The true legacy of John Key



As the mainstream media go into collective shock as their Political Master announces his resignation, many of his corporate media pundits are quickly painting his 8 years in power as some of NZs greatest years.

Let’s call bullshit on this rose tinted attempt to whitewash Key’s legacy.

Firstly, no one yet knows why Key is making this shock resignation. He’s given his colleagues a weeks notice and has walked off. Let’s wait and see what drops around the middle of next year to fully appreciate what’s happening right now before we start accepting a varnished history.

Secondly, middle class corporate pundits who never faced the harsh end of his draconian welfare reforms have any validity in lauding Key.

  • Key’s leadership saw 300 000 kids in poverty.
  • Key’s leadership saw us back involved in the Iraq war.
  • Key’s leadership nearly brought in the TPPA.
  • Key’s leadership saw 41 000 homeless.
  • Key’s leadership saw 560 suicides per year.
  • Key’s leadership saw mass migration scams.
  • Key’s leadership saw Helen Kelly live out the rest of her life as a criminal because he refused to move on medical cannabis.
  • Key’s leadership saw NZers living in cars.
  • Key’s leadership saw tens of thousands thrown off welfare with no where to go.
  • Key’s leadership saw one of the worst housing bubbles in NZs history.
  • Key’s leadership has seen housing affordability crumble.
  • Key’s leadership saw state assets sold off to fund irrigation infrastructure.
  • Key’s leadership saw huge increases in state spying powers.
  • Key’s leadership saw nothing for stopping climate change.
  • Key’s leadership saw 10 000 in prison and the vast expansion of our private prison industry.
  • Key’s leadership saw a dirty ops campaign run out of his office.
  • Key’s leadership saw his office collude with the SIS to frame Phil Goff in the 2011 election.
  • Key’s leadership saw him phone buddies with hate speech merchant Cameron Slater.

Big business, bankers, farmers and property speculators will shed tears at Key leaving, those who have had to bare the brunt of his idealogical beatings won’t.

Key leaves us as he started, a laid back anti-intellectual who made NZers feel secure in their ignorance and cultural insecurity. Remove that branding and the National Party are the same born to rule pricks they’ve always been.

National are in deep trouble now.

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By leaving with this shock announcement, Key is doing what Key always did, what’s best for Key.

The Listener, ZB and the NZ Herald will enter a 3month morning period.



  1. Good riddance to the little shit.

    But before he goes , – he owes an apology and an explanation to the family’s of Pike River victims as well as all the other victims of his treason and self interest.

    Perhaps he could start with his vested interests in the Bank of America and his beneficial interests in his blind trust (Aldgate Trust ).

    { – 34) January 31, 2010: In the Register of Pecuniary Interests of Members of Parliament: Summary of annual returns as at 31 January 2010, Forty-ninth Parliament, Hon John Key declares he has Interests in Bank of America, and beneficial interests in Aldgate Trust (blind trust).- }

    • Thanks Wild Katipo for reminding us of a few of donkys massive greedy and ugly dealings and for the link.

      Thanks to TDB for the above list and nailing it on the head about Jonky Donky especially the funny comment about the Right wing NZ media going into a 3 month mourning period.
      Poor little biased small minded spin doctors; confused and running for cover. TDB will be even more relevant and important now.

    • Agree WK.

      The Pike River tragedy must be kept out there as a reminder of Key’s heartless legacy.

      #stand with Pike River 29 and their families.

  2. By “morning” you mean “mourning”. Yes I’m still ever the grammar nazi. Anyway, hopefully this will bring about POSITIVE change. If our next PM is Judith Collins we’ll all be reminiscing about the “good old days” when Key was the leader… I suspect it’s all largely moot at this stage though. The largess of Western culture and lifestyle is rapidly approaching D-Day, as Afewknowthetruth constantly writes about on these forums (he’s mostly right imo), regardless of who’s running the show.
    Just read this piece posted today from a right-wing blogger no less:
    The shit IS going to hit the fan. The timing is unknown, but we can’t go on like this indefinitely.

    • Yes, the shit is going to hit the fan in NZ fairly soon. But as you say, the exact timing is unknown.

      Of course, the shit has already hit the fan in a lot of places -Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland (plus smaller European countries), most of the Middle East, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa etc.

