Stop the arrests mass cannabis 4.20pm smoke up outside NZ Police Stations this Saturday 17th



People are so sick of the ridiculous cannabis laws and the total lack of political courage, Cannabis smokers have decided to take matters into their own hands by doing a mass cannabis smoking protest outside Police Stations around the country at 4.20pm on Saturday 17th.

Here are the list of Police stations to date

Whangarei –
West Auck –
Auckland CBD –
South Auckland –
Waiheke Island –
Hamilton –
Palmy –
Tauranga –
Taupo –
Rotorua –
Napier –
Gisborne –
Wellington –
Blenheim –
Nelson –
Stoke –
Motueka –
Takaka –
Greymouth –
Richmond –
Christchurch –
Timaru –
Oamaru –
Queenstown –
Southland –
Gore –

Cannabis smokers at 4.20pm will be outside Police Stations around the country smoking cannabis and daring Police to arrest protestors.

If the Political establishment is too frightened of tobacco and alcohol interests to make a change then ordinary citizens are forced into acts of civil disobedience. This Saturday will be such a day of action.

Change is only going to come by forcing change.


    • How so Dave?

      By your logic you could say history is full of losers … the women’s movement which got women the vote; Mahatma Gandhi; Martin Luther King; Nelson Mandela and their supporters, just to name a few prominent reformers. All brought about change through protest, challenging the establishment.


      I don’t think so.

      Go the protesters. NZ needs more of the same.

  1. one I heard on the radio was saying people should be allowed to smoke cannabis in cars. Advocating drugged riving makes them look even more stupid than they already do , if that is possible.

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