Hate Trumps Love – this is Truxit



Brexit and now Truxit – everyone has underestimated the deep sexism, anger at elites and fury of lost privilege.

I said Trump won debate 1 and 2. I was heavily criticised.

I believed that Trump had connected to a white rage within America, fed by a perceived loss of privilege and powered by a toxic masculinity as fragile as Trump’s ego was being utterly missed by the mainstream media elites, just as Brexit had been missed.

The horror is that it has happened.

I remember the shock I felt when NZers rushed to the polls to re-elect Key. It never occurred to me that NZers would re-elect Key after the abuse of political power, the dirty politics and mass surveillance lies.

I was wrong.

NZers didn’t care about that corruption – they were driven by inflated house prices and a negative egalitarianism that sneers at Nicky Hager and anyone with the temerity of an education..

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Trump has done just that in America. Why does Trump’s election not surprise me? Because I remember the bloody 2014 election and the bitter shock that NZers re-elected Key despite his corruption – I promised myself then I’d never again be surprised by voters ignorance and bigotry.

So I’m not surprised now.

A racist, sexual assault bragging billionaire arsehole with no previous public service has pulled off the greatest upset since the Holy Spirit told Joseph that Mary was going to have a virgin birth.

Media elites and social media echo chambers have completely missed what is really happening in America and everyone has underestimated how much American males hate women and have underestimated that those who lose from globalisation refuse to simply die.

Who would have thunk Jay-Z, Beyonce and Lady GAGA sneering smugly at the pain of those globalisation has left behind would blowback so horribly?

Trump’s vengeance now he’s won will be a terrible thing to see – a man fuelled by toxic masculinity as fragile as his ego is not magnanimous. This is a culture war and gender war that the elites ignored and we will all be impacted by this revolution.

If you weren’t going to protest the American Ship visit before – Trump’s win gives you plenty of reasons now. America’s got 99 problems and Donald Trump is 98 of them.

There are 30million uneducated white voters in America who never bother to vote, but being left behind by globalisation  made them incandescent with rage. Bernie Sanders could have won them over with understanding, Trump won them over with hate.

The lesson is very clear – progressives need to win white males over if they want change. Isolate them, and this is what happens.

We are all now dancing madly on the lip of the volcano while juggling chainsaws – Trump is the new black. Now Donald has won the election, we all want him to build that bloody wall to keep America away from the rest of us.

Trump winning is like Joffrey Baratheon returning from the grave in Game of Thrones and killing all the dragons and if you’re angry right now, spare a thought for Obama who’s about to have his legacy trashed by a man who questioned his birth.

The Dow Jones Future market has crashed 800 points. The beginning has ended. The meltdown begins.

We tell our children not to be bullies, not to be racist and not to be sexist. Tonight a man who has breached every standard of civility will win the Presidency of the United States. We are a lesser civilisation today.

EVERYTHING changes with President Trump.



  1. It’s confusing because so many political lines have been crossed with recent shock results.

    I think it’s wrong to say they are uneducated racists and sexists railing against progression.

    Instead, it’s an anti-establishment wave.

  2. Clinton was a horrendous candidate. The more I read, the more clips I viewed, none of which were via the NZ msm I might add, the more I concluded she was by far the greater of two evils. Her connections with the mess in the Middle East are outrageous. She is not only part of the problem, she should take a lot of responsibility for it.

    Clearly Americans are completely over the corrupt political establishment that Clinton represents, clearly they are over the bastard offspring of globalisation that has cost them so dearly as it has done it here.

    I cannot blame them, their shit system corrupted by big corporate money let them down so they’ve hit the nuclear button option (not literally and less likely than Hillary). Obama was elected with such hope only for him to turn out to be a very faithful if not an intellectual stooge for the establishment.

    Hope burns eternal but fingers crossed we get to ditch the rotten to the core Key government as well!

  3. We’re just a ball in space, in a few tens, hundreds, millions of years we’ll all be gone. All our memories, consciousnesses, traces. None of really matters in the *Grand* scheme of things.

    It’s just such a shitter that we live in the here and now.



  4. Yes Xray, I am with you on that.

    I have always thought she was the worst of two evils.

    Anger has been building here in NZ for awhile now also at the ruling elite as it is around the democratic world.
    At least two new parties are being formed right now so we can expect a very interesting election in around twelve months time..
    The establishment are in their sights.

