Andrew Little’s State of the Nation 1pm Sunday Albert Park, Auckland



This Sunday at 1pm in Auckland, Andrew Little will be delivering his State of the Nation speech.

When you are finished with the TPPA Protestival, pop along to Albert Park Band Rotunda

Little is announcing a new initiative and fresh from refusing to the TPPA deserves some support from the progressive whanau.


  1. ‘Little is announcing a new initiative and fresh from refusing to sign the TPPA deserves some support from the progressive whanau.’ It will have to be pretty damned good if he doesn’t support the progressive whanau by kicking Goff into touch!

  2. Or it might pay to have a foot in both camps to hear whats been said inside the tent and also if Labour want Goff to secure the Chains in Tamaki Makaurau they need an insurance policy, the middle class dummies votes too. Who’ll swing, again soon.

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