Paula Bennett’s arrogance on Housing



Government announces $300m boost for emergency housing to ‘fill the gap’

A $300 million funding injection for emergency housing will provide up to another 1400 places for vulnerable Kiwis and “fill the gap” while permanent homes are built, Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says.

The Government has announced the funding boost for more emergency housing places, extra support for tenants and more frontline staff.

Unveiling the package at Prime Minister John Key’s post-Cabinet press conference, Bennett said it would give “some of our most vulnerable New Zealanders…the support they need”.

‘Filling the gap’ – that’s what John Key calls blowing $300million on urgent housing.

You would think that after the shambles National have caused in housing that they would actually sit down and listen to the recommendations that Labour, Greens & Maori Party have forged from their People’s Inquirey into Homelessness, but they refuse to.

Paula Bennett will not sit down and talk with Labour, Greens and Maori Party and instead has just thrown $300million at the problem.

The issue here is that after such an appalling track record of failure, why would spending more money on failed policies get a better result?

  • This is the Government who throw tenants out of state houses for 12 months and then can’t work out why the homelessness numbers go up.
  • This is a Government who use meth testing as way to throw out tenants they don’t like.
  • This is a Government who thought sending him less people to Motels and then handing them $50 000 debts was progressive.
  • This is a Government who lied about going out to see vulnerable people in cars.
  • This is a Government who offered poor people one way tickets out of Auckland.
  • This is a Government intent on privatising State Houses.
  • This is a Government who promised affordable housing and failed.
  • This is a Government who need the property bubble to keep building because of their free market ideology.

Spending $300million on trying to clean up the mess they’ve created in Housing isn’t a solution, it’s just another sign of total failure.

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  1. Yes Martyn this is a government that cares more about motel accommodation for our tourist than it does about NZers having a place to call home. Another 300 million to be spent on Motels and emergency accommodation this is a disgusting waste of our tax monies and a sign of another failed government department suppose to be helping NZ into social housing.

  2. Paula Bennett’s arrogance was on display during question time in the house. Deflecting and assigning blame to everyone else whilst claiming to have the solution to a problem that her governance perpetuated.

    • Agreed Paul. Now we have Key stating we wont have enough hotels for the Summer season tourists. That is not a reflection on those wanting to come to NZ, rather than a reflection on record immigration and no where to stay.

      As for the housing crisis, oops, challenge, me smells bacon to appease the masses.

  3. National have not failed the people that National represents (reminder: not the general populace of NZ).

    Therefore, expect more of the same until more of the same becomes physically impossible.

  4. Problem is that even in NZ the ones thinking like Trump seem to prevail, and they have NO time for those welfare “cheats”, as they would see it, living in cars or wherever, it is a cold climate, a damned cold social climate we have, every one for their own, fuck the rest is the common mentality.

    • Yes MIA. I have to agree that under the current government, work colleagues have this attitude. The economic pressure bought down on them has created an “every man for himself” attitude.

  5. WELFARE? Paula Bennett was responsible for this, and worked with the people quoted, nothing is ever reported on this by the bought, corrupt shit media in this country:



    Sundry reference information on Dr David Bratt’s presentations – and of his comments quoted in media reports – can be found via the following links:
    ‘Ready, Steady, Crook – Are we killing our patients with kindness?’

    try this link if the above does not work:

    (presentation by Dr D. Bratt and A. Hawker, for Work and Income, to GP conference in Christchurch, 2010, see pages 13, 20, 21 and 35 for comparisons to drug dependence)

    ‘Medical Certificates are Clinical Instruments Too!’

    try this link if the above does not work:

    (GP presentation by Dr D. Bratt, 2012, see pages 3, 16 and 33 for his likening of benefit dependence to “drug dependence”)

    ‘Pressure – No Pressure’ (How to deal with “pushy” patients),d.dGo

    try this link if the above does not work:
    (PowerPoint presentation by Dr Bratt, downloadable from the web, again likening benefit dependence to “drug dependence” and presenting a lot of selectively gathered information)

    ‘Shifting Your Primary Focus to Health and Capacity – A New Paradigm’

    try this link if the above does not work:

    (Prof. Sir Mansel Aylward, Director Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research, Cardiff University; Dr David Bratt, Principal Health Advisor, Ministry of Social Development; joint presentation at GP CME Presentation – June 2013; questioning “traditional” diagnosis on a medical model basis, and promoting the Aylward version of the “bio psycho-social model”, and even promoting ‘Long Acting Reversible Contraception’ to improve employ-ability of women, see page 45!!!)

    ‘Harms lurk for benefit addicts’
    Link does lead to this (login page):

    try this link if the above does not work:

    *****Please search online under the title of the article, if the link does not work!*****

    See also: 1 PDF file containing the position description for Principal Disability Advisor (original from 2007), received with an earlier O.I.A. reply from MSD:

    See the anonymised letter containing the questions put to MSD on 16 Jan. 2014:

    See also the supposed “evidence based” position statement launched via the AFOEM from 2010 onwards, presented and promoted by Prof. Mansel Aylward, called ‘The Health Benefits of Work’, which is now found under another link on the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) website, which is used to justify the new approaches in work ability assessments:

    This is the new web-page of the RACP College, with further information:

    Most people in public do not know what goes on, and how they are being misled, hence the backlash in Europe, the UK and now the Us, people have the guts full of BS and lies, lies and more lies, which includes the TPPA.

    Bennett is a prime candidate for the liars in government award, she must be shifted out right now.

  6. I read the piece over at The Standard. There was nothing there to explain where this largesse is about to be splashed.

    Auckland as usual?

    Or will the rest of the country get a few miserable bits – like the locals in Raglan who get shunted out of housing so the owners can profit from the summer rental trade? Or people over in Hawke’s Bay where there simply isn’t enough ’emergency housing’ to meet the need regardless of the dollars?

    And will there be, for once, some fairness for single disabled, and folk with mental issues? Or is it all about ‘families’? The ongoing stupid competition for scarce resources…

  7. Shes off her meds again. Her usual course is steroids,testosterone, viagra with a Bucket of KFC, McFuckers Family Meal & a Triple Whopper Mega Combo!? Or else she turns into a cracka!

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