Brian Tamaki and his homosexual hating earthquakes



Bishop Brian Tamaki blames gays, murderers and sinners for earthquakes

Destiny Church’s Bishop Brian Tamaki has blamed earthquakes on gays, sinners, and murderers.

But an Auckland vicar says Tamaki’s sermon is “completely illogical,” and compared it to blaming sin for child cancer.

Quoting the Old Testament on Sunday, the day before a massive 7.5 earthquake struck the country killing two and leaving thousands stranded, with limited food, water, shelter and communication, Tamaki told churchgoers the earth “convulses under the weight of certain human sin.”

A video of the sermon is pinned to the top of the Destiny Church Facebook page.

He also blamed a gay priest and the people of Christchurch for the devastating earthquakes that hit Canterbury in 2010 and 2011 which killed 185 people.

Brothers & Sisters, I’m no Theologian, but why would God, the omnipotent all powerful force in the Universe, listen to Brian fucking Tamaki?

Of all the people God could talk to, why would it be a shallow fart like Tamaki? Why isn’t God having conversations with Stephen Hawking, Michelle Obama or the new Pope?

With the earthquake upgraded to 7.8 – does that mean NZ is gayer? Are the tsunami’s specifically for the Lesbians?

Seeing as the GCSB & SIS buildings won’t open after the earthquake, does that mean God is on Edward Snowden’s side and not Brian Tamaki’s?

If God was punishing NZ for its ‘gayness’ – wouldn’t he have flattened Ponsonby? Why attack Kaikoura? The only thing in Kaikoura is whale watching. Are the whales Gay? Is that why God is smiting Kaikoura? We have Blue Whales, Grey Whales and now Pink Whales?

God hates Humpback whales the most does he Brian?


Brian Tamaki is to geology what Donald Trump is to feminism.

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  1. Brians ready to pass the plate around again. He’s had a few bum years lately. The housing development in Chappell Rd in east “Tamaki’s” looking bad, mortgagee sales are high, donations are plummeting because as he’s been heard saying, “those fuck’n poor people can’t hold onto a job long enough to give weekly subs worthy of the admin costs!” So he’s happy God heard his plea and took vengeance on all those banjo-playing sheep shagging folks in the south island. The only thing he’s not aware of is this? …. the finance company’s coming for his Kingdom and God can’t stop capitalism or bankers!

  2. I agree with Brian, that it is God giving a big “super moon”, to a society that thinks that a government is a money tree to pay for people to lie in bed till two in the afternoon.

    God sent a flood to get rid of sinners and layabouts, but spared Noah and his family. Brian’s followers need the same sort of reassurance that a 7.8 earthquake will be equally selective.

    IMHO, Brian Tamaki should be NZOTY (New Zealander of the Year) for translating God’s will into language that God-fearing kiwis can understand.


      Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaa a a a a a as…… Wait, wait…. Can’t breath ! Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaaa a ahahahahha ahah ahahaha ha ahahah a Hahahahahah ahah a

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      Can’t breath again… must breath ….
      Hahahahahahahahha ahahah ahahahahahhaa ahaha ahaha a ahahaha a a a
      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….a aa a a aaa
      Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa ahahaha hahah ahaha ahahahahahahahahahah .

      Oh fuck man! You’re sooo funny ! Hahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahaa ahahahahahahahah ahahaha ahaha a a ahahahahahah !

      I talked to God once. I was tripping on Gods Good LSD at the time but hey? So what ? Any door will do.
      He told me, he told me ‘HeSheItMis’ loved us lot quite a bit and HeSheItMis couldn’t give one fuck whether we fucked boy on boy, girl on girl, chicken on hedgehog… Couldn’t give one small fuck. So long as we love each other and take the piss out of ding dongs like you and your mate $-Brian $-Tamaki, Satans eftpos machine of choice. Trouble is ? Unlike EFTPOS? All in, nothing out. See? That’s tricky Satan for you.

      Or… ? Or are YOU taking the piss. That’s the trouble with the cowardly, one can never tell.
      ( I think my spell checker just sprained an ankle . )

    • Your comment here See-More is the reason why you, and your loonie right-wing party, should leave this planet and head towards Mars. Take Don Brash, Jamie Whyte, John Banks, Roger Douglas and Wodney Hyde with you on your one-way trip to Mars.

