Cough-Cough – Um NZ Herald, you seem to have missed something huge in your Bob Jones story + why ZB should be ashamed



Our ability to give hateful rich powerful people platform isn’t an American trait we should really want to encourage in NZ.

Our version of Trump, Bob Jones, has been given platform on ZB to say some hateful shit about beggars and the NZ Herald follow that up with a story that is bewildering in its omission.

Firstly, ZB should be ashamed for giving Bob Jones platform on the issue of begging given Bob Jones history in this particular area. Has ZB forgotten that Jones goaded a begging protester into committing suicide? Why the hell would you allow someone who has goaded another human being into suicide for begging have ANY platform to discuss begging again?

Someone at ZB needs to be fired for allowing that, it is despicable. You are allowing a gloating arsehole who has goaded another human being into suicide because they were begging to go live on air to continue his favourite hateful fetish. This is what hate speech looks like folks...

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“They’re a bloody disgrace, they’re an eyesore, it’s a disgrace in a modern society that fat people – that fat Maoris as they mostly are – are lying on our streets of our city begging.” he told Chris Lynch on NewstalkZB.

He said begging should be made illegal.

“I was in the city yesterday, in Wellington, and one bugger was standing there, he had a message, this Maori bloke, ‘I’m not on welfare’ – and this apparently was an achievement – ‘so give me money.”

“It baffles me when people say, ‘Oh leave them alone’. They should be ashamed of people begging on the streets… I’m ashamed of these people. They’re a disgrace to the human race.”

“If they want to degrade themselves, let them do it in private. We shouldn’t be subject to that.”

In particular, he’s upset with homeless characters like the now-deceased Ben Hana, also known as Wellington’s ‘Blanket Man’. He said when Hana died he seemed to be treated as being some sort of nobleman, which he wasn’t.

“One silly bugger wrote to the paper… saying ‘He was an example to us all’. He didn’t say why. This is the attitude toward beggars, that there is something noble about them. There’s not.”

He said in Europe gypsys were “a damn nuisance”.

“They use little girls, and I’m a sucker for a little girl coming up to me with pleading eyes. I know I shouldn’t and I give them money… they use them as tools. They women often sit outside cathedrals and I’m often aggressive toward them, which is the proper way to deal with it.”

…well that certainly puts, “Waiheke is a White Man’s Island too’ into some perspective doesn’t it?

ZB allowed a rich, powerful psychopath who has a history of goading protest beggars into committing suicide live on air to play out his sadistic fantasy.

What could be worse than that?

Well, the NZ Herald’s coverage of the interview.

You will note this ‘list’ of Bob Jones controversies from the NZ Herald story

Bob Jones controversy
Jan 2017: Jones tells NewstalkZB that homeless people are usually ‘fat Maoris’.

Sep, 2016: Jones said in a National Business Review column: “Try finding a pretty girl over 20 or a young bloke in a suit in say Wanganui or Timaru and you will look in vain.”

May 2015: He was kicked off a flight after refusing to say “yes” when asked if he could open the exit in an emergency.

April 2015: Jones said in a Herald column: “I’m aware there are no pretty girls in the provinces, for as fast as they come off the production line, they sensibly up sticks for the big smoke.”

Oct 2013: He wrote in the Herald that two German tourists who claimed they were indecently assualted were “very silly”. And told TV presenter Catriona MacLennan – who asked why women shouldn’t be able to walk safely through an unlit park at night? – to “Grow up, girl”.

Oct 2013: Jones wrote a column for the Herald, saying women drivers were responsible for causing “massive pile-ups” at Lower Hutt roundabouts.
He added: “Right now a bunch of young Saudi women are agitating to be allowed to drive. It’s a tough one. For by Allah they’ve got that prohibition on women driving right and should probably kick for touch and maintain the status quo for fear their women will drive like ours.”

…I’m sorry what? You are covering a story where Jones gets to play out his hate pantomime in public about beggars and you list his controversies BUT you seem to manage to miss out his largest controversy NZ Herald.

Can you remember the one I’m talking about NZ Herald?

