is the last I read of this.

  8. Gareth should stand against the Parakeet Hairdo in Ohariu..it would be a guaranteed win in such a whacky seat

    ( Labour should stand aside if Gareth pledges to support Labour)

    btw ..where does Gareth stand on medicinal cannabis

  9. I disagree with you Martyn. Gareth will split many votes and National may get in again. I wonder whose side you are really on sometimes ?
    Is the Treaty really that important of an issue to you or should we not take back our country for all New Zealanders and not allow the Maori’s to go after the ownership of the air and clouds as well.
    I would not support Gareth nor vote for him. I also do not accept the Treaty as our founding document and I feel most agree with me but will not come out and affirm it. It is an illegal document anyway and many Maori’s do not accept as well.

  10. It has been my concern for long, that we have here in NZ no second chamber of Parliament, I thank Martyn for at least raising this issue, we may discuss the shape and make up of such a chamber, but it is indeed needed. The dictatorship of one chamber Parliament has to stop.

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