      TPTB have a remarkable capacity to keep the masses from realizing just how bad the collective predicament is, and a remarkable capacity to print money and manipulate markets to keep the financial system running.

      However, TPTB cannot print water needed for agriculture and hydro-electricity: Lake Mead is at a record low level for the time of year:

      and much of continental USA is in drought.

      Nor can TPTB print a stable environment. Record temperatures are now manifesting as record low ice cover AT BOTH ENDS of the Earth while atmospheric CO2, the driver of the planetary meltdown, is at a record high (404 ppm) within the context of human existence, and is increasing at a staggering rate (more than 3 ppm per annum).

      Not ‘extinction of the human species within a decade’ that Guy McPherson predicts, but definitely collapse of current financial-economic-social arrangements within a decade, and the mayhem that will accompany that collapse.

      Indeed, it is very likely there will be major disruption within 3 years. Hence Key’s early departure.

      Linked previously, but increasingly relevant:

      ‘Limits to Growth is on schedule. Collapse likely around 2020’

  3. Not to mention the 120 Billion in debt he leaves for the next generation to sort out. John the Con serving his mates on the back of working class people.

  4. This is the best news I’ve heard this decade. As I’ve been saying on TDB for some time, Key has been National’s lucky charm, a thin veneer of blokesy glamour that the party has consistently used to paper over all the growing cracks in our social infrastructure, and all the kiwis falling through those cracks. With Key gone, the electorate will start waking up to the full horror of his legacy. Finally!

    I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that the new National leader will call a snap election ASAP, before the opposition parties can get their collective boots on and turn this growing horror into a landslide defeat. We need to rapidly debate and confirm a replacement vision for the authoritarian corporatism of Key, a radical vision for a 21st century society where power *and* resources are freely shared by all. I’m excited!

    The political opponents we need to watch out for now are neo-liberal fifth columnists who’ve positioned themselves in the opposition ranks, as they did during the Muldoon years, ready to tell the opposition parties they need to swing to the right to capture the “middle ground” Key’s resignation supposedly leaves open. They will tell us not to spook the horses, and let them lurch into yet more neo-liberal/ austerity policy, or else the weak-kneed “anything to the left of Roger Douglas will do” mandate we gave Clark’s government, allowing her to win applause merely for not making things worse as fast as Rogernomics of Ruthenasia had. These wolves in sheeps clothing must be debated and defeated inside and outside the opposition parties ASAP.

    • +100
      I’m still wondering why people described him as ‘charasmatic’.
      I guess it started by some msm ‘journalist’.
      There goes one really shallow sociopath,
      and the msm expects us all to grieve.
      If every piece of legislation in the past 8 years was undone, we’d all be better off.

  5. Who knows why Key resigned but it’s probably the best thing he has ever done for NZ. Meanwhile Bill English will be telling all and sundry of what a wonderful PM Key was for NZ. What a load of total bullocks from English. Key caused so much damage and English knows that perfectly well.
    At least we no longer have to put up with an idiotic PM who tells the world that he regularly pees in the shower. As if the world really wanted to know that bit of information but the attention seeking John Key wanted us all to know it.
    It does appear the rats that are the Key(and now English)government are starting to jump ship. Lets hope the National government is imploding as it quite deserves a destructive ending. Lets just watch the in-fighting that will be starting from now on within the residue that is left of this government.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the self-serving Peter Dunne does another waka hop and goes back to Labour because he can see no future in the government he has attached himself(like a barnacle on the National government Titanic)that he presently sleeps with.
    Their(the National governemnt) golden pee-ing in the shower boy has jumped ship I guess the only future left now for National is letting the Parmars take control of it to ruin it forever.

  6. Great time for us Kiwis to shake the sheeple next to us and Wake up to our new Tomorrow, right now. Yes to a snap election, but No to increasing conservatism of Labour or Greens. We need radical Leadership that will navigate our lovely country into a better world for all the kiwis, residents and neighbours of our lovely country. Time to sever the links with US and Britain, bye bye, and open our arms to dealing with our neighbours in the Pacific. Freedom, take action, Stand Up and Fight back, join the protests, we need Change that will be positive for all of us and the Environment.

