Of course the homeless turned down ‘help’ from WINZ and Housing NZ!


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Paula Henry and his right wing panel were shocked this morning on the Paul Henry Morning Insult Show because the ‘flying squads’ sent in by Paula and John Key to offer ‘help’ to the homeless living in cars were rejected.

This has launched a chorus of ‘they are choosing to stay homeless’.

Such thinking is beneath contempt and only highlights how far up their own arse the right wing mainstream media really are.

Please explain how being offered a cheap and nasty motel where the homeless have to pay back the cost helps the homeless? How does getting a $50 000 debt a solution? We know this is what bloody WINZ and Housing NZ do, they are putting the homeless into dirty motels and charging the homeless for the pleasure, of course the homeless told these flying squads to go jump. Yet the mainstream media can’t comprehend that.

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A one way ticket out of Auckland with $5000 is not a solution, building more state houses rather than selling them is.

We have a homeless problem and an empathy problem in this country.

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  1. It’s like offering a starving man a maggoty drumstick, and then getting all indignant when he’s not terribly enthused about eating it.

  2. I have written an article which shows the gradual rise in importance of housing for the left. Which although I do not put it in the article kind of takes them back to the origins of the Labour Party


    This gradual build up of pressure and Phil Twyford”s efforts in Parliament has exposed the National party to being inadequate and out of ideas to fix the housing crisis.


    Especially look at the comments. No reasonable person can conclude that the government is doing all it can to address the problem.

  3. um..!..the actual fact that explains those refusals of help…is that all those car-seekers are in employment..and so don’t qualify for aid..they are low-wage/slave-labours..

    ..key/henry etc thought they would leave that somewhat relevant fact..(one that exposes just how fucked neoliberalism has been for nz/workers..)

    ..but i could not get past that braindead panel they had..someone called paul ellis who screamed in denial when henry suggested he may have socialist tendencies..

    ..and some braindead-newschlub-journalist..(!)..called meilssa something-or-other..

    ..who both spouted utter shite about how these people refusing help ‘must be comfortable living in their cars’..(and they all nodded in agreement..)

    ..they often have moron-panelists spouting utter uninformed-garbage..

    …but these two were a new nadir…

    • fookin hell..!..newshub/news-schlub just make stuff up..

      ..there was one line in a news bulletin this morn..where they said the 8 car-dwellers approached ‘had jobs’..

      ..such a specific in what was/turns out to be a total bullshit story..(!)

      ..where the fook did they did that information/’fact’ to be able to make that claim/’report’..

      ..did they just orifice-pluck it..?

      ..colour me puzzled…

      ..and i mean we all know they lie by ommission/spin like crazy/and bend/twist the important into the irrelevant..

      ..but isn’t just totally making something up breaking new frontiers..?

  4. People CHOSE to stay homeless?? In what fantasy world??

    I wouldn’t believe a word coming from John Key’s or Paula Bennett’s mouth.

    Not. One. Word.

    • The same way that people “choose” to be mentally sick, “choose” to be disabled or “choose” to be widowed.
      As my old mother very aptly put it: It doesn’t matter what people choose, it is their RIGHT to be taken care of.
      When you are spoilt for choice like Bennett, Henry and the rest of the dirty dogs you can’t understand the difference between real choice and faux choice.

    • PRISS,

      Ignore the little shit.

      He is another Nasty Nazional Troll.

      Soon to be extinguished, as his former trolls were, so ignore it, – and his boss wont pay him for trolling, he will disappear that’s how it works!

      Don’t feed the monkey and he goes elsewhere!

  5. People familiar with the seedy machinations of Paul Henry would see through this stunt in a moment.
    That is what it was – a PR stunt that was engineered to give exactly the result that Henry and Bennett wanted.
    The rest of the MSM are too dumb to see it.
    Do the government think there is some kind of moral high ground they can gain on homelessness?
    If they do then it shows how low this disreputable, corrupt and rotten government will stoop to get it.
    In one word – appalling and all those party to this stunt deserve to be pilloried for a day.

  6. Where are you going to build more State houses in Auckland?

    The only room for anything is to build the sort of high rise cheap apartment/slums you see in Bradford and places like that in the U.K that are hell holes.

    Living in overcrowded poverty in Auckland is not the answer, and at least in the provinces the cost of everything is significantly less.

    • Well yes, but it’s hard to buy your weekly allotment of Budget brand baked beans and Pams wheat biscuits when you don’t have a job. See, the thing about the provinces, generally speaking, is that there’s not much in the way of low-skilled employment on offer. So all you end up doing is shuffling the homeless and those in Auckland state houses out to places where they don’t have a job and have no option but to collect welfare.