  5. I think we all underestimated the anger that Trump was feeding off. I glimpsed a miniscule fraction of it last week when I watched ‘Sixty Minutes’, and the journalist was talking to blue-collar workers in Ohio.

    These were supposedly Democrat-voting, Union-loyal, workers.

    At least three out of five declared their intention to vote for Trump.

    It was at that point that I finally understood what inexorable force was propelling a bloated billionaire to the most powerful position on this planet.

    • Democrat-voting, Union loyal workers have just voted for a Republican billionaire because he understands and supports them !

      Thats like the people here who voted for a non politician millionaire who said he understood poverty and was going to fix it.

      Oh the irony Frank.

  6. Most of what Bomber says here is utter nonsense. There is no way Trump could have won this without the women vote. Or the black vote. Or the Latino vote. It is NOT Trump that came over as corrupt, but Hillary. Hillary’s campaign was just as dirty as Trump’s, if not more so. Hillary spent far more money than Trump (almost double) and had the MSM and global corporations and Wall Street on her side. Simply put, the US people wanted an anti-establishment president, and they didn’t care who it was.
    Just read this, and maybe you’ll “get it”:

    • @ NITRIUM
      Jesus ! I just read through some of those emails.
      So, Trump is simply timely then? Or is he? Is he really a deep state operative designed to engage the labouring masses? No point in trying to intellectualise to them. Just grab ’em by the pussy. Shout out truisms and logical fallacies to draw them in to voting for him. Just to keep loopy Clinton and her mates ( I.e the psycho Bush family. ) away from the big red buttons…? OMG !
      Fuck ! What a head game!?

      Don’t get me wrong. I don’t necessarily mean he was trained from the cot but really…?
      Weirdly, I feel a bit excited by all this. Sure, Trump’s attracted the caravan park people and those who labour and worry about their futures. But isn’t that the majority?
      We’re going to witness the tyrannay of the masses.

    • Correct.

      Bomber wrong, as usual. Hilary was a terrible candidate, deeply compromised and not trusted. She represented the establishment, as did Jay-Z, Bon Jovi and all the pampered pooches.

      That’s what the people voted against.

  7. will the Orange Groper now proceed to grab the country by “the pussy” too? hopefully he will be a one termer and the remaining decent Americans get organised to support each other, because there sure is rough weather coming

  8. “Bernie Sanders could have won them over with understanding…..”.
    So true Martyn. But in their arrogance, the Democratic Party Machine opted for Hillary. And now, thanks to that decision, we have an unbridled sociopath, with Republican control of both Houses to boot, as POTUS. This scenario is not just hard to believe……..it is downright scary.
    No doubt our own resident psychopath and associated enablers will be emboldened in their charge for a fourth term. And in light of this result, what’s gonna’ stop them?

  9. Waaaa Waaaa its not fair,
    its time to drain the swamp in DC & time to put Hillary in the big house
    President Trump will make America great again!!!

    the MSM lied & sucked you all in to think crooked corrupt Reptillary
    had it in the bag, Lmao!

    • Slipperry;

      Now we have to listen to the MSM excuses and theories on why all the polls
      were wrong. CNN in particular.

      The MSM is finished. We can never put their narrative back in the bottle.

      9/11 and Sandy Hook are the two events Hillary used
      to try to attack Trump/Alex Jones/Drudge Report and
      Breitbart with ‘Conspiracy Theory.’
      That evil Alt Media she wanted to shut down.

      Missing 28 pages of 9/11 Commission been released.

      Problem is that most people now know that
      the conspiracies the MSM point to are true.
      All through trusted sites on the Internet.

      Here is the Paradigm Shift that has occurred and why
      MSM has collapsed.
      One newspaper has lost 95% of readers in last
      12 months.

      And part of the Paradigm Shift entails understanding that
      In todays world the battle is between Nation States
      and the Globalists / Oligarchs.

      The gate is wide open now and there is no way
      now of stopping the Herds of Cattle / Mobs of Sheep
      from stampeding to fresher and greener grasses.

      Trusted Alt Media is the only way to go.
      See my list at the bottom of Franks article “Black Ops……….” 1st Nov.


