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  1. A most troublesome article; troublesome, because it all seems too easy. It’s what I’d like to believe, but that’s the reason I don’t trust that it’s the case just yet.

    Them oligarchs be some devious beings…

    “Social and alternative media dominates and disintermediates mass media. Every column brings a hundred rebuttals. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are stood like commoners next to bloggers, begging for tweets, likes, and votes. We are all journalists and editors now.

    Bernie can play this game. The MoveOn crowd organizes effortlessly using the new media.

    Trump can play this game. The reality show vet generates outrage and impressions, tweeting as he goes.

    Meanwhile, the Internet kills the political ad. Everyone is online – skipping, blocking, or just mis-clicking.

    Bernie spends a bit on ads. Trump doesn’t bother.

    It’s not just publishing – the Internet lets anyone donate little bits online. Bernie taps the crowd – over a million dollars a day from small donors! Again, Trump doesn’t bother. He just self-finances.

    The mass media barrier is down. The money barrier is down.

    A mob is pushing Bernie. Trump is pulling one behind him.

    The elites are livid. They sneer at the masses – Uneducated. Socialist. Racist. Luddite.”

    Half feeling that this should be the case, half knowing this might just be the Obama con gone one step further.

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