BREAKING: TPPA Don’t Sign campaign January 26th Auckland Town Hall

Despite its ‘neither confirm nor deny’ the government will host the signing of the TPPA on 4 Feb. The Herald this morning ran the absurd banner for its editorial: ‘TPP signing an honour, let’s respect it’. 
Well, let’s not!!!! 
If you live near or in Auckland – or are pissed off enough to travel a bit – the TPPA Don’t Sign campaign will kick off with a public meeting at the Auckland Town Hall on Tuesday 26 January at 7pm.
The star of the show will be Lori Wallach, the Director of Public Citizen Global Trade Watch, who knows more about what’s happening in Washington on the TPPA than Obama does!  Professor Jane Kelsey will also talk about implications for New Zealand, drawing on the expert papers progressively being posted here.
Then we have a political panel of parties who have been critical of the agreement, albeit to varying degrees. So far Andrew Little (Labour) and Metiria Turie (Greens) have said yes, and New Zealand First and Maori Party are working on schedules. Offers will also be made to the Government. The meeting will be live streamed on TDB.
Finally, there will be some suggestions of what YOU can do.
Please bring your cash and eftpos cards too – this is not a cheap exercise!
The Auckland meeting is followed by meetings in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin 
27 January, Wellington, St Andrews on the Terrace, 7pm
28 January, Christchurch, Cardboard Cathedral, 7pm
29 January, Dunedin, Burns Hall (Moray Place), 7pm
There’s also a Don’t Sign petition launched by ActionStation, Itsourfuture and ShoutOut – go here   and pass it around.
A givealittle page has also been set up to help fund the next part of the campaign.
Barry Coates, who has taken over from Ed Miller at the national spokesperson for the itsourfuture coalition will post more shortly.


  1. Ah ? Anybody seen our Governor General ?
    This is a big deal so WTF etc?
    I reckon that, that’s where you’s all need to go on Jan 26th. To the Governor Generals house and get the bugger out of bed.
    What are you going to achieve by going to the Town Hall for fucks sake? More hippies singing songs of snuggles and hugs over organic herbs of Trade Aid tea with organic, whole grains scones and No-Bees-Were-Harmed honey? You’ll get eaten alive. Or worse ! You’ll get laughed at.
    Sure, you will also have the odd most excellent and revered person to talk. Talk is cheap after all and besides, they’ll only be preaching to the converted.
    I am going to get my self up to Auckland to see another embarrassing display of limp wristedness. Sorry. Yes, I’ll be there. But by fuck ! It’d better be good.
    I went to the ‘ Show us your Txt’ love in and gently-does-it display of cold porridge resolve in Wellington and ended up having an interesting conversation with a cop but was told to back off by a Show Us Your Text official. 26 people were arrested for shuffling menacingly while softly mumbling angrily ! The cops would have arrested them then dropped the charges to get rid of the annoying little shits. Arrested for causing grievous bodily boredom. Again, WTF ?

    You need to target individual politicians and officials , not ponce about in your tie dyed nighties shouting out like lovelorn baboons. As for Andrew Little turning up ? Every circus has its ring master.

    And I bet, I bet you anything you like. The only politicians to turn up will be from NZ First. True to their devious , Machiavellian intents. Just like good old winnie. Playing the game.

      • @ Tom.

        Try this one on for size also. Our very own League of Lizards .
        The deeply creepy thing about those few 1% of the 1%er’s is that they really do enjoy being predatory and hunting us down like animals. It’s as though it’s a sport to them. They have huge wealth, they will only ever know luxury and yet they twist and manipulate our politics and cause mayhem for what can only be described as their pleasure.
        My personal view is that they’re deeply and darkly insane. The danger is in us viewing them and judging them as equals. As somehow horrible creatures who’re abstractions of us normal people ( Don’t ask ‘ But what is normal ?’. ) That view point simply gives them an edge. They know how to dodge that particular bullet and really ? It just makes them stronger. I really do think that the best course of action is to tag them then leave them alone. Once we can see them, their game’s up.

        Courtesy Wikipedia .

        ‘The Wine box Enquiry’

        Dark Money .

        You might find this documentary interesting also .

        740 Park Avenue.

        • Thanks very much, I have a fair understanding of what you are saying – beware of the ‘we are all one’ crowd…… Could not be further from the truth…!!!! These guys run on a different frequency to sane human-Beings. Good advice – don’t set up a ridge against them as this draws/links you to there game. Thanks again – Tom

      • correct- very convenient isn’t it. And the Chief ‘Justice’ Sian Ellias is now in charge- our very first jewish queen. The master of name suppression.