        • Ian, when you have to rely on far-right hate blogs, that kinda suggests you got nothing to back up your rhetoric. What next, whale oil??

          • Samwise;

            “you got nothing to back up your rhetoric.”

            So,just what do you think I linked to above, Sammyboy?

            Not just the author words but the words of Matt Drudge in 1998.

            Did you read it or listen to it?
            Obviously not.

            And thats were you guys let yourselves down.
            You just do not believe that MSM is discredited,
            nearly dead in fact. Don’t bother to view anything put up in support and so make a complete fool of yourself.

            So all you seem to do is parrot MSM talking points and
            “Far right hate blogs/websites” and “dirty polictics/Whaleoil”
            “Far right,hate,racist,sexist,homophobic etc etc, Alt Media.

            Oh wait,forgot the all important phrase “Conspiracy Theory.”
            All those KEY WORDS.

            You have been here for a while and know full well I can post
            several links in support.
            You must have read my recent work,surely.


  10. What mainstream candidates say during election campaigns is usually the opposite of what they do when in power: perhaps that will also apply to Trump.

    Obama set a standard for hypocrisy, lies and betrayal that will be hard for anyone to match. I guess that will be his legacy, along with orchestrating more wars at any one time than any other president, continuing the longest war in American history, orchestrating the biggest increase in national debt in all of American history, seeing to it that America became a failed state that no respectable nation takes seriously anymore, and driving the American populace into the Trump camp.

    Fortunately America will be kaput fairly soon, perhaps by 2020 if we’re really lucky -“shaken off like a bad case of fleas”.

  11. “We tell our children not to be bullies, not to be racist and not to be sexist. Tonight a man who has breached every standard of civility will win the Presidency of the United States.”

    We tell our children not to lie. Yet over half the New Zealand population vote for a Prime Minister who always lies

        • Clump,

          Why am I crazy ? My comment was around the deliberate smear by Esoteric Pineapples where he says our PM “always lies”. This is clearly untrue !
          So unless you have something reasonable to add to the discussion then you really should keep quiet !
          Oh and “Your crazy” really should be “You’re crazy”
          You’re welcome

    • Correction – less than 50% of New Zealanders voted transNational – indeed less than 50% voted for Nat/Maori/Act/UF combined. Quirks of MMP (that needs reforming badly) turned 49.27% of party vote total into 52.9% representation in the House.

  12. I think Martyn has taken the democrat version of events – why have the voters forsaken us, they must be bad racist people who think only of themselves!!!

    Here’s some articles which I think are closer to what voters are thinking.

    Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there
    Thomas Frank

    And why nobody trusts these elite intellectuals fools anymore…


    • +100 SAVE NZ….I am very hopeful of Trump…for a start he thinks for himself and he is NOT bought…Trump wants PEACE with other countries!…Putin has congratulated him

      ”I will not let you down’: Trump’s victory speech’


      I also hope he makes good on his promise to investigate corruption and bring the Clintons and others to justice. They must be held to account!

      • Exactly Chooky, the FBI has kept its powder dry, Hillary cant be Pardoned for Crimes that (havent come to light yet untill the Special Prosicutor & the NYPD Sex Crimes Unit get Involved after His inaguration) she has’nt been commited of (yet!!)

  13. Martyn I love what you write, have for years but seriously??!!!
    You have got to be kidding me – Hilary is light years from being a saint, she is deeply corrupt and if you look at it critically, evil.
    She’s not good news, nor is Trump of course, the entire thing is a farce and a disgrace. To me this merely lifts the veil on the illusion we entertain as ‘democracy’.
    It doesn’t exist, surely you must be aware that it’s all rigged, absolutely all of it. Any talk of left vs right etc etc is utterly futile because none of it matters at all – that’s the joke! I’m consistently stunned that for such an astute person you still seem to believe that a certain party or person is the key to a fresh start or the right path.

    That seems incredibly naive! Each party/person is placed there to further the next phase of the agenda. This is the utterly fucked up system we are all a part of. I knew Key would get in a second time, it makes perfect ‘sense’. If I was an American I wouldn’t have voted as a matter of principal.

    • ParadiseLost;

      This ploy of ‘Left and Right’ is a tool of the TPTB
      that is used to Divide and Conquer.’ and needs to
      stop for understanding. Part of the Paradigm Shift.
      In todays world the battle is between Nation States
      and the Globalists / Oligarchs.


