Four More Limericks



Malcolm Turnbull, the Aussie patrician
Considered himself a magician
But the up-himself prick
Hadn’t mastered his trick
Now Australia needs a physician.


“Get on with it!”, said Mr Key,
“The Reserve Bank should do this – not me.
If I burst the bubble
There’ll be no end of trouble.
But no one elects the RB.”


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Hillary let out a sigh
Upon hearing that the FBI
Had decided to pass
On indicting her ass.
Look at Trump on the stump to know why.


Tony Blair gave a spine-chilling cry
As brave Sir John Chilcot let fly.
“Dammit all, I’ve been had
By that treacherous cad.
Because this isn’t whitewash – it’s lye!”


  1. Poor Andrew, while cutting the 100yr labour cake
    can’t add any glam while cutting the home baked cake,
    while a grilling on lisa’s ‘Nation’, only serves up more bait,
    leaves Andrew wishing like us, it was David handling the hate.

  2. Now the phase we are in is “post trust”,
    To tell the truth is no longer a must.
    Intransigent was Bill,
    “‘Twas only a hundred mill,
    Just feed ’em porkies- rip, shit or bust.”

  3. 1

    Czar Vladimir was out in the yard,
    Flexing muscles so sexy and hard,
    That the Yankees took fright
    And shat mountains of shite.
    This happens when you’re a retard


    A silly old shibboleth called Dunne
    Lead a party of just only one.
    He was kept by the Nats.,
    Who were similar to rats
    In the basement away from the sun.


    A hothead from cold Raetihi
    Took a mattock to Mr. John Key.
    When the brains all spilled out,
    People shrieked and cried out
    That sawdust was all they could see.

  4. A flaccid old fellow called Stephen
    With Labour was keen to get even
    His bile was so bitter
    He blew it on twitter
    Now not even journos believe him.

  5. Numb to folks’ suffering and tears
    The Gnats built no houses for years
    But now with polls falling
    The buggers come crawling
    Back pretending they’ve shifted gears.

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