Allowing the CIA to re-write Lange’s legacy, what do you think the NSA 5 Eyes can do now and what was really revealed at the 2014 Moment of Truth?


What was most disturbing about the release of last weeks CIA spy file on New Zealand, was that we suddenly allowed the Military Industrial Complex of America to re-write one of our Nation’s most important symbolic stands, our treasured anti-nuclear stance.

According to the CIA, Lange painted himself into a corner and accidentally turned NZ nuclear free. Why the christ we are allowing the fucking CIA to dictate their version of history to us is only a reminder of how captured many of our mainstream media journalists are to the American narrative.

I’m sure the CIA wanted to believe that Lange had tripped up, that makes the whole anti-nuclear stance far easier for their egos to accept, what it ignores was that Lange was passionately ethical in his position against nuclear war, remember this…

…I can smell the uranium on the CIA letterhead.

What the CIA choose to believe to make our anti-nuclear stance easier for their Maters of the Universe egos to accept is the CIA’s business, we shouldn’t buy into their self-delusion. Lange could have as easily decided to use the loophole he did to get the deal across the line, he could have been bluffing or he could have purposely painted himself into that corner. There are a dozen reasons why and how Lange dealt with the situation, the fact a tiny South Pacific Nation stood up to the US is what matters, how Lange did it is far less important.

But the CIA need to believe it was all a mistake and our corporate media are happy to propagate that narrative.

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Surprise, surprise.

Consider now what the NSA has access to via the 5 Eyes mass surveillance powers that John Key rammed through Parliament under urgency.

We know now that the power of the 5 Eyes makes the spying outlined by the CIA last week seem sweet and cute in comparison.

Amnesty International paints an Orwellian picture of what mass surveillance is doing to the UK…

UK counter-terror laws most Orwellian in Europe, says Amnesty

The UK is leading a Europe-wide “race to the bottom” with Orwellian counter-terrorism measures that seriously threaten human rights, according to a comparative survey of security laws by Amnesty International.

A 70-page report, entitled Dangerously disproportionate: The ever-expanding national security state in Europe, alleges that Britain has introduced powers in the name of national security that are “among the most draconian in the EU”.

…NZ Parliament right now are debating the NZ Intelligence and Security Bill which allows for the SIS and GCSB to conduct their own investigations, allows them to break laws and empower others to break laws with legal immunity and extends punishment for anyone leaking to the media illegal Government spying to 5 years.

We know post-Snowden that the NSA hoovers up and can hack any and all electronic communications that the GCSB trawls for them and now with a dangerous crypto-fascist like Trump in the White House, that seems ripe for abuse.

The protest at the GCSB/NSA Spy Nest in Waihopai this summer is a reminder that the 5 Eyes Mass Surveillance State is quietly building its empire while voters are distracted with clickbait mainstream media.

So are we as a country going to wake up to this threat to our democracy? Or will we allow the CIA to re-write our history for us?

To answer that, I reflect upon the 2014 Moment of Truth and what it actually revealed.

I remember one thing most vividly from that night. The naked hatred in the barking face of former Metro Editor Simon Wilson and TV3 news reporter Patrick Gower as they screamed hysterically at Glenn Greenwald and Kim Dotcom because he had decided not to show his evidence that Key knew about Kim before Key had said he did (he’s going to present that in Court).

The mainstream media decried the event as a damp squib and wrote the entire thing off as an over hyped promise that didn’t deliver.

That’s when I realised what the Moment of Truth had actually revealed.

The Moment of Truth had Assange, Greenwald and Edward Snowden prove without a shadow of a doubt that John Key had lied through his teeth about mass surveillance. It showed the NSA and CIA have staff here, it showed they planned to spike the sea cable and steal data directly from that feed and it showed that our GCSB went and met with the NSA to assure them the law Key had just pushed through allowed for mass surveillance despite Key telling the NZ public that it didn’t.

But what did NZ focus on? Kim not proving Key knew he existed before he claimed to have known.

What was revealed was something of the nature of the anti-intellectual average Kiwi, who rather than look at the bigger picture presented, managed to find a tiny corner they could disagree with.

You can lead a New Zealander to slaughter, but you can’t make them think.

What was really revealed at the Moment of Truth was how easily led we are in our critical thinking. Will NZers have the self of esteem to reject this smear by the CIA on our nuclear free stance?

The Moment of Truth reaction suggests we do not.

We need a counter media more than ever before.




  1. Yep.

    I don’t think New Zealanders are thick or even anti intellectual , … its simply that they are a self absorbed group who live far from major threats on their borders and therefore have cultivated over time a ‘ it couldn’t happen here ‘ mentality.

    And the fact that it just has ( for the last 8 years under their very noses ) shows just how far that attitude has really been entrenched.

  2. Great post. I would also add, re what the Moment of Truth revealed: within the first few minutes of Snowden’s speech he told us that there are NSA facilities operating in Auckland and in Whangarei, that New Zealanders had never even heard of.

    And operating in plain sight: literally in the middle of Takapuna. 1 Akoranga Drive, to be precise. Source:

    So while we were all busy obsessing about Waihopai, and thinking the Southern Cross cable landings on our shores were owned by us, think again. They weren’t.

    As it was revealed that the NSA were fuelling mega millions of dollars to the GCSB, our intelligence agencies were literally SELLING our private data to a foreign power.

    That is treason. That is espionage. That is completely and utterly unacceptable. That is grounds for absolute and outright revolt.

    The mistake that was made was the politicisation of the GCSB campaign. We successfully grew the GCSB movement, which was a bipartisan concern, to encompass most New Zealanders. It was naive to think we could simply vote out the American spies when both major parties are beholden to them.

    The truth is, the spies only marginally care whether we have a left wing or right wing government, as also revealed in the Snowden docs. Source:

    So if we want to tackle this issue in a way that leads to actual results, the pressure has to come once again from the public and the streets.



    How deep is the CIA involved in the “modification of weather projects ” here in NZ without public knowledge?


    By Rockwood, Kate

    As droughts become the new normal in some parts of the world, more governments and private organizations are sponsoring projects to modify weather patterns. From India to the United States, Morocco to Argentina, cloud-seeding projects are sending pilots directly into cloud banks. There, the planes shoot flares of superfine salt particles to create raindrops or silver iodide to create snow. Fifty-two countries now have cloud-seeding programs, according to the World Meteorological Organization, 10 more than four years ago.

  4. See, the way we should be doing politics in NZ is to hand it over to Julie Christie. She can turn Q+A into “My Q+A Rules”, the Nation into “The Nation Block”, the former Campbell Live into “Campbell Survivor Live”.

    Turning real political and social issues into “Reality Shows”. The irony would be so sweet, it’d be practically diabetes-causing.

  5. “and Kim Dotcom because he had decided not to show his evidence that Key knew about Kim before Key had said he did (he’s going to present that in Court).”

    Unfortunutely, Martyn, I believe the moment of relevance may have passed. The great Unwashed Masses may simply have “moved on” and not care that Key did lie about KDC. I hope I’m shit-wrong about this, but, well, peoples’ behaviour doesn’t fill me with any great confidence.

    Oh, what’s that? Briscoes is having another sale? [click here]

    A female MP dared venture into the Debating Chamber sans make-up? [click here]

    And a firefighter got injured rescuing a cute goat-up-a-tree? [click here]

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