What’s that? – choke, splutter! – Dame Paula Rebstock???



If you choked on your muesli at the news Paula Rebstock has been made a Dame in the government’s New Year’s Honours list then join the club.

Rebstock’s award is confirmation of the highly political nature of our national honours system. Rebstock is the Maggie Thatcher of our public life – brought in to slash and burn public services and prepare the ground for privatisation. Currently Rebstock is paid $2000 a day (yes – $2000 a day) to chair an overhaul of our Child, Youth and Family service. She has already released a report attacking failings at CYFS to prepare the ground for private sector contracts to run its services.

It’s true CYFS has struggled to meet the needs of our most vulnerable children and their families but what else should we expect when they are understaffed, underfunded and government policies create extra tens of thousands of vulnerable children every year? There is a familiar pattern here: underfund, point out failures, create a crisis of confidence, privatise.

In giving an award to Rebstock John Key is giving the finger to us all.

A look through the main awards shows a vastly disproportionate list of addresses from Remuera and Parnell and other well-to-do suburbs. National is hard at work rewarding its biggest supporters.

Many citations cite “philanthropy” as a reason for an award. For example one recipient (Joyce Simpson) is cited as making donations in excess of $10,000 to an elite private school in Christchurch (St Andrews) as a sign she deserves the award of Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Similarly Peter Masfen received his award in part because “He has made significant donations to many charities and sporting bodies, including the foundation gift to the current Auckland Cathedral Completion Project.”

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Down the road from us lives a pensioner who every week give $20 to the City Mission to help feed desperate families. She spends a much higher proportion of her income on charitable donations than any of the wealthy “philanthropists” who parade the giving of money they didn’t earn and receive honours, in part at least, because of their generosity.

These donors to charities are rewarded while those who fight for every family to be lifted out of poverty – because having families live in poverty is a political decision – are derided.

When people like Child Poverty Action Campaigner Susan St John are awarded our highest honours while wealthy socialites are ignored will be a day to celebrate.

The other major problem is the awarding of Knighthoods and Dames.

It’s supremely ironic that John Key is spending $26 million to change the New Zealand flag because it represents our colonial ties to Mother England but his government reinstated Knights and Dames which have as much colonial cringe as the union jack.

John Key’s mate Richie McCaw seems to agree.


    • Ae John …. nearly choked when I read this. But, she’ll probably not accept it? But if there’s putea attached to the title she’ll probably be more open to it. What’s a “Dame-Ship” worth on an invoice? Another 20%?

  1. Here! Here!
    I too choked on my muesli…
    An utterly disgusting award to a woman completely devoid of human understanding, by a politician who is as far removed (at least 5000 miles at the present time) from the reality facing the people he has been elected to serve (and that does not mean just the corporations, rich, and famous).

  2. My New Years resolution is to become Dame Nick (gender neutral of course to allow my National party sponsors to pay lip service to gender equality). To accomplish this gatecrash of an exclusive little club for people are already mainly infamous me firsters, I will charitably pen a “report” damning the poor for being a drain on the deserving rich. I will recommend the undeserving poor be privatised. New hordes of slaves will then be made to pay obesiance to my new gong status.

  3. Totally agree John! But also, Paula is this countrys biggest dole bludger! The Government has made sure she is over paid, and over here, because she isnt even a kiwi! But boy she knows how to milk the system!

    • It was once said by the poster woman and icon of the neo liberal that socialism ( aka social democrats ) are ” fine as long as they can spend someones else’s money ”.

      The actual truth is that the neo liberal is fine as long as they can subvert labour law’s, relocate the commons wealth into their offshore bank accounts , bring wages down to an unrealistic rate, create monopolies to enrich themselves and raise prices to exorbitant levels for basic necessities , dismantle the concept of the sovereign nation state and replace it with globalism , un-democratically sign off on unpopular and binding international trade deals, sell off assets such as state houses to create an even more marginalization, demonize sectors such as the unemployed , working poor and the chronically ill for political purposes , place the country into massive debt in taking out loans to provide tax cuts for the rich , support and abet surveillance of the country’s population…

      Shall I go on?

      No….didn’t think so…

      The subversive treason of the neo liberal is plain for all to see.

  4. Rebstock is the mercenary that this government has been using to the maximum, to introduce various policy and other measures, all geared to get services taken out of the state network of services, and ready for outsourcing and privatisation. She was involved from the very beginning of the planning phase to “reform” the New Zealand welfare and social support systems. It was no coincidence that Paula Bennett appointed her to head the so-called ‘Welfare Working Group’:

    ““The Welfare Working Group will examine long term welfare dependence, identifying causes and solutions,” says Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.

