TPPA to be signed 4th Feb – is it time to riot or protest?



No discussion, no debate, no democratic dialogue – Key is going to try and ram the TPPA through and has the audacity to bring the global corporate overlords behind the TPPA to Auckland to sign it.

Our resistance to date has been focused on protest. If we are serious about protecting NZs economic sovereignty, maybe we need to recognise protest now must become civil disobedience if we are to shut this down.

And shut it down we must.

It is most likely going to be signed at SkyCity – now is the time to plan, plot and organise to shut this down. If this deal gets signed there is no point voting in any election after it as we will effectively be a sub state, not a nation.

Waitangi Day 2016 will be worthless if the TPPA is signed – every single believer in our sovereignty must converge on Auckland on the 4th to shut this down.

The time for confrontation is now.


  1. It won’t be done and dusted by Feb 4th. The deal has to be ratified by each country and everyone will wait until it’s ratified in the US first because if it is not ratified in the US, then the whole thing is dead. Obama plans to ratify TPPA in the congress before 1 July.
    Having said all that, I agree that we need to make as much noise about it at the signing as possible. I might have to dip into my air points for a trip to Auckland AGAIN!!!

  2. Okay, I understand the need to stop the TPPA but you a really exaggerating the effect it will have. We are not going to become a “sub-state”…

    • Okay – what would you call a country who can’t pass domestic law because it may interfere with foreign corporations profit margins?

      • And if you’re right wouldn’t other countries be in the same boat? For example Canada (and I don’t know if Canada is part of the trade agreement or not) wouldn’t be able to pass domestic laws that adversely affect our dairy trade with them.

        • Canada is part of the deal and we have already experienced making huge payments for our laws interfering because of N. America Free Trade deal. Yes- our dairy would suffer. They want to open the border to dairy from USA which has growth hormones- we have dairy for supply to ourselves- not for export. Environmental is the worst. We won’t be able to pass laws to protect our lakes and rivers if it interferes with their profits.

          • the dairy industry is at the root of much suffering, an ecological catastrophe pushed and lobbied past ressource consent by the lizard brains. Probably a prime example of how currupt new zealand is, furthermore how subjugated it is to financial economics. Economics based on digits and not wealth,health or compassion. When new zealand bases its economy on generating wealth, health and happiness, based on a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of all life then and only then
            will children not change the lyrics of the absurd national anthem when they are forced to sing its hypocritical lyrics!

      • Ummm… no 2 here in the agreement does it stop a country from passing laws. It does allow a disputes process to be followed if laws are passed which violate the principles of the agreement. However if NZ ( or any other country that is party to it) wanted to they could just leave.

        • Not that easy. You are basically leaving the market place when the argument may be with one corporate.

    • You clearly don’t understand the full implications of the TPPA!
      And it isn’t your fault, when corporations are planning to steal our sovereignty it will not be on the corporate news networks.
      Just ask people you know what they know about the TPPA, you will be shocked at how little everybody knows if they even know what it is!

      I listen to experts unlike the Key regime and this is just one example. There are Doctors against it, the UN is against it, etc..

      “More than 100 legal scholars call on Congress, administration to protect democracy and sovereignty in U.S. trade deals”

    • Soz, bro, but you should do your homework before commenting, it will be worse than anything you’ve never heard about it, 15 sections, only two with anything remotely to do with trade, it makes NZ and everyone in it a corporate vassal!

  3. How did you acquire the insight that it is Sky City, Martyn?

    Where ever it is we need to stop it. The fact of the matter is that Signing commits the Government to the deal.

    The ratification process where the TPP is tabled in the Parliamentary Select Committee is merely a review of the content and text against existing domestic arrangements and legislation. Where our current legislation is inconsistent, it would need sufficient numbers in the House to carry the necessary changes.

    The Fletcher Tabuteau private members Fight Foreign Corporate Control Bill 2015 was defeated 61 – 60 votes with both Act’s David Seymour and United Future’s Peter Dunne voting with the Government. That’s how the numbers stack up on the ratification process, even so we need to mount an argument there to keep the pressure on.

    I imagine that prominent leaders from the 12 TPP Nations will ensure that half of Auckland Central is cordoned off with Natzi storm troopers to ensure our protest is nowhere near.

    It would be more effective to turn the lights out or air-conditioning off, blockade the road in from the Airport, though they’ll probably Helicopter in. Nearest Heliport to the venue is?

    It is indeed a sorry state if affairs.

    And fighting it in the Parliament retrospectively will be fraught if Labour remain apologists for the corporations. Here there is an irony as Andrew Little who has said little on TPP since the 5th October Altanta agreement and 5th November text release signed the jurists open letter opposing Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in TPP from 8 May 2012.

    Do you think that Andrew remembers what he signed onto back then, or is that ancient history?

    Do not think that the NZ Government will operate with prudence to wait and see whether the USA Congress actually supports the TPP with their up or down vote before moving to ratify in NZ.

