On the day our Prison Nation expands by 1800 beds and Suicide rates soar – what are the Editor picks at stuff.co.nz?


You would think that our out of control prison nation expanding by another 1800 bed private prison or our obscene suicide rates would lead any news site in NZ.

You would think.

Here are he ‘top picks’ by the stuff editors today…


…how food effects the smell of our farts and how to date 40 year old women???

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This is why NZers are so apathetic and asleep, a mainstream media focused on click bait bullshit, not the social issues that are rotting our nation to the core.


  1. As Shakespeare says in Hamlet “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” – and I don’t think he was talking about the farts of the inhabitants

    • I like the Hindu version with a fourth monkey. The fourth one is called “Do no evil” and is covering his genitals.

  2. I suppose they are doing the usual, feeding the mentally idle populace of narcissists fantasies and lots of petty drivel for sale.

  3. Yes Mr English now has egg on his face I noticed he was a brighter shade of red when being interviewed about building another prison. Note he said prisons are a moral and fiscal failure. I think based on this the gnats have been a moral and fiscal failure.

  4. NACTs response to record youth suicide statistics is to criminalise suicide by raiding the terminally ill who choose euthenasia.
    They wont spend money on acting on science based evidence of the causes of youth suicide.
    But they will waste money persecuting those who find suicide preferable to the pain of a long drawn out death.
    The reason for this hypocrisy is that to stop youth suicide the NACTs would have to renounce their more market politics that destroy the social safety net and any meaningful future for youth.
    That would mean admitting that they put profits before people.
    Whereas it is easy to blame people who prefer suicide to a painful lingering death and criminalise the people themselves.
    When these raids start at the same time that the record youth suicide rate becomes a subject of public discussion, this discussion is violently re-framed yet again as the result of individual choice and not the collatoral damage of a rip, shit, bust capitalism.

  5. Stuff is so bad that it reminds me of the Monty Python sketches when they had the news for parrots. The difference is that Monty Python is actually funny.
    What should we call the stuff site?
    Perhaps we should have a Daily Blog poll on that

  6. Well, let us be fair, we still get some news from stuff.co and NZ Herald et al, which is worth reading, they just offer more click bait for their “younger readers”, who may find some of the other stuff too hard to comprehend and digest.

    Despite the bias, I read between the lines, and still use the MSM, as we must be honest, only so much has been delivered as breaking news by blogs. But blogs are good at keeping reminding MSM and the public about issues that need addressing, so we must keep it up, to express our dissent and anger about stuff that goes on.

    At least at times they take note of us, it is bleeding obvious, much what we comment and write on, so they cannot deny the reality, can they?

    • Let me guess, containing words such as “violent”, “criminal”, “pervert”, “gang”, “sex” or “sexual”, “terrorist”, and the likes, ensuring top “hits”.

    • Dave – after you bring head out of the sand and shake the biased and naive cobwebs out of the brain, maybe you will notice the importance of Martyn showcasing how — stuff.co — is just another media whore for the govt.
      Feeding the masses with fluff and infotainment keeping them bored and sleepy in a stupor stage – mind control designed long ago.

      Wake up sleepy hobbits and smell the greed & insanity of this current govt.
      and begin to think outside the square — wakeupkiwi.com

      • I understood the point Martyn was trying to make perfectly. You missed mine. You will never win friends or influence people by being nasty to them. You need to know the What,Why, Where How,Who,When of the way people think to develop policies, get people to your way of thinking, campaign with success and so on. Knowing what people read may help, that was my point. You will never understand but so be it. Best of luck to you.

  7. The 1500 prison beds are a desperate attempt to deflect attention AWAY from Blingish’s tax cuts.

    Polling by Nats probably shows that ‘muddle NuZild’ would rather the money was spent on roads, housing, schools and health.

    So the “get into jail card for heaps’, was a ‘get out of tax cuts free card’ for NACT.

    Cunning bathplugs, cunning, cunning bathplugs.

    Excuse my language Martyn.

  8. I cannot help but wonder how much money would be saved that could be put to better use if we overhauled the Sentencing Act to allow punishments to better fit the crime – e.g. commit passport fraud no more passport; commit a financial sector crime never be allowed to work in the sector again (using a compulsory register to weed people out).

    Obviously there will be a small percentage of people for whom jail will be the only option. But if appropriate deterrent sentences are imposed, unless there are other problems we do not know about, won’t *most* people get the message and not reoffend?

    Another part is, I don’t know how many people get arrested for having cannabis on them, but how many less people would be before the courts if we immediately legalized medical marijuana?

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