      Of course, perhaps that’s the plan. Put them somewhere where they’re not going to attract so much attention, and then we can forget about them and go back to watching Seven Sharp, and purchasing houses we plan to leave vacant because, you know, it’s just so much more profitable that way.

      • So explain to me then why farmers and producers in the provinces are forced to hire migrant workers enmass because they can’t find enough locals?

        And is it preferable to be on a benefit in Auckland living out of a car unable to find a job, or in an actual house with a yard for kids to play in out in the provinces on a benefit?

    • High rise apartments don’t have to be hell. A lot have previously been poorly and cheaply built, uninsulated, damp and leaky but this does not have to be the case with proper planning and workmanship.
      They are also cheaper to heat than individual houses with a large saving in energy resources, plus can accommodate solar heating.

  7. How can this be seen as anything other than an attack/bullying/violent assault against an entire group of people in New Zealand.

  8. So…. the housing crisis, poverty … wages that are far below the costs of living,… family’s living in cars ,… govt dictating to Auckland city council,..

    Heavy handed arresting of people at airports with student loans,… $5000 bribes to shuffle the poor off out of sight and out of mind, then offering another $3000 to come back to Auckland to look for non existent work… budget deficits for social services yet bribes for 3 billion in tax cuts for the well off … zero tax havens for international corporate’s…

    And on top of all that ?

    American warships coming into our harbors and – a top level meeting of international arms dealers in the same city – most probably conducted at SkyCity gambling casino…

    Hehehehee… that’s quite a lot of ammo for any opposition party’s thinking of forming a Memorandum of Understanding don’t you think?

    Perhaps its time someone did…

    • Nazional have lost the election, due to this mess up.

      Now in so deep they are out of ideas and control over this situation so they have effectively killed themselves.

      Tonight’s 5th estate on TDB and Channel 83 was great as this was all agreed at this discussion tonight, a must watch.

  9. So Mr Key lied again about MSD and Salvation Army,

    “someone gave me the wrong info again, just like my ex-lawyer”
    “Labour caused the problem and we’re just cleaning up”,
    “I forget the aksual details, but most Kiwis agree with me”,
    “So what about Kieran Reid for a knighthood then?”,
    “How about a referendumb on the National Anthem?”,
    ” I have read a poll that tells me that National, ACT, United Future and the Maori Party are doing a great job and the most popular coalition ever”,

    “I’m sick of this unfair media bias. Fair cop, I lied, so sue me. And I promise that if you don’t get off my back, I’m taking my bat and ball and going to Hawaii (for personal reasons)””

  10. It’s the beginning of a chilly, chilly night.

    As you hunker down in your car suddenly a loud rap on the window next to your head jars you from your worries about how to get through the media contingent around the marae, your last chance it seems for a decent bed anytime soon.

    A cheery voice booms, “Hi! We’re from the government and we’re here to help!”….

    • Key lied again.

      He said that MSD staff were with the Sallies knocking on car widows.

      He also said that the ‘car rich, home poor’ people preferred to live in their cars (rather than racking up debt with WINZ in a shabby motel).

      Despicable. Despicable Key

      • Sorry – I do apologise.

        I wrote widows instead of windows. I was so angry at John Key for lying I was pushing the keys so hard on my desktop keyboard that I made a mistake.

        Whether he claimed the MSD were with the Sallies knocking on widows, or windows. Key is still a despicable liar.

        Despicable Key

  11. The fundamental problem is the currency system itself – being ‘Fiat’ not Gold backed (or Silver). The problems are only going to get worse until this fundamental issue is solved.
    If you think I am wrong, go look for yourself – Mike Moloney (heaps of YouTube vids) is a good start, research the history of currency.
    This is why the rich get richer & the poor (99%) get poorer – since 1971? why? USD was taken off the gold standard, other major countries followed suit as USD was deemed the currency for international trade.
    The amount of information on this subject is vast – go Google

  12. I can’t help thinking that if it had been John Campbell instead of Paul Henry, the reaction from the people involved might have been different.
    John Campbell would have had a lot more credibility in the same situation.
    Who the hell would truly believe that Paul Henry has any concern for the homeless? It would have been obvious to anyone with at least half a brain that it was a crude ratings-based National government spin stunt that had everything to do with Paul Henry’s ego and nothing to do with any genuine concern to help these people.

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