Judith Collins and Child Poverty



Judith Collins says child poverty is not the fault of Government policies, but bad parents. The delusion in that statement is terrifying. It simply moves the social obligations of a progressive democracy onto the individual and walks away.

The level of contempt one must feel towards ones fellow human beings to believe that should rule you out from being in politics.

How dare she blame parents when the housing crisis erodes wages, how dare she blame parents when Kiwis are being forced to live in cars. How dare she blame parents when 41 000 are homeless. How dare she blame parents when there are 300 000 children living in poverty.

Are there cases of terrible parents who do terrible things? Of course there is, but Child Poverty is a systemic issue brought about by 8 years of draconian welfare ‘reforms’.

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What about the staff torturing children at CYFs Judith? Are they bad parents too? Or are they enacting cruel policy your Government has passed?

The total lack of compassion of Judith Collins and the NZers who cheer her cruelty is something that must be fought with every step of the way. In the words of the great Professor Ranginui Walker…




  1. Judith Collins is behaving in exactly the way we would expect a psychotic, privileged sociopath (who is committed to increasing the wealth gap) to behave: blame the victim. And that is why she is a government minister and neither of us is.

  2. Housing New Zealand will be out of money by next February.
    I wonder how that ‘fits’ with Judith claim of good Government policy and management.
    I know its an excuse for privatisation, but the question needs to be asked…is there anything that National can manage without running it into the ground.
    Wages, employment rights, Health, Education, Prisons, Law and Order, Housing, Water Management. All stuffed..National have a total nerve calling out parents and the poor for bad decision making..

    • There’s Bill English’s $1.8 billion “ghost” surplus that could be used to put a band-aid on Housing New Zealand next February. But let’s face it, the rich homeowners in Auckland don’t need more houses built, because it will dilute the housing market. I heard Aucklanders complaining that “National were wrong tampering with the immigration numbers because it might cool the housing market”.

      Personally, I’d rather pay off the deficit which is now at 100.70% of GDP. Only a few more billion of debt from tax cuts, will make New Zealand into the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Spain or Greece) of the South Pacific.

      Then we’ll have to start selling the last state-owned assets, cutting pensions, laying off state sector employees, bringing in more immigrants and training more riot police. O happy day Mike Hosking!

      FFS, I’m also starting to sound like Paul Henry and the “5 things I don’t need to know today!”

  3. So after 30 years of failed neo-liberalism, it turns out that poverty is the fault of the poor?? That it’s all a “life style choice”.

    Well, fuck me, I never knew poverty was so desirable. Maybe that Evil Clown Collins should try it sometime.

    • Agreed Alh. Neoliberalism has steadily failed to “produce the goods” and the much vaunted”trickle down” has been a sham.

      But rather than admit failure, the finger is pointed at the poor and dispossessed for not making the great neoliberal experiment the success it was designed to be.

  4. I am sure the beggars in Manila obey the law, and are “good parents” also, as Judith likes to believe, as poverty is no excuse for not looking after your kids. I am sure she agrees with Philippine President Duterte, that those riff raff that take or peddle drugs, perhaps to supplement insufficient income, deserve the treatment he dishes out. Hard “medicine”, like having thousands shot by security and policy, no questions asked, they cannot ask any questions after having been “taken out”.

    Judith is on track, to take NZ to new levels, Crusher is back to where she came from, the hard and angry woman, even beating Bennett to it. She will qualify for the modern day fascism that this country is fast moving towards, we are getting “ahead”, I am told, ahead to where?

  5. At last a politician who tells it like it is, rather than being coached and cajoled by spin doctors to toe the party line based on polling.

    Judith has shown she is infinitely capable of leading the National Party once John Key leaves office. She doesn’t come to these conclusions because someone tells her to, because, I have it on good authority, that Judith has talked to many prisoners to come to the conclusion that it is the parents’ responsibility to bring up children.

    Many recidivist offenders got their start in juvenile crime and then jail proper, because parents were slack in their parental responsibilities when these prisoners she has talked to were young.

    It makes me wonder if ACT can, ever work with anyone from the left of the political spectrum, with the outdated and blame-shoveling attitudes, that the state must pay for the derelict sins of the fathers and mothers of this country.

    • “Judith has shown she is infinitely capable of leading the National Party once John Key leaves office. She doesn’t come to these conclusions because someone tells her to, because, I have it on good authority, that Judith has talked to many prisoners to come to the conclusion that it is the parents’ responsibility to bring up children.”

      Your “good authority” reference makes it sound again like some patronising comment based on thin air.

      While poor parenting may be to blame for poor outcomes of some kids, you cannot simply imply that she is right about poverty not having anything to do with kids turning to crime or poor behaviour.

      You do of course do all to misguide readers, making mere assumptions and drawing wrong conclusions, to deflect from the truth.

      When a child grows up in a home where parents have not enough to pay for essential, healthy food, are constantly struggling with accrued debt, and where stress is the norm, then it is more likely the child suffers also from poor health and will be more prone to take unhealthy risks, such as stealing things it cannot get, while others may flaunt such things in front of them, showing off.

      And being a working poor does not offer any person a good life either, but you will of course rather believe the propaganda by the blinkered Ministers and this government, will you not?

      Just one piece of evidence to consider:


  6. Because only the middle class and wealthy people are great parents, eh Judy – Paul Holmes’s daughter – drug addict/dealer, Paula Bennett’s daughter – pregnant teenager, John Key’s daughter – participates in soft porn pictures, publishes them for the world to see and calls it art.

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