Cough-cough – this is ‘Noted’ the new home of in-depth current affairs in NZ – it’s NOT FAKE NEWS, honest


Oh the lolz, ‘Noted‘ is apparently the the new home for in-depth current affairs and culture in New Zealand and apparently it’s powered by the country’s most trusted journalism sources.


Here’s one of the stories they are pimping…

…well thank Christ someone has finally managed to get to the bottom of the incredibly important issue of pubic-hair removal!

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This is NZ current affairs at its sharpest folks.

Now a cynic might suggest that ‘Noted’ is in fact the same bullshit fake news from the corporate media wrapped in a new wrapper pretending to be in-depth current affairs and culture, and you would be right.

It’s the deathly dull and middle class Listener with the ok North & South, the tired as fuck Metro and PaperBoy, whatever the Christ that is.

I like watching dinosaurs that don’t know their dead yet putting on trendy clothes 4 decades too young for them trying to hit the dance floor with the kids.



  1. As Winstone Churchill once said; “Facts are stubbourn things”.

    It is not Fake News we have to worry about, this all gets uncovered pretty quickly, (and is usually weighed in the balance by the discerning and objective reader, until it is either confirmed or disproven).

    What we really have to fear is this sort of Make News that is deliberately designed to rot our brains and instil insecurity by getting us to obsess, and dwell on body image and looks.

  2. Meanwhile close ups of Richie’s finge. Then has he slipped the question, squeal, and then like OMG, like he’s got married, more squealing, swoon, fingers down my throat………..

    Someone please help our media become journalism based again, please

  3. Not only can we get cutting edge pubic hair stories but probably next year NZ on Air will fund them 1.7 mill of public money for their important contribution.

  4. The continuing sale of trashy magazines that tell the same stories week after week, month after month, and year after year from supermarket checkouts and other retail outlets indicates there is still an enormous market for garbage. An absolutely enormous market for garbage. In fact, with the continuing dumbing-down of the general populace the market for trivia and utter garbage could well be increasing.

    • On the nose there, my thoughts exactly, plus they also seem to publish so many stories about the rich and famous, and Royals, and like, as if they are, gulp, like KEEN to become One of Them (Facist superior types u know). As Princess Di and other celebrities have told us, the Paparazzi are a type of policing by Fans, just in case, something happens!! Escapism no doubt also, from the washing, and cleaning and shopping and drudgery of daily life where Women do most of the Housework still!! Pull yourselves together Men, the toilet does need cleaning etc. Lol a 🙂

  5. Its because of all of those adolescent teenage apprentice journo’s LSM has hired!
    Sitting in front of their screens all day waiting for some news to happen gives them time to magic something up from the internet!
    Uplift/downloading pic’s & “Googling” tit-bits to make up a story to feed to their absent minded editor(s) who’ve sold their souls …
    You get this kind of shit for News! FFS! Somebody pull the plug!

  6. There is Fake News, and then there is Soft News, Dumbed Down News, or just plain Non Story News. Let’s learn to differentiate.

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