Now we have a new Governor-General can we please investigate the old one for War Crimes?



Dame Patsy Reddy has become the new Governor-General for services to the establishment. She wrote the whitewash review of the GCSB & SIS that will allow mass surveillance.


Now we have a new Governor-General, is there any chance we could please investigate Jerry Mateparae for war crimes now?

It was always questionable whether a former military man and spy boss should have been appointed to the Governor-General in the first place, but the allegations that Jerry Mateparae helped find legal loopholes to hand over civilians to known torture units in Afghanistan demands an independent investigation that was never possible while he was getting knighted and being the Governor-General.

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We have the SIS being investigated for aiding the CIA torture rendition programs, why can’t Mateparae who was ultimately in charge of the troops that handed over civilians to known torture units also be investigated for what was a clear breach of the Geneva Convention?

It took 18months for the cops to admit they were wrong for illegally raiding Nicky Hager’s house. It took 5 years for Key to admit he was wrong for defaming Bradley Ambrose. It took the NZDF 7 years to admit their defaming of Jon Stephenson was wrong. How long do we have to admit as a country that handing civilians over to known torture units was also wrong?


  1. Oh, do not take on the “old boys”, do not take them on, they will come after you in little old New Zealand, they will silence you if you dare cast any challenge questioning their integrity and reputation.

    Once a person gets thus far up, having been GG, he or she becomes almost untouchable, that is what I think.

    We have watchdogs that do not walk the talk, who are there to pretend we have channels open to us, to raise issues and grievances, but they are mere facades, mostly doing damned little. I know some get excited when the Ombudsman may find in someone’s favour now and then, but to me these are mostly token gestures, the Ombudsman himself has little power.

    The GG is just a constitutional position created to show that we are still a constitutional monarchy, but in effect, she or he are only there to sign the laws that Parliament passes, some orders and to sanction what those with real power put before us.

    Ms Reddy will be just another one that comes and goes, and no way will she get involved with anything Mr Mateparae did or did not do.

    He will head off to an overseas posting, and live a life in the cocktail circles, besides of doing some formal, diplomatic kind of “job”.

  2. The GG more pomp ceremoney glitter and glam
    When do we all rise up and throw this King James privileged public troughers crap in the tide
    It’s been 500yrs of this monarchist shit
    Can we have a major cultural shift and all get paid just because we deserve it and not them

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