  14. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not ALL of the people of ALL of the time.
    The democrats and the MSM had a ‘huge’ negative impact on this whole election process. They did what was right for the 1% – not the majority of Americans.
    Bernie sanders was popular and had the ability to grow this popularity if in a presidential election – but he was not the ‘chosen establishment one’ and was quashed.
    I liked neither Trump nor Hillary, but put my money on trump because the worldwide mood at the mo is anti-establishment, or ‘people are just fed up.’
    Only plus is if Trump keeps his word about ditching the TPP…

    • Totally agree Kim Dandy.

      An enlightening article I read was the .1% views around inequality. Essentially the .1% seem to be saying that don’t worry that the western middle class are becoming poorer and an underclass, we can just sell to to the middle class in the developing worlds and still make money – all good.

      And btw, the western middle and working class are overpriced, we can get the developing countries to do the work at a fraction of the price and make more profit.

      Many of these ‘internationalists’ are educated in all the same places, ethnicity does not matter any more, as many of the developing world leaders have more in common with their Harvard type peers than their own people.

      Somehow voters don’t like the future these .1%, politicians and bureaucrats many of them under the banner ‘liberals and democrats’ and ‘free trade’ and ‘globalism’ want to embrace. Let alone the environmental consequences of continuing the rate of consumption and global pollution.

  15. I just want to see what happens next. Love him or hate him. He won the game of politics by playing like no one in the modern US ever has.

    • +100 H….it truly was a great Great American Election and victory for the small people against the power oligarchies and corruption and against globalisation

      ….and Trump could NOT have won without the many intelligent and thoughtful women and men working for him and voting for him

      I feel quite elated about this Election . Trump is for Peace with other countries! He is against TPPA…Lets hope he makes good on his promise to bring the corrupt to court and judgment…that includes the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

      He may in fact be the maverick that turns out to be a great American President


    • Are we going to see a nasty and dirty fight at our 2017 elections. We need to clean our own backyard up first. We have a divided country in fact the world is in a mess because we have a lack of good strong leadership. Now we have all these rich people grabbing power is this really want people want to be controlled and like sheep. baa !

  16. I bet ‘The Donald’ is absolutely shitting himself right now – I don’t believe he seriously expected to win. And the champion of the working man?? Ffs he builds casinos and golf courses.

    This will be fascinating to watch, albeit in a highly disturbing way. At least he doesn’t want a war with Russia or the TPPA?

  17. I see more hope for the world with Trump than with the Clintons. I am relieved they are gone, gone ,gone.
    I can’t see anything good in this for Key because I’m hoping our next election will have the same result ….. rejection of the status quo. Just like the Americans I hope we want our country back enough to reject the sell out policies of this current govt.
    This is a huge change for the whole world and I hope that means a better chance of cooperation rather than the confrontation of the Clintons “American Exceptionalism”.

    • Clintons gone?

      I doubt it. There is far too much money to be made from the bribery and corruption that characterizes western politics.

      I envisage the Clintons hanging around with their snouts in the money trough for as long as they possibly can, taking bribes, taking money for speeches that consist of drivel, doing deals with corrupt Middle East leaders and corrupt Ukrainian leaders and corrupt western leaders -any corrupt leader they can find- doing real estate deals for favours, helping jig financial markets for kickbacks, sucking money from naïve folk who think mendacious multi-millionaires and war criminals represent their interests.

      Hope? There is none for this ‘civilisation’, or for humanity.

      Daily CO2
      November 8, 2016:  402.77 ppm
      November 8, 2015:  399.16 ppm
      Up 3.61 ppm date-to-date.

      LESS DESPAIR in the short term as a consequence of Killary not getting installed: YES!

      However, Trump’s overall agenda consists of further looting and polluting and making everything that matters worse faster.

      The positive side of Trump is that there may be less looting and polluting by the US military, and a reduction in futile attempts by America to control the rest of the world. However there could well be a U-turn, as per Obama: “I’ll close Guantanamo and bring the troops home.” (Code for “I’ll keep Guantanamo open and start new wars.)

      It’s also worth remembering that Kennedy was assassinated for attempting to promote an agenda of reduced militarism and for attempting the clean up America’s financial Ponzi scheme.