    The US business lobbies, Business Roundtable, National Association of Manufacturers and the Chamber of Commerce have all in the last few days come out in support, be under no illusion the outcome there, the corporations through US$200 million at US Congress to get the right result on Fast-track.

    What special thing can we do to stop the corporate fascist plot?

    There’s public meetings being organised late January Auckland Tuesday 26th, Wellington Wednesday 27th and Christchurch Thursday 28th January to warm folks up and get some media attention.

    We are still plugging at the Governor General with a petition seeking he intervene, through the use of his Reserve Powers. The petition and explanation here:

    There is no mandate for the signing. The Government kept the TPP text secret at at the September 2014 election. The Governor General (GG) Sir Jerry Mateparae stated in his swearing in speech 31 August 2011 that his Oaths of Allegiance to the Queen and to the People of New Zealand “reflect my commitment to our country and the People… that I will serve faithfully and impartially. The values and undertakings in these oaths are very important to me.”

    Sir Jerry further stated at that time, “My view reflects the sentiment of the proverb “He aha te mea nui o te ao—What is the most important thing in the world? The answer is: he tangata, he tangata, he tangata––it is people, it is people, it is people!”

    Being a good and ethical soldier Sir Jerry will know how important his oath is and what his commitment to the people of Aotearoa NZ means – courage under fire from the corporate loving Prime Sinister. We need lots of folks to get in and support this initiative along with every other action designed to stop the TPP from fuking up our future enjoyment of Papatuanuku as she meant for us to do.

    The following is what Andrew and his fellow jurists said about ISDS in their 2012 open letter:

    ” Simultaneously, the substantive rights granted by FTA investment chapters and BITs have also expanded significantly and awards issued by international arbitrators against states have often incorporated overly expansive interpretations of the new language in investment treaties. Some of these interpretations have prioritized the protection of the property and economic interests of transnational corporations over the right of states to regulate and the sovereign right of nations to govern their own affairs.”

    ” Tobacco companies have also used Investor-State dispute settlement to challenge government tobacco control policies enacted to implement obligations under the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.” and

    ” The current regime’s expansive definition of covered investments and government actions, the grant of expansive substantive investor rights that extend beyond domestic law, the increasing use of this mechanism to skirt domestic court systems and the structural problems inherent in the arbitral regime are corrosive of the rule of law and fairness.”

    Happy TPP Free 2016 and here’s to an unencumbered Waitangi Day.

    • “How did you acquire the insight that it is Sky City, Martyn?”

      Because everything this government does is designed to benefit its crony supporters

      • Hi Jil

        The Auckland Town Hall, Wellington (St Andrews on the Terrace to be confirmed venue), Christchurch? (and possibly Dunedin) public meetings all 7:00pm, featuring Jane Kelsey and US Public Citizen’s Lori Wallach on the 26th, 27th 28th and (29th?) January

        Additionally as many regional public meetings and awareness stunts as folks can manage will add to the mix nicely.

        In Wellington all 7:00pm:

        19th January Newtown Community Centre.

        20th Jan Johnsonville at the Uniting Church (tbc)

        27th Jan Wellington for Jane Kelsey and Lori Wallach

        28th Jan Upper Hutt King Lion Hall

        We propose meetings also for Kapiti and Lower Hutt, possibly Wainuiomata and Porirua if we can find a venue.

        We have image files for posters ready to go.

        Any interest or for more details email

        This on the Governor General Petition:

    • My reply to a letter to Groser and Key was we will do nothing to harm NZ from TG and what he said from Key.
      We can prove the harm, but apparently $2 billion possible gain by 2030 is too much to miss out on.
      I believe that figure should be adjusted for 2 reasons:
      1) The recent downturn in market prices
      2) The soon to appear glut as super dairy co-ops take off across Europe and Asia, as is currently happening.
      This governments failure to diversify it’s trade product, it’s inability to understand the farm-gate price difference between Organic and what attempts to pass as the next best thing. The difference at the moment is around $22 per kilo.
      And sheep milk and its products are worth the same for:
      1) Lower investment
      2) More animals per hectaire (7:1 v 1:1)
      3) Less water (7 litres : 70 litres)
      Fresh vegetables organically grown are raising up to $100,000 an acre.

  4. I get the feeling that the corporate sharks (no disrespect intended to actual sharks) currently in power are happy as long as all we do is march and sing songs in the park. Plenty of people are saying that what we need now is non violent, organised civil disobedience.

  5. Blow the fuckers up. Get two for the price of one; the Godawful SkyCity shithole AND the corporate arseholes who are signing this crap.
    Actions= good
    Words= nothing

  6. I think, Jorus (January 7, 2016 at 11:25 pm), that you haven’t really bothered to look into the TPPA and it’s implications. This is about subordinating state power and putting corporate rights on an equal (if not superior) footing with governments. It is the ultimate in a corporatised, market-driven, capitalist system that makes democracy secondary to the right to make profits for shareholders.

