Do you hate Trump and want to show it? Then protest the American warship visiting Auckland this week



So are you shocked by the Trump result and the magnitude of political and social carnage he is about to wreck upon the planet?

Then protest the American warship that is visiting Auckland next week.


Trump will destroy the climate change promises Obama made.

Trump will make rape culture acceptable.

And Trump will betray the poor he’s seduced into voting for him.

Rage against this ugly mutation of Western Democracy by protesting against the American Warship visiting Auckland next week.

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  1. WTF ? Why hate Trump???
    He is way less likely to go to war than Clinton that is for sure?
    Trump has had nothing to do with the US military. He hasn’t even started work yet? Probably got the least amount of blood on his hands than any US president … until he is sworn in that is. Might not have ever fired a gun???
    Lock him up Key and his w/banker mates have had more to do with global warmongering, than Trump and his golf courses.
    At this stage in history he has done fuck all, and the facts of life will show on issues that matter he will be unable to do anything anyway.
    We face massive energy shortages, (the price of oil now is just adding to this fuck up) climate change is 100% unstoppable, no matter how many idiot green party members you have in parliament. And the planet is facing the die off of up to 60% of species inside of 4 years (WWF)
    You could have president Jesus H Christ, and we would still be fucked.

    • @ Robert Atack.
      I understand what you’re saying.
      I found this excellent article on The Guardian.

      The opening paragraph.
      ” The events that led to Donald Trump’s election started in England in 1975. At a meeting a few months after Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party, one of her colleagues, or so the story goes, was explaining what he saw as the core beliefs of conservatism. She snapped open her handbag, pulled out a dog-eared book, and slammed it on the table. “This is what we believe,” she said. A political revolution that would sweep the world had begun.”

      The article is one of the best I’ve found to go , at least part way, into explaining the wily ways of the criminals who’ve made their way into extreme power, and by default, $-wealth and who now control us all.

      “ By the time Thatcher slammed his book on the table, a lively network of thinktanks, lobbyists and academics promoting Hayek’s doctrines had been established on both sides of the Atlantic, abundantly financed by some of the world’s richest people and businesses, including DuPont, General Electric, the Coors brewing company, Charles Koch, Richard Mellon Scaife, Lawrence Fertig, the William Volker Fund and the Earhart Foundation. Using psychology and linguistics to brilliant effect, the thinkers these people sponsored found the words and arguments required to turn Hayek’s anthem to the elite into a plausible political programme. “

      The late 1980’s Labour Party should spring to mind when reading this paragraph.

      “Thatcherism and Reaganism were not ideologies in their own right: they were just two faces of neoliberalism. Their massive tax cuts for the rich, crushing of trade unions, reduction in public housing, deregulation, privatisation, outsourcing and competition in public services were all proposed by Hayek and his disciples. But the real triumph of this network was not its capture of the right, but its colonisation of parties that once stood for everything Hayek detested.”


      “The paradoxical result is that the backlash against neoliberalism’s crushing of political choice has elevated just the kind of man that Hayek worshipped. Trump, who has no coherent politics, is not a classic neoliberal. But he is the perfect representation of Hayek’s “independent”; the beneficiary of inherited wealth, unconstrained by common morality, whose gross predilections strike a new path that others may follow. The neoliberal thinktankers are now swarming round this hollow man, this empty vessel waiting to be filled by those who know what they want. The likely result is the demolition of our remaining decencies, beginning with the agreement to limit global warming.”

      The fortifications the criminal elite, the neo liberals, hide behind are the Banks. The Banks are the primary enemy and it’s they whom we should focus our righteous wrath upon. And those who would sell us into slavery to the Banks. Our politicians. And not one of them doesn’t have our blood on their hands.

    • “WTF ? Why hate Trump???
      He is way less likely to go to war than Clinton that is for sure?

      Robert, you are deluded.

      Trump was all in fabour of using nukes and to bomb the families of ISIS supporters.

      Now he’s surrounding himself with hard-right Republican functionaries so do you still think he’s “less likely to go to war”?????