You can can’t you.

It happened in 2013.

You remember it don’t you, you sent out this tweet about it remember…

…what was that in reference to again?

Oh that’s right, the column you allowed Bob Fucking Jones to publish where he gloats over making the protesting beggar commit suicide, that’s right, his snuff column. The snuff column you fucking printed…

Bob Jones boasts about goading a fellow citizen into suicide

This sort of (always male) behaviour is a regular occurrence in the capital. In the 1980s when long-overdue reforms saw the closure of some isolated, scarcely used post offices, a Nelson region goose turned up in a park opposite my office, surrounded by the standard litter of signs, asserting he was starving to death in protest. I bowled across and nailed him with some impeccable logic. “Why starve to death?” I suggested. “Why not get it over with quickly and commit suicide?” So he did.

One of my daughters working, or more accurately, attending in our office at the time was appalled. “Don’t you feel bad?” she asked me. “To the contrary,” I replied. “Anyone who values their life on the existence of a country post office plainly hasn’t got one. I did him a wonderful favour.”

…so we have a newspaper who won’t acknowledge their own role in empowering a sadist who goads beggars into suicide and a radio station that gives a sadist who goads beggars into suicide platform to play these violent rich man fantasies out in public.

And yet these corporate mainstream media outlets will scream they are the ethical journalists.

Next month TDB launches our crowd funding campaign to put together a 5 night a week 7pm live streamed current affairs show. If you look at these media standards on display by ZB and the NZ Herald in disgust, then join us in February.


  1. Comparing him to Trump is a bit harsh. Jones is a far, far worse human being who is actually guilty of things that people are worried Trump might do…

  2. Dear old Bob. He reminds me of my father. A narcissist to the core. Bob, it should be said, is psychiatrically unwell. No one goes about saying the things he says while in their right mind. The NZ Herald is simply using him as a resource, like rape, murder, accidental deaths, violence, drug crimes. If it bleeds, it leads etc. Anything that might attract flies, that’s where you will find the likes of Herald reporters.
    The best way to shut Bob down is to ignore him while keeping a close eye the fucker.
    What’s truly worrying is the blood thirsty public who lap that shit up.
    It should also be worth remembering that trump’s figured out how to tap into that. Into the pulsing veins in the necks of the monster Masses.
    And if you think the collective ‘us’ can make a difference if we , for example, boycott the NZ Herald we’d be kidding ourselves. It is ‘us’ who are in the minority. No one would notice so long as they had their house reno’ and food porn shows to watch and as for that big , loveable lug rugby player sniffling his way into marital bliss? NZ Royalty, so NZ Herald claims.

    I have to say. If we, the ‘Us’s’, don’t realise that to sway the enemy we must, for a time at least, become the enemy then we’re fucked.

    Silent treatment, love-bombing, gaslighting and other traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder

  3. Bob Jones is nothing but a wanker many people can’t stand him in NZ He has burnt many bridges so why give him the opportunity to spout of his mouth he is nothing but a self opinionated big mouth know it all. He has a home in the Hutt Valley but now lives in Australia hope he stays there we don’t need any more idiots like him hewer we already have enough of his ilk

  4. All the mainstream media are only concerned with promoting dysfunction via misrepresentation. And making money. They have no sense of shame. In fact many of the arseholes that dominate the mainstream media and set the dysfunctional agenda are proud of being arseholes. We have known that for a very long time.

    Those who allow their lives to be influenced by the inane ranting of idiots and liars at The NZ Herald or ZB deserve everything they are going to get when the current system collapses some time between 2018 and 2022.

    The only sensible strategy is to disengage from the crap churned out by the mainstream media and prepare for what is coming. Attempting to pull consumeristic slaves of the Matrix out of the Matrix is an exercise in futility.

    • I’m with you. The crap Trevett bought out in yesterdays Herald:

      Claire Trevett, yesterdays morning herald…

      “Q: Do you remember what you had for lunch [with German Chancellor Angela Merkel]?