      By the way, the scaremongering about a Trump victory was just that -scaremongering. I see the Dow is up 1.39% following the Trump victory. The collapse has been delayed a little longer and a few opportunists have made some speculative gains.

    • Agree Key was looking pretty jaded this morning is it because his beloved TPPA has been flushed down the toilet hooray !

      • Apparently Key had a secret meeting with Trump prior to the election. Key was probably trying to sell him IDU, on TPPA and the benefits of 5 eyes mass surveillance and if Israel and Saudi Arabia (sheep bribes are good), run the middle East with US oversight, everything will be peachy for the .1%.

  18. Hillary death count (est) 50 million and still counting.
    Trump death count (est) ZERO
    Go the restored Republic!!!!

    • The Clinton corrupt engine did a good job of convincing people that Trump was racist sexist etc etc , she was the guilty one in all of this, the link from Nitrium tells it all.
      Thank goodness people saw through the Clinton lies. The world has hope at last,no war with Russia that Clinton wanted so Russia could be taken over by shadow government,no TPP that benefited shadow govt’and Wall street business.
      The people of NZ mostly only had NZ tv and the Herald to tell them what to think, of course these are Key propaganda outfits, so told the news from the Clinton /Obama angle.
      Daily Blog to my great disapointment showed Trump in a poor light.Martyn read the nitrium link and open your eyes,Trump will be a fine president,he dosnt need the fame ,money or the job, his house is more luxurious than the White House, with money hes earned not scrounged from foundation donars for bribes as Clinton has done and would continue to do if President.
      Trump is not for sale and genuinly wants to make America safe .
      Justice has prevailed as time will tell.

      • +100 Elle

        and well educated women voted for Trump in unprecedented numbers …they did not buy into the framing of corporate- bought mainstream media …or other so- called ‘butch feminists’ and so- called ‘feminist’ supporting males who thought they knew better for women and tried to bully their sisters

        well educated Blacks and Hispanics also saw through the corruption…and either didnt vote or voted for Trump

        • Thats Right, Martyn has’nt even studyed the Wikileaks & has No Idea The Crimes the Clintons were Commiting (Involving Children ,Fraud ,Explotation ,Murder & Trafficing to name a few) , People forget President Trump did not need to do this, its a Pay cut …. he will make less money as president than he already does – he did it for his family, he did it for his country – unlike the Clintomn cabal who after 30 years have acgheived & produced nothing but mysery & self enrichment – I dare you Martyn to look up Podestas Emails & read about the Spirit Cooking, Pizza Partys. it would be worth checking out the latest Madeline Mcane revilations too (as the Wikiemails strangely correspond to a major Crime Ring)

          • Thats Right, Martyn has’nt even studyed the Wikileaks

            I think that is an unfair smear on Martyn. Considering Martyn’s involvement with Assange during the 2014 “Moment of Truth” event, he’s probably more aware of Wikileaks than most of us.

  19. There is an old expression: “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.”
    What it means is that you can usually find something good, of which you can take advantage, in an otherwise bad situation.
    John Key has now publicly admitted that the TPPA is dead.
    At least one good thing came out of the Trump victory.

  20. +100 HELENA….Gaddafi’s ghost will be smiling. Lets HOPE PEACE now comes to the Middle East!

    It is a victory for the thinking beautiful women and men of America who refused to be cowed and bullied by a bought , biased so called pro ‘feminist’ mainstream media and voted with their consciences

    Lets hope Trump makes good his promise to “drain the swamp!”

    ….and bring the corrupt Clintons and the Clinton Foundation and their sponsors and slimey hangers-on to judgement

    • Thanks Chooky 🙂 Also thanks to Xray, Nitrium, Helena and Garibaldi among others here.

      People are waking up and doing their own research, not so hard in this internet age. Interesting that some of our local bloggers, so familiar with our local biased attack machine, seem to overlook the possibility of there being one in the US too.

      (Or maybe they are just pretending to be ignorant in order to provoke us into coming up with what we’ve found.) 🙂

      Clinton is sooooo much worse that our local news won’t carry the bulk of what she’s been up to. Now that Trump seems to have won, the election promise I’m keenest on him keeping is the one about appointing that special Hillary prosecutor.