    • Go Robert. The big problem as I see it is that the majority of lefties in NZ can’t see what a massive con job the Dems have been doing with their neocon policies. They are not left at all and have somehow bullshitted their way into sucking us in.
      It is time we realise that all this freemarket bullshit is exactly that….bullshit. We need fair trade not lowest denominator free trade. And that is why Trump got in and why the Clintons are out.
      The other thing is how can the fact that Hillary is such a warmonger not have been glaringly obvious to everyone? The mind boggles.

  2. Agreed Robert – Trump is the wrong angle for this protest. This was all arranged before the election took place and, as yet, has nothing to do with him.
    I am going to protest against war in general because it is a sad waste of human life, while lining the pockets of governments, banks and arms dealers.

  3. Also.
    Protest against Ngati Paoa iwi (Trust) self appointed Atua(God) Eugene or Hau Rawiri who decided to welcome, escort the fleet into the Waitemata Harbour in the waka Kotuiti Taurua in the 75th NZ Navy celebrations.
    The people are ashamed, whakama for this.
    Hau’s mobile number is; 021893833

    The waka is moored at Okahu Bay all this week & weekend up until the events end.

    The people are in support of the Sioux in Morton County, Standing Rock, Mana Motuhake!
    They are not supportive of welcoming in the Imperialist oppressor(s) the USS Sampson and a murderous Death Ship, the Esmeralda from Chile.

    Considering Ngati Paoa’s own concerns with the NZ/British Navy history in the 1800’s;

    “Rangipo pa invasion.”
    Which is what most of their tupuna did in 1863 when 850 British Bluejackets landed on the western Firth of Thames, after Governor Grey ordered the invasion of the Waikato. They came in warships, shelled pa’s and villages and swept ashore. Then the Crown took the land and gave some to the soldiers. The Ngati Whanaunga village of Pukorokoro was renamed Miranda after one of the warships.”
    Geoff Cumming Herald Article, 2012.

    No apology to date! So, why would you agree to participate in this? Because the Ngati Paoa leadership is stupid & drowning in their own egotistical bullshit.


  4. This site’s getting embarrassing. The guy isn’t even President yet, although democratically elected. Why the hate? Let’s see what he does before we start with the hate speech. Since when does the left refuse to give people a fair crack of the whip.

  5. Totally agree Robert. Trump doesn’t seem to be interested in continuing in the Middle East except against Isis.

    The EU are concerned that if Isis and their affiliates are defeated they will return to Europe in numbers up to 5000. Clearly they prefer the poor people of Syria to have them continue to murder them by supporting the West backed Jihadis.

    Th protest is against the US warship period so go do your anti Trump protest somewhere else.

  6. You mean the one thats helping the relief effort in Kaikoura? Yeah good idea. Protest that. That should bring your credibility up. Couldn’t go any lower.

  7. I think some of the “commentators” on Q+A were saying, that there was now little opposition to the visit of US warships here, as the ones that would come would not have nuclear arms.

    But now, with Trump voted in as president, I think even the more conformist middle class, who may have taken their kids along to view all these “nice ships” in the harbour, may have some second thoughts about this navy anniversary celebration.

    Indeed, it should be an opportunity to send Mr Trump a message, from here, that we are NOT KEEN on having him as President of the USA, supposedly a “friendly nation”, but who has throughout history been responsible for some major international military invention stuff ups, and who have also been involved in atrocities.

    It is time to send those ones a message, who want to revive the “traditional spirit” that includes embracing military, “defence” (as they call it), and historic “alliances”, as it is all just used to lull people into thinking, we need our allies of this sort, and must do what they will ultimately ask from us.

    I sense a chill in the air, since the win of Trump. Brexit may have come as a shock, Trump’s presidency could cause an earthquake on a global scale, a political, strategic and also socio economic earthquake, which will cause much harm in many places.

    So yes, let us go and take Trump on, by protesting, let us send them a message, the navy celebrants, the military officers, the soldiers, the ordinary people.

  8. So now that the US Navy is sending a ship in support of the Kaikoura relief effort are people seriously going to protest against such an effort of goodwill?

    Can people have so much hate?

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