    It really does make voting a waste of time because no matter which party you elect into government, it will always be constrained by profit-driven dictates.

  7. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE – GLOBAL DISOBEDIENCE – call upon Australia and the world to join us. Take our monies from the banks, refuse to pay any further taxes and strike. Starve the beast, stop sustaining the system and consenting to elitist corporate abuse!

    Who told you that Humanity are here to shut-up, serve and simply do as we’re told?

    WE’RE NOT OBLIGATED TO TOLERATE THIS SHIT – TO BE PUSHED AROUND, ABUSED – not by anybody, and definitely not from some clowns who think that Earth is theirs to claim, Humanity theirs to enslave!!

    Whether they like it or not, we’re Sovereign Freewill Self Determined beings – though they will try to make us believe that they can strip our Divine Sovereignty from us – it’s simply not possible, SO CLAIM IT – YOUR SOVEREIGNTY, and let it empower you, because it is not our purpose to serve Satanist greed and corruption, but to eradicate it!

    SHAKE OFF THE CONDITIONING which they’ve been working to control us with for generations – we’re here during this time of Awakening to put an end to this subjugation bullshit!

    Parasitic Satanist psychopaths ARE NOT the Masters of the Universe guys – we’re evolving/awakening – WE CHOOSE, WE DETERMINE what is right, what serves the greater good. Stop buying into what we’re told – withdraw from the system/matrix/paradigm – down tools, take your money from the banks, and STRIKE …

    Recapture the ability to think for yourself – Self Determine!

    It is within our capacity, people to create a world where all life on Earth can live in dignified and peace-filled coexistence – BUT WE HAVE TO DETERMINE TO MAKE IT SO!

    Elevate the vision and the highest mountain tops become minor challenges in the full spectrum of things.

    A myriad of manufactured environmental conditions are reshaping Life as we know it, and humanity is under attack on many levels at this point in time … many are seeing this now, and the TPPA/TTIP/Agenda 30 etc. are aspects of the agenda to dominate and control it/us all …

    This can be classified as ‘a Full Spectrum Operation’, a military term for conducting a complex framework of conditions with risk factors that drive instability and a state of persistent conflict.

    Combined with the subtle and steady manipulation of our consciousness through the invisible weapons of propaganda, mind control and a wide variety of frequency-distortion techniques, we are being led to participate in our own demise, so yes it’s time to awaken and to choose, because WE ARE SOVEREIGN, NOT SLAVES …

    In an effort to achieve a web of Full Spectrum Control, highly organised, self-appointed forces have silently declared war on the earth and her population and seek to eradicate, contaminate and destroy the very soul of our humanity.

    Hence the need for a Full Spectrum Response.

    As we can conclude that we are under attack we can recall one of the primary rules of engagement; the right to self-defence. In this instance we are being called no less than to stand up and defend Life as we know and cherish it and participate fully in re-addressing the natural balance in a world of ever-increasing artificiality and insanity.

    Rather than being an unwitting victim, complicit in our demise, we can boldly take responsibility in meaningful ways, reinventing our world and transforming our collective situation. By participating fully, we align to our authentic Self and our dormant power comes on line, bringing coherence to our words and our deeds and courage to our hearts.

    It’s time to step into the warrior’s role; one of action made in love, compassion and a fierce determination to fulfill our true calling.

    Is it not time for you to step into the role of the warrior?

    A warrior does the right thing in the face of obstacles and opposition.

    A warrior feels compassion for the life they protect, and it is love, not hate, which motivates them.

    A warrior knows they make others uncomfortable in times of peace, yet are welcomed in times of conflict.

    Yes, these are times of conflict, for we are at war on all levels; we face a Full Spectrum offensive of a very dark nature and yet the challenges presented are here as opportunities to expose the lies and live in Truth.

    Now is the time to stand together rather than stand alone and allow these engineered mechanisms to engulf us and our children.

    A clear and concise remedy can be found by identifying the root causes of the problems we face. By building a unified community and taking common sense action in a swift and determined manner we can call a halt to the insanity and the suffering which threatens each and every one of us.

    A Full Spectrum Response is one that will remind and align us with the full spectrum reality of who we truly are.

    By reclaiming our power, accessing creative tools to free our imagination and by finding an authentic means to connect with other people who share our cares and concerns, we can forge a way to a future free from oppression, reinvent our world and transform our collective situation.

    It’s time to start fueling Humanity’s passion for freedom and to ignite a grassfire phenomenon in our lives and communities that could spread throughout the world.

    It’s time to step into the warrior’s role imo New Zealand – one of love and compassion in action, and a fierce determination to fulfill our calling. Where better to light the fires of change than Aotearoa … whether we submit or fight – it’s for each of us to determine for ourselves …


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