Protest Housing Crisis at The Block NZ open home this weekend



This weekend The Block NZ is hosting its open house. When there is a housing crisis, and there are families living in garages and cars, do you think that its fair that a prime time TV show celebrates property speculation?

Housing is for people, not profit.


  1. What’s even worse is that “Renters” show that was on this week. A family was being evicted for not paying the rent. The property managers were changing the locks, it was never mentioned whether the family had anywhere to go, is this supposed to be entertainment?

  2. Crass, vulgar, classless, rude, ridiculous, absurd, pointless, wasteful, brainless, cruel, vile and greedy.
    I think that about describes NZ TV and its ‘ target’ audience. Homeless people should be glad they don’t have a roof for the ariel.

  3. Julie Christie’s associations with The Block?
    Julie Christie’s associations with the Flag Change panel?
    Julie Christie and Mark Weldon’s part in the Campbell Live debacle?

    Aren’t you left-wing protesters just obsessed with successful women who have links with the National Party?

    Isn’t all this just a beat-up on par with the way the Chiefs Rugby team treats the strippers it hires?

    Time to go and hug trees, sing “Kumbaya” and sit and smoke cannabis, wishing it was ‘medicinally approved’?

    • FTRB – enjoy your “Steiny”, mate, you are poor at hitting below the beltline, but once you’re off the piss, we can perhaps come back and talk some facts and sense?

      • So how do you think the protest against Julie Christie will go then?
        Lots of strong women in the National Party will be quaking in their collective alligator shoes, if the protest gets any media attention (which it won’t by the way). So business as usual on Monday and during the auctions.

        The Block is popular in New Zealand, but left-wing carping and poking sticks at the wealthy isn’t. Get over it, let those that like watching it, get on with it.

        You have a lot of power in New Zealand that many around the world do not. You have the right to protest by turning off your television. You have the right to charge up some batteries by windpower and solar energy and change channel by remote. You have the right to Universal Superannuation (but not for long).

        What sort of protests are you going to have when Winston comes into coalition with the right, or resigns and Superannuation is dismantled in cross-party agreements? Many Kiwis are using the value of their houses and investment houses to fund their personal Superannuation. That’s why to some extent, the Block is popular, because Kiwis can see that the National and Right Coalition have the right idea by immigration easement to encourage a healthy housing market, to replace Superannuation. The writing is on the wall for Superannuation in favour of families looking after the elderly.

        In the meantime, it is 7.25pm, time to knock the top off a Steinie bro’ and watch the Block. Can’t wait to see the protests! Or will they be MIA, MIA

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