Political Caption Competition




  1. Oh its so wonderful to touch hair, as the song goes, “Give me a head of hair, long beautiful hair”, I know you are more suitable to be a friend of Max…but let me touch your beautiful locks…please, please..

  2. Prime Minister modelling pose that he will make before being beheaded for treason on television following revolution/civil war.

      • @ WORDS … I’d prefer to witness the event personally, to make sure the job was done correctly! Great opportunity to catch up on my knitting 🙂

  3. They don’t call me the douche ‘Pop up PM’ for nothing… and Nadine I’m rather upset your hair is not tied up in a Ponytail to tantalise and tease me I need a distraction from Housing housing housing as its getting me down day after day and Helens dog tucker and TPP is a dead duck.

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