      A: Ah gosh, I knew you were going to ask me that but I forgot you would. Um, asparagus, a very nice meat. I’m not sure [what kind] – medium rare and it wasn’t Weiner schnitzel. And mashed potatoes. Maybe it was the same cook [as at 10 Downing St.]

      Q: Are you sure it was mashed potatoes at Downing St, or did you confuse it with the fish?

      A: MFAT will know. They’re good at telling one white thing on a plate from another.”

      – NZ Herald

      Unbelievable! Excuse me while I vomit.

  5. Appalling!

    As for Bomber’s tweets about where were the Herald Editorial team, I guess when the term “100 chimps on typewriters can’t recreate Shakespeare” comes to mind!

    Or could it be, that the 12 year old who’s a friend of a friend on work experience is now on the editorial team at Granny.

  6. Bob Jones is an ignorant piece of works. To give this racist, misogynistic, bigot air time and print space is just as disgraceful as the creep himself!

    Shame on ZB and NZH. Msm’s compliance in accommodating Jones in his latest hate speech outburst, is about as low as media can possibly go!

    Another point. Jones’ use of the term describing collective Maori as “Maoris” is poor! Goes to prove that to be an arrogant, ignorant, self serving, rich, white prick, no intelligence is required, or even a basic education it seems!

    Bob Jones is NZ’s home grown Donald Trump in overdrive!

  7. It is time for Auckland Action Against Poverty to occupy Bob Jones’ business offices, same as they did with Manpower’s Office here in Auckland late last year. They should simply embarrass him and his property businesses, as that is what this arrogant jerk deserves.

  8. When the social order in No Zealand collapses, as it MOST CERTAINLY will, under the weight of neo-colonial immigration levels, Jonesy will have to get to his private jet pretty quick smart, or he’ll most likely be lynched… I’m crossing the days of on my calendar…

          • How about rich shaming. There are so many, and I mean hundreds of trillions worth a bad decisions, bad deals and millions of legal people (man hours) hours that need to be renegotiated before we can clear the board. A good which hunt may accelerate the processing of millions of legal man hours that need to be payed in order to protect the innocent, even from themselves. We can not let the legal system turn into a farce. Then the pitchforks come out, and not before

    • Publicly abusing and denigrating a group of people in which the incidence of mental health problems is higher than in the average population is both cowardly and disgusting.
      Jones does not deserve your adoration, unless you too are a cowardly bully.

    • “Bob is one of the few left with the guts to point out the truth. Go Bob!!”

      It’s not “the truth” though, it’s merely his opinion which seems to be distorted by his massive sense of entitlement and his position of privilege.

    • Ah Jimmy. How you must long for the good old days before good manners and empathy i.e PC required you to refrain from calling Maori ‘niggers’ or ‘tar pots’.

  9. Beggar-bashing seems to have come out in full force, from multiple sources. It is election year, after all. The rich likely have a coordinated attack plan, and they’re well underway.

    January 17 2017. Western Leader, front page. “Begging for Change: Shoppers at Lincoln North Plaza are being hassled by beggars – but there’s no money for security, Gary Holmes from the business association says”.

    And from the article itself, titled: “West Auckland beggar says he makes up to $150 a day”

    [quote]”Gary Holmes, from the Henderson-Lincoln Business Association, says the organisation does not have enough money to invest in security patrols.

    But things would improve if local businesses vote to come together under a business improvement district (BID), Holmes says.

    This would enable the area to access funding for security from Auckland Council and from funds paid by members. He says a BID would cut crime with permanent security patrols, daily graffiti reporting and removal, security assessments and seminars and would partner with local police.

    He says they can offer support and education for retailers.”[/quote]


    • While we are debating about the beggars maybe it takes the heat off how 2 NZ individuals can own 30% of the wealth of the poorest.

      What would also be good, it to work out the tax amount paid by the 2 NZ richest individuals last year vs the amount of tax paid by the poorest 30%.

  10. They print Bob Jones’ rubbish precisely because it gets people’s backs up. He’s just cheap fuel for the fire. If we all ignored his horrible statements they would stop publishing him. He’s an old school troll.

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