  7. Praze the Lud….the local now here in Beas.
    What a cnut our self-promoting excuse for a PM has been.
    What worries me is who comes nexr.
    Will it be MrFxit who rides on luck, flab, an ITC groupie clan and ideolical chants;
    Will it be the Pulla Bent….bent if only bcos she pulls the ladder up (and ekshully cos shes a bit of a buch;

  8. “Key leaves us as he started, a laid back anti-intellectual who made NZers feel secure in their ignorance and cultural insecurity.”
    And yes, just what is coming that even a full blown narcissist, with sky high personal approval ratings and strong party political support, feels he cannot survive???
    Once people get past the distracting orgy of sycophancy in the MSM (not unlike the post-McCaw phenomenon), they may begin to ponder that very question.

  9. Because so many of the contenders for his position are tarnished (they are politicians after all), then it’s likely the same strategy will be repeated as before.
    (1) elect “caretaker” leader
    (2) suffer expected drop in popularity – possibly even lose next election (who knows how the sheep of Muddle New Zilund will run?)
    (3) remove caretaker leader (as per Don Brash), and replace with shiny new Crosby-Textor polished Banksta-approved outsider (as per Key).
    (4) win 2020 election and carry on with MSM propaganda fuelled Neoliberal programme.
    Perhaps this Merrill Lynch creep they’re trying to shoehorn into Southland is going to be “The next John Key”?

  10. His job is done. He has satisfied his ego. Tired of unlimited power and too many rats to swallow. Oh … and lets not forget … his poor family who must be considered …

  11. Still bagging the farmer huh? Still lumping the worthless cocky in there with the creeps.

    Jonky’s just another little punk who knows how to reorganise brain cells in his victims to get what he wants.

    You, on the other hand, should know better @ Martyn Bradbury.
    Frustratingly, you never bother to learn the real truth of the matter. You just sit back and slosh your bile about.

    Ironically, Little Billy will come along and slosh his bile about too. A good Catholic boy and scheming Southland farmer liar, just like the select few swine who left the mud and hardship behind once they learned that swindling their own kind was a far easier route to Auckland’s whore houses and cocktail bars than chasing after a paddock full of export revenue earning animals and sundry foods for the likes of yourself to consume in the front then to shit out the back later.

    New Zealand’s in crisis, but then it always has been. It was doomed to limp along as a million parasites sucked at its lifes blood. New Zealand will only come into its own after we Kiwis inevitably lose sovereignty of it and ignorantly beating up our primary export sector just because they’ve been conned like the rest of us doesn’t help.

  12. The John Key legacy:

    Removal, in 2012, of all ‘community welfare’ aspects that were incorporated into the Local Government Act of 2002 -thereby, to some extent, legalizing the mistreatment of citizens by city and district councils.

  13. You forgot to mention that Key has systematically destroyed New Zealand’s education system. He has imposed a neoliberal business structure onto our tertiary institutions that has seen them turned into sausage factories focused on churning out cogs for what ‘industry’ wants, and to give up on the all-rounded education of responsible and informed citizens. This has gone hand in hand with a massive push to extract money from Chinese, Indian and Saudi Arabian students, with all the associated demands made on teaching staff and always at the expense of our local students. The tertiary institutions have been turned into brutally rationalised businesses with no responsibility to their staff or even for the students themselves. What he has done to primary and secondary education in this country is similar, and it is only through the strength of the teachers’ union that he has not converted the sector entirely to a privatised American model. Remember also that the numbers of what are called NEETS (not in employment, education or training) has risen by about 6000 amongst the 15-25yr olds in the last two years. Education is the great wasteland of this government and I believe the public do not really fully understand what has been happening.

  14. Key’s leadership saw the a step towards fascism with the coup d’état of Ecan to allow the corporate dairy industry to mine as much groundwater from the Canterbury plains as quickly as possible.

  15. I have this sneaking suspicion that I could have been as successful as John Key over the past eight years.
    I would only have required two conditions:
    1. Be completely venal, guilt and conscience free.
    2. $200 million a week in borrowed money to fund my “success”.

  16. Jeff schilling the Enron ceo resigned one year before the collapse
    Key is a smart man if something is happening in the back ground like the start of gfc2 keys foreseen the carnage and made his exit let the losers take the rap

  17. I imagine the nutty right view Key as a success. He kicked the can down the road for eight years without addressing any of our structural economic problems – painting over the glaring balance of payments issue with capital from asset sales and migrant property speculators. A short term win for the forces of entropy, a disaster for the people of NZ. And no journalist called him on it.

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