      Go past Planet Key which will be “lying” on your left and head out past the Super Moon (the supposed cause of kiwi earthquakes (but more likely Seismic Drilling for Oil )

      Take Brian Tamaki with you.

      Wave to us from there, and we will wave back enthusiastically and if you can lipread from the Yellow Planet, you will see us all mouthing “Stay where you are!”

      I don’t normally revert to argumentum ad hominem, but you See-Less are an utter nut-job

    • That disqualifies you from being taken seriously, you should join Mr Tamaki in the asylum, as you need a mental health check, both of you.

    • I too agree with Brian, but I am disappointed that he failed to mention nose-picking and failure to floss teeth. (There are just so many traps for those who would want to live the pure life…)

    • What, you figured 0.5% in the polls is too high, so you’re giving NZ more reasons to write you off as an irrelevant twat? And how did you equate Tamaki’s homophobic rant with being a beneficiary? You’re off your goddamn rocker there, buddy. Shit, if I was Curious George, I’d go tell the man in the yellow hat to wear a different colour, for fear of being mistaken as an ACT supporter.

    • “IMHO, Brian Tamaki should be NZOTY (New Zealander of the Year) for translating God’s will into language that God-fearing kiwis can understand.”

      Brian Tamaki is a COCK, translate that!

      So when Tamaki takes 2 % of his followers hard working wages via direct debit or swims in the $20,$50,or $100 dollar bills on his stage, do you really think god is his salvation?

  3. Religion is a giant pile of hokum. Indeed, all the major religions can be trivially disproved (as written) using nothing more than basic logic applied to the very texts they proclaim to be “the word of God”. Of course you inevitably end up with the old “Well, it’s not SUPPOSED to be comprehensible! The reason the things we believe make no logical sense whatsoever is God’s way of testing our faith. As humans, we can never know the mind of God.” Riiiiight.
    Yes, I’m very, very much an atheist.

      • You’re probably kidding around Robert, but that’s actually a *very* good question. The news media seems to thoroughly cover every crackpot Armageddon theory, from evangelical “christian” rapture predictions, to mayan millenium 2014 fearmongering, but they almost never discuss the actual armageddon that faces us if we don’t transition rapidly off fossil fuel dependence (extreme climate change, food shortages etc). Why is that?

        BTW For those who still seem to think it’s actually making serious comments, I’m pretty sure David See-More is a satirical sock-puppet. Oh, and I’m officially offended on behalf of shift workers and other who have perfectly valid reasons to sleep in until 2pm 😉

        • Good point, Strypey. A troll so over-obvious that people will not see that he is over-obvious? His satire is good…

  4. If god is angry enough at any group of humans sufficient to deliver an earthquake unto them, can I posit that the group which most angers god are those greedy self-serving tax-dodging Harley-riding religious shysters and conmen masquerading as bishops…?

      • I’m mean Tamaki just has different ambitions than his flock. At least his Twitter is packed full of reasons to give him money and trendy photos.

        Honestly Tamaki needs to eat the humble pie

        • Tamaki would likely suffer a life-threatening allergic reaction to humility. In fact, I believe he may go into anaphylactic shock and die.

          He’s also looking fatter and more careworn these days. Almost as though his avarice and delusions of grandeur are physically manifesting on his jowly, baggy-eyed face.

          Anyone who gives this man money is a fool.

  5. Why the guilt-trip complex about God’s attitude to sex? How do we know that God isn’t getting in on the act and celebrating with us with earth-shattering orgasms? Yes, there’s a bit of cleaning up to do after but it adds to growth of GDP which is how we know we’re happy with that post-orgasm economic glow.
    So all in all I think Bishop Brian’s right on the money and for whatever he has to say about homosexuality I’m right behind him.

  6. Self proclaimed religious leaders have ruined many people’s lives. This man claims he saved many people’s lives, but at what cost. How can he and his wife own so much, travel so much and live in riches, and then go on claiming they walk in the foot steps of Jesus?

    People who follow this FAKE are brainwashed and sucked into a virtual CULT.

    That man should be arrested and put into a prison where he learns the skills of REAL work, like trademen’s work.

    Jesus was born as a son of a carpenter, so why can that Mr Tamaki not become a carpenter?

    His rants are overrated by our shit media, who should simply ignore this self styled “messiah”.

