Dear Progressive NZ voters – in 2017 you can either have a changed Government or a change of Government – you can’t have both


I think there needs to be a very clear understanding about the 2017 election for progressive voters.

You can either have a change of Government or a changed Government – you can’t have both.

If the goal is to vote the National Party out of power, then it’s just a change of Government you are after.

If you want a changed Government that puts people before profits and has the courage to make the radical changes inequality, climate change and a dramatically changing labour force requires then you want a changed Government.

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Here are your options NZ

OPTION 1: Labour + Greens = 51% – This is not going to happen.

OPTION 2: Labour + Greens + Maori Party/MANA Movement = 51% – This would be the most progressive policy platform possible, a changed Government.

OPTION 3: Labour + NZ First + supply and demand from Greens = 51% – This would be a change of Government with all the hollowness that phrase entails.

OPTION 4: National + NZ First = 51% – this would be the same Government but with extra spending for Winston’s pet projects.

As activists and people with a genuine concern in social justice we need to decide by the 2017 election which option is most likely and which option can be worked towards.

NOTE: I haven’t included TOP yet – if Gareth Morgan runs in Mt Albert by-election he has a chance to change everything, if he doesn’t run he won’t break 5% threshold in September. 


  1. Most likely option is Option 3, Winston and NZF have worked constructively with the Labour Party in the past, you might be suprised how well NZF does in the upcoming 2017 Election, he has some good people in the Party and some intelligent MP’s such as Fletcher Tabuteau, Darroch Ball and Clayton Mitchell. NZF is gaining some traction in the provinces which is traditionally a National stronghold and NZF have always had a strong following in the Maori Electorates even though I believe Winston and NZF do not stand candidates in the Maori Electorates.

  2. Given the Maoris Partys seemingly strong support of National Policies, even at the expense of Maori incomes and home ownership rates, not to mention the deterioration in child welfare and Youth justice issues, which effect a disproportionate number of Maori youth (like kids locked in cells for days on end), I still cannot understand the Maori and Mana Partys working well together.

  3. No surprise that your only option for a “changed” government is the one where your party of interest is in. Frankly it’s a bit hollow of you to think that Labour + Greens have no interest or ability to address inequality or climate change but once Mana is added to the picture (and let’s face it they would be the coalition partner with the least seats) that the picture will drastically change?!

    I get it that you support Mana, and yes they have great potential, but posts like this make it seem like your allegiance to Mana blinds you to the strengths and abilities of other players

    • Kia ora Booker.

      Thank you for your comment.

      I like how you suggest my preference for MANA is clouding my opinion on how we get a really progressive Government.

      Allow me to counter.

      While I certainly helped dream up and put together MANA, my claim that the only way we get to a progressive Government is a Labour + Green + Maori Party/MANA Movement coalition is based on this simple equation.

      If the decision is Winston Peter’s to make, why wouldn’t he simply make the Greens sitting outside Cabinet be part of his price for Government?

      Are you seriously suggesting the Greens would refuse a supply and demand deal if it meant National retained power?

      Are you seriously suggesting Labour would select Opposition for another 3 years and not agree to Winston’s demand?

      So the most likely outcome in 2017 is a Labour + NZ First Government with Greens providing supply and demand.

      Which brings me back to my point – we either have a change of Government (Labour+NZ First with Greens in supply and demand) or a Changed Government (Labour+Greens+Maori Party/MANA)

    • I too was a Mana supporter, but I’m not so sure now that they have linked up with the Maori Party.

      The Maori Party are absolute rubbish.

      If they are a double act, which one is in charge, Mana or Maori?

      It’s an important question.

      • I think the answer is in your question. Maori Party is rubbish. Stick with Mana Movment if you want a staunch voice for Pani me te Rauwakore (grieving and disposed)

        We do need more unity on the left but we also need saner minds like Hone and Gareth to really push the establishment and I really mean kick ass in an intellectual way

  4. Martyn, everyone wants progress – it’s a positive thing.

    But many policies of the left are actually regressive, so you have to fix those first.

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