  21. I doubt anything apocalyptic or great will arise from his victory, probably more of the same.

    During the primaries, discounting his wacky bigoted rhetoric, he seemed to be the only sensible candidate from the usual Republican freak show. Rejecting free trade agreements, retaining social security, building infrastructure. But since then his erratic policy ideas seem largely to have defaulted to the usual Reaganite dogma so worshiped by Republicans; low taxes, privatisation.

    His populist message concerning free trade and outsourcing probably in large part won him this election as rhetoric resonating with those in a desperate state from its consequences.

    With questions over how seriously Trump will take his office and with the Republicans in control of the Senate and House, we can probably expect a bog-standard Republican government, who for the sake of viability would in all sensibility have to tone down their sacred doctrine.

    Probably expect some tax cuts and the odd weird privatisation scheme such as the recent one concerning infrastructure, which will probably result in some scandals, fruitless results and an economic downturn. More or less repeating the pattern of such administrations over the decades. Bigots may be placated with the odd bigoted remark. In Trump’s favour, particularly over Clinton, is foreign policy. Perhaps there’s ground for something more positive, though I wouldn’t get too optimistic.

    The Democrat establishment kicked themselves in the pants favouring Clinton. Sanders with his independent background, integrity and vision had less baggage and more ambition favourable to those suffering and demanding actual change.

    Late in the Trump administration, the white working class who voted for him will likely lose faith as their conditions continue to deteriorate.

    Sanders may be getting on in years, but if he has it in him perhaps expect a one term Trump presidency and a President Sanders in 2020?

  22. Those that voted for Trump did nothing else but voice disapproval and anger, and there are few if any solutions the President Elect offers.

    Donald Trump got sixty percent of all white votes, and some from American Latinos (them mostly Florida based ex Cubans and their offspring) and even Blacks (those who have no more faith in the system), and also some Asian Americans (socially conservative, entrepreneurial and anti government).

    His voters were in most numbers casting protest votes, rather than informed votes, similar to the Brexit voters. Many Republicans only voted Trump, because they could not vote for Hillary and the Democrats, for both personal and ideological reasons, but they did in high numbers vote for Trump rather reluctantly.

    Hillary was voted by nearly half of all voters, we need to accept that, and the US population is, similar to New Zealand, a very politically divided nation.

    So we can only read so much into this result. Once people will see what Trump does as President, and how it may not work, how it may cause more division and hatred and social dysfunction, they may have second thoughts.

    I say this again, same as I did re the Brexit vote, we have largely disaffected, poorly informed and partly poorly educated voters cast such votes as the ones who voted Trump. But not all are fitting that category. The motivation is expressing disapproval and anger, and we have the same phenomenon all over Europe and also in some other countries, look at Duterte in the Philippines.

    What is clear though is the fact, that people feel they are rather losing than winning under the existing neoliberal economic and social system and conditions. We have some similarities here in New Zealand, where the government tells us how great they are, and how successful their policies are, but we have near ZERO GDP growth per capita, meaning we are not getting anywhere, really. Recent stats provided by Statistics NZ show how the elderly and beneficiares are much worse hit by inflation and increasing costs to live, which proves the poor are getting poorer and the rich and also many in the upper middle class do rather well.

    Unemployment figures get dressed up under this NZ government, supposedly so low, but the criteria for being unemployed is still rather tight, that you have no employment if you only work less than an hour a week.

    The government here does also talk about benefit increases, for those with kids, but that is a lie also, as most will not get the 25 dollars the government here likes to talk about, due to abatement rules in place, few will even get half of that.

    Remember National’s past tax cuts to income tax, benefiting the better off and higher earners, as GST was increased by 25 percent at the same time, which hits low income earners much more, hence the increased costs and poverty of those on benefits, on fixed incomes, the working poor also.

    We have a government tell us lies about a “better public service”, while in effect they cut services, force people to use phone and online services offering very poor services, while face to face contacts with officials are discouraged.

    And many that end up at WiNZ are pressured into signing any form of contracts, to get off benefits, even contracts with Manpower, breaking the law:

    And people get brainwashed by a largely commercial, privately owned, government friendly mainstream media, that fails to report on real issues, and what the poor in the society experience, and rather focus on crime, court cases, the weather, sports, celeb news, on government press releases, and what is “wrong” with the opposition, citing also polls that mislead, as they never mention the undecided or non voters.