    Lock him up, lock him up, that is what people should shout.

  7. Mr Tamaki confessed, I went to Mass, I drank the whole bottle of wine, thinking this is the blood of Jesus, oh, I was a mess after that, get me out, I am an alcoholic now, get me out, I need 12 steps out of hell, my soul is lost, only AA will help me now.

    Confessions of a religiously misled liar.

  8. The people who rant most about gays are usually gay. Who else cares? I’m getting old now and this has been proven to me time and time again. The most vocal anti gays are usually eventually found with another mans diddle in their mouths.
    Just look at BT and it is so obvious. The religiously deluded git is a screaming queen.
    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    • Remember Ted Haggard? Head of America’s Christian Evangelicals, and secret fan of methamphetamine and gay sex? Or Graham Capill, who would scream from the rooftops about those filthy Maori carvings and their exposed genitalia… later discovered to be a kiddy fiddler?

      And the gold medal for hypocrisy goes to…

  9. Brian Tamaki and his vile ilk, are the epitome of evil themselves, spitting toxic bigotry and hatred every time they open their venomous mouths!

  10. Why on earth did you bother with this? Most people think Tamaki is a joke – he has nothing to offer except a pointless argument

  11. Given the current political climate worldwide of vile vocal proud a**holes gaining influence, I wouldn’t discount the possibility of this lunatic nurturing grandiose fantasies of entering politics.

  12. Martyn, Why on earth would God talking to Michelle Obama strike you as being more worthwhile?? Anyway, God has a long history of only talking to deluded nutters with serious personal issues, rather like himself, so, you know, Brian Tamaki strikes me as being an excellent choice. (Brians looking a little ‘puffy’ these days…maybe a 12 step program on his horizon…)

  13. Any one who has to reach into the old testament to justify their hate, has never truly read, nor understood the Gospels.

  14. Did you notice in the video footage of that sermon that half the congregation – including Mrs Tamaki in the front row – seem to be texting or playing games on their mobiles?

  15. Read Brian Tamaki’s biography it says he found god after an acid trip!
    I wouldn’t mind being in a religous cult if it meant getting out of work.

    Anyway, what about that the naked boy in the Garden of Gethsemane ? I reckon he was a male prostitute. (Mark 14:51-52). God didn’t punish anybody for that ! Brian needs to get back to his bible.

  16. Andrew Lloyd Webbers, Jesus Christ Superstar lyric, sung by King Herod, sums Tamaki up nicely…

    “he’s a joke, he’s not the lord, he is nothing but a fraud”

  17. BJ Tamaki needs to learn some fuck’n science mate!? Jeeezus!

    He’s deeply traumatised by his first two initials “BJ” so he does’nt include the “J” anymore because of the all the extra-sexual connotations that it implies, you know, him been a cock jockey?
    It is a rumoured that David-SeeeMore too has had extra-sexual close encounters with other people, but his liaisons are more discreet. They’re called “a cup-o-tea!”
    So when the cock jockey and SeeMore begin another religion when this one tanks, I wonder what it’ll be called?

  18. So has no-one else noticed the complete lack of outcry from other churches over this? The loud denials at Tamaki’s misinterpretation of scripture?

    No? there is a reason for that. So far I have found four church statements about Brian’s comments, and they all go to great lengths to explain that God doesn’t cause earthquakes, and they all completely fail to say that God doesn’t hate homosexuality. Not one defense of the LGBT community who were Brian’s REAL target.

    And that is because even though Brian may be the outspoken poster-boy for intolerance towards gay people, the rest of the churches (quietly) agree with his views. Maybe not that gays are the reason for earthquakes, but certainly that gays need to be discriminated against.

    In fact as much as I abhor Tamaki and all he stands for, I’ll at least give him kudos for being prepared to say what he believes and take the heat for it without compromising his beliefs (however distorted they are). I would have loved to have seen the other churches act on their oft-quoted saying “hate the sin, love the sinner” by leaping in to defend the LGBT community. I would have even coped with them leaping in to support Brian so we could get a dialog going in the media to find out just what the church really believes about homosexuality today.

    Instead they either defended God, or said nothing. Too scared to risk stating publicly their own viewpoint on LGBTs. And I want to pour scorn on them for *their* hypocrisy more than Brians hate speech. What’s that other saying they have? Oh yeah – “if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything”.

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