Political Caption Competition


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  1. OK. So it’s going to be your face on that one. But before you answer, for another tiny ten percent we’ll do Max on this bonus edition.

  2. “Hah! A very good copy Mr Key. In Beijing that would get you shot!”
    “In New Zealand this would get me a loaf of bread…”

  3. “Oho! You have picture of Chairman Mao Mr Key. Have you read his book?”

    “Akshully no, but I have read Ayn Rand…”

  4. Li Keqiang: “You know Mao vewy dirty old man. He fuck many underage girl. We know he paedophile but we keep portrait on banknote cos all Communist Party leader have mistwess.I wuv yung pussy and Xi fuck all pwesenters at CCTV too bwahahahaha!”

  5. Yeah i lost out on the flag but i think i could get my face on our money for sure.
    Its all about my legacy you know.
    I am a legend in my country and will show how i am appreciated.

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