Minto for Mayor campaign in celebration mode


The Minto for Mayor campaign will be in celebration mode at a local pub after a great campaign.

We didn’t win the mayoralty but we made great progress on the major issue of asset sales and we think we have pushed the incoming council to take a stronger stand on each of the big issues we raised during the campaign.

We set out with the modest objective of making asset sales a major election issue here in Christchurch and on this basis I stood as the Keep Our Assets Canterbury candidate.

Our campaign has dramatically raised the political price for the mayor if she tries to push ahead with asset sales in the coming term.

Similarly we have helped change the public dialogue on swimmable rivers, the living wage, high salaries for senior council managers and public transport.

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We want to acknowledge the 12,500 Christchurch residents who showed their trust and confidence in me to lead the city by voting for my mayoral bid.

Thank you.

John Minto
Mayoral Candidate
KOA (Keep our Assets Canterbury)


  1. Congratulations John and your team. That’s a creditable result, and may I thank you for your continuing efforts to bring more social justice to our cruel society.

    • Dave considering Dalziel didn’t bother campaigning at all and she was the encumbent mayor this is a good result. Not just six more policies than Dalziel. But six credible policies that would have made the city a better place to live.

    • Well done, John Minto!

      At least you made the attempt yourself, and not a stitch up like David Seymour in Epsom!

      And you forced Lianne Dalziel to confront the issue of asset sales!

  2. A creditable result for John and team considering how big business, the media and the centre-right were all backing Dalziell and writing him off as a joke candidate.

  3. Well done John and the team! Your critically important campaign issues will now stay alive and support will strengthen for the next opportunity.

  4. Surely it just means Lianne has a mandate to sell the lot off. After all, she had an Everest sized majority.

  5. Great job to John and your support gang – we all just gotta keep on keeping on. Parliament ? ? ?

    How many crooked politicians does it take to change a light bulb ?
    Three – one to hold the light bulb and the other two to turn the ladder.

    How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb ?
    One – but the light bulb has to want to change !

    We gotta want to change and you made a big difference in helping folks learn and consider alternatives. Good on you and your team ! !

    To Dave – talk about uninspiring and underwhelming – put head back in sand.

  6. Congratulations, John, for a good result as the underdog and for a first attempt in your new home city Christchurch. It is a result that can be built on for future endeavours.

  7. To the morons who voted in a tarnished old neo liberal riding on a meal ticket. You’ve just neutered yourselves with a rusty blade. Your crippled thinking and lazy approach has seen you shoot yourselves in your flat foot. Worse, you’re so down right stupid that since the gun’s gone off and you now know how painful that was, you’ll do it again, just to make sure you’re as stupid as you think you are.
    Ever seen a dying cat infested in lice? That’s Christchurch now. Crawling in @ Dave’s and the like. Serves you all right.
    Not only is it a deep tragedy that John Minto didn’t get voted in as Ch Ch Mayor, it’s a tragedy for New Zealand as a whole. There’s now no one to show us the way out of the dreadful and corrupt political mire we’re floundering in.
    All is lost.

  8. Great effort John! Being an underdog & with minimal resources. 12,500 votes is a great launching platform to a potential run for a seat maybe in next years election?

    Good onyah mate!

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