    We are misled on a massive scale – also here in New Zealand, same as people in the US have been misled by their media.

    With endless lies and manipulation, little transparency (they changed the OIA to enable Ministers and Officials to refuse info re advice given to bureaucrats and so), an underfunded Ombudsmen Office, cuts to legal aid (thus disabling many to challenge decisions by government and so), and endless other questionable, if not unjust measures, the government gets away with almost murder.

    We have a very fertile ground here for similar populism such as Trump offers to spread and develop, we can easily have a backlash also rather sooner than later, given the fact this country is sold home by home, farm by farm and business to business to wealthy foreigners, some dressed up as new permanent residents setting up a business here.

    In Auckland New Zealanders are already a tenant in their own country, the rest of NZ Inc has not experienced this yet, and his yet to see the writing on the wall. In Auckland the overly casual JAFAS let this happen, and some idiots still think such liberal and tolerant attitude as many have is the better way, but once they realise they are tenants in their own land, and have to pay high rents and housing prices to make others rich, they may one day wake up.

    I am no fan of Trump and saddened or shocked even by his win, but the ones who voted him had their reasons, they have also been fed so much “news” by lying media and their government, hence they no longer trust and uphold the system.

    Clinton was too un-votable for too many, but the lesser evil now has given way for the greater evil, I fear, we will look at next year with great worry, that is many of us. New Zealand will not gain anything through this win, even-though Winston Peters seems to celebrate the occasion, sensing an opportunity.

    What would have been our future if Bernie had been allowed to stand and win? We would have a better prospect for the world by now, but that is not what I can think or the present President Elect and the US now, which will affect us all somehow.

    Maybe this is now the time and opportunity to opt out of this nasty Five Eyes network and to become politically, strategically and economically more independent as a nation, that is if the people here would grow up and get real about things?

    The latter is not the case, that is why we are stuck with a Key government, who is not like Trump, but who is also one of the greatest liars there are.

    Things look grim for the future, perhaps prepare even for a major war, as a character like Trump in charge of the largest military in the world, that is something to really worry about.

    But the government has to worry the most, their policies of free trade for trade’s sake, and thus benefiting corporations and rich, they will be losing soon. Trump has no time to offer NZ farmers more imports into the US.

  23. To Martyn, I still think Hillary won all the TV debates, but that was not really relevant to so many voters, hence Trump won NARROWLY, due to too much dissent and anger among mostly white US Americans.

    But Martyn was definitely right when prediction that this may well happen, so there we go, Martyn got it right, while most of us hoped it would not happen.

    • Mike in Auckland,

      Hate to say ‘I told you so’. Tried to convey that Trump would win months ago.

      Trump won REGARDLESS of election fraud/rigging of computers.

      To me thats a LANDSLIDE !!


      • Except, Iain, Clinton won more popular votes than Trump did. Trump won the Electoral Colleges through First Past the Post.

        If it had been a direct vote, Clinton would be President.

        • Yes Frank you are correct.

          But that is because,

          Immigrants allowed to vote without being citizens.
          Computers flipping votes to Hillary,never Trump.
          102 milion dead people been voting for years.

          Thats enough,there is more.


          [Iain, if you’re going to keep making allegations like that, it is courtesy to provide citations. Otherwise I am left with the conclusion that you are trolling. – ScarletMod]

          • Hey, Iain, just a thought. If you’re going to criticise, give us some cited facts. So far all I’m getting from you is Dirty Politics style rumors and innuendo. You’re like Whale Oil the way you allege, but never back up.
            Personally, I don’t give a toss whether it’s Trump or Clinton. They’re both part of the capitalist establishment. But I don’t put much weight on arguments like yours that feed us conspiracy theories masked as “facts”

          • Scarlet Mod;

            Your words are noted. Yes.

            I realized after I posted that the 102 million dead people
            comment was wrong and expected some flak.

            That figure related to over a period of time since 1980 approx.

            My apologies for my sloppiness in this instance.
            I should have corrected as soon as I knew.


            • Blood in the water and all the sharks circle.

              The Knights Templar gathered in one spot once and
              it didn’t seem to work out too well for them.

              See my reply to Samwise above if it goes up.


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