      • Was that in a hospital paid for by the health system he’s looking the other way from while his neo liberal mates are destroying it for their private insurer lobbyists or was he in a private hospital our most at risk can only dream of being able to afford to go to with their poverty induced third world diseases in a country as rich in resources as ours was ?

  2. This article by Brian Gould is a worth a post in its own right.


    ‘Yet it is clear that the TPP is not just a run-of-the-mill trade agreement but a major concession of the powers of self-government to large, international (mainly US) corporations. The treaty provides those corporations with the power to over-ride elected governments and to re-write the laws of this country in their own interests.
    There can be no set of issues that should more importantly require the consent of parliament and people.’

    ‘As Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, pointed out in these pages, the TPP is just about the worst “trade agreement” that can be imagined.’

    ‘Not content with conducting negotiations in secret, and with excluding any consideration of public opinion, the attempt has been made to close down even a scintilla of publicity that might indicate a degree of public concern. Even the public signing of the TPP in New Zealand on February 4 is being so carefully managed that we know about it only because the news was leaked in Chile.

    Democracy is necessarily at times a messy and discomfiting business. But when such care is taken to deny it, we should be truly worried.’

    • Paul an article by John Roughan an avid Key supporter in the Herald Saturday. saying …..
      The TPPA is a good deal for NZ and all the protests a waste of time,
      claims the Town Hall protest will be found to be useless,so people shouldn’t bother going, or words to that effect.pure John Key speak.
      makes me more determined than ever to protest.

      Wake up New Zealand has an aricle saying world trade is in a bad way and transporters of trade goods losing out because of lack of business,so how does that affectTppa?

      Predicting a big crash in economies worldwide, 2016 is going to be a rough ride,so TPPA wont be a any help .

    • Gould made a powerful argument, as usual. But I’ve just read Chapter 19 of TPPA, which concerns “Labour Standards”. After being told by Green party members that TPPA contained nothing, whatsoever, about labour rights, I discovered an entire chapter, committing the parties to respecting and protecting core ILO conventions and setting up a monitoring body to ensure compliance. It’s a similar story regarding environmental standards (Chapter 20), which I haven’t yet read (but will get around to). I feel misled by people I (still) like and admire. I still oppose TPPA, for a host of other reasons, but my confidence in the anti-TPPA arguments I’ve been hearing is diminished.

    • An ex top excecutive in World Bank said on tv having a Pacific Trade agreement without China is ridiculous,but Usa is determined to exclude China.
      The TPPA in USA not going well ,if they dip out wonder how that leaves NZ.
      Key was heard to say the Tppa will go ahead because Obama wants it, so Obama according to Key has the final say, we the public have no say .
      Key takes no notice at all of protests calls them rent a crowd, he will have his own way on everything before he heads off overseas for good, to collect his rewards from the corporations.

  3. Whoohoo, protest and wave flags, the MINORITY have spoken!, like it or not even Jane Kelsey has guilded the PPTA lilly for her ‘side’ in what the USA have gouged out of NZ, actually NZ has negotiated a great deal to such an extent the Democrats and Republicans are against it and will vote against, so please tell me why it’s a deal in favour of USA as you all espouse, and they are all against it and not voting for it! Can I assume you are all have the ‘KDS’ and from my point of view all Marxists and Leninist idiots, yup!

    Kelsey taking the 600K govt grant, from the Govt she hates is just like Bomber taking the freebies from Dot Com, the (white) 1% he despises and hates 🙂 But if someone is a 1% and against Key he sees that as non hypocrisy, how delicious 🙂 Lalia Harre is now painted with same brush.

    • Oh dear another right ( wrong)troll. In Usa most Democrats and Republicans are against TPPA, they know its just a corporate take over.

      Just because everyone in NZ dosnt turn out in protests dosnt mean they are in minority,.
      We are a small population and spread out, one lady I know wouldn’t protest because she said the people in National might take her photograph and cause her problems ,that’s how much trust the people have in this government.

  4. You’ve got to read this report from The Guardian.

    The dreaded Koch brothers. OMG.

    ” In the 2016 elections, the goal of the Koch network of contributors is to spend $889m, more than twice what they spent in 2012.”

    Have they reached into NZ and ripped the guts out of our media to further their South Pacific interests? Are they behind the phenomenon that is Jonky Co Ltd ? Are they going to nest here then light up the Middle East?

    The things that are happening in NZ emanate from beyond NZ’s shores. Otherwise we’d be happy and prosperous. In short , we’re too beautiful for our own good.

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