    The Group to be chaired by Paula Rebstock, former Commerce Commission Chair, includes a mix of expert academics, employers and community leaders.”

    And we can read that Bennett instructed her and the group, re what she expected:
    ““I have tasked the Welfare Working Group with developing a menu of practical options for creating a more sustainable and fair welfare system,” says Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.”

    Here is more about the ‘Health and Disability Panel’, also later set up by Paula Bennett:

    Another one who was “called to duty” at the Welfare Working Group’s conference at Victoria Uni was this man, the Principal Health Advisor of MSD, who went to be “trained” on the job by controversial UK Professor Mansel Aylward early last year:

    He is still the Chief Advisor for MSD, and the top man that instructs his underling Regional Health and Disability Advisors in WINZ Regional Offices, to check on doctors’ recommendations, and to see to it, that sick and disabled are sent back to work.

    Read this to get more info on this man:



    PDF Version:

    I wonder when he will get an ‘Order of Merit’ or so.

    Back to Rebstock, here is what else she was called “to duty” for:
    (So once she finished with the groundwork that the WWG did, she was swiftly called again, to do the next round of work)

    ” There is concern the Government is moving towards a corporate approach to benefits with the appointment of a business-focused new board to oversee welfare reform.

    Social Development Minister Paula Bennett yesterday announced the board would establish the Government’s new “investment approach” to welfare.

    The board will be chaired by former Welfare Working Group head Paula Rebstock, who is a former Commerce Commission chair.”

    Another link to a Radio NZ report on the same:

    More on other roles that Rebstock has held, and partly still seems to hold:

    Quote from that report:
    “Ms Rebstock, who is an existing ACC board member, also chairs Work and Income, chairs the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman Commission, and is deputy chairwoman of the New Zealand Railways Corporation.

    She has been ACC’s acting chairwoman since June, replacing chairman John Judge after a major privacy breach, when ACC claimant Bronwyn Pullar was sent details of more than 6000 other clients.

    Labour’s ACC spokesman Andrew Little is alarmed at Ms Rebstock’s appointment, calling it “a sharp lurch to the right and a deepening of the disentitlement culture”.”

    And as all the above was not enough for that mercenary, over paid “work horse” for the neoliberal and ideologically driven NatACT government, then came CYFS:

    “CYF reviewer ‘worth’ $2000 a day”

    Another good article in the ODT, asking valid questions:

    ” The critical question is why a board such as that led by Ms Rebstock is required. Ms Bennett presides over a large ministry, with a chief executive who is paid more than $500,000 a year. He will have any number of executives beneath him, experienced and expert in the sector, many of whom will be earning in the hundreds of thousands.

    What is it about the work that this board intends to do that cannot be done by this ministry and its army of experts?

    Or is this yet another attempt to parachute into the machinery of government a “hit squad” with a specific, not to say narrow, agenda – one which might not survive critical analysis and implementation within the ministry environment?”

    The PSA’s take on it:
    (High paid “experts”, but NO social workers are part of the panel to review CYF)

    Also this concern:
    “The mention in the terms of reference of “results” is also of concern. Everyone wants good results, but the question is how are those results defined? In the Welfare Working Group that Paula Rebstock also chaired results were defined as people “off benefits”. Will we be looking at such a tick-box exercise for child protection?”

    And now this:
    (see the second part)

    The defacto dictatorship is working, it seems, the loyal servants of this government, and sportspeople rank highly in the New Years Honours list, more distraction from what really goes on and what really matters to the people of this country. The MSM will in usual fashion quote bits from the media releases and not bother doing further research, let alone ask any questions.

    • The unemployment problem is caused by a lack of economic growth and employment opportunities for the lower socio economic sectors of society, hence unemployment, why do we need consultants like Paula Rebstock to write reports for Government when the problem is blatantly obvious.

      Also we have an influx of migrants and overseas students soaking up employment opportunities, it is a supply and demand situation.

      Also successive Governments have destroyed successful educational training programs like the Trades Apprenticeship Schemes, a neo liberal idea, which has lead to a shortage of qualified trades people here in NZ, hence the importation of trades people from overseas?

      Neo liberalism is not what it is cracked up to be what we are told by John Key and MSM!!!

  5. I note there are many other ‘Honours’ awarded, it seems to be getting “inflationary” this annual exercise of appointing so many persons to “deserve” whatever awards. So it is not just sports heroes, but who knows these people, and on what basis are they selected?

    As for Paula Rebstock, I am indeed annoyed about this.

    Surely there are many, many people working at the front-line of social and other services, who have much more merit and deserve much greater acknowledgment than her.

    But such awards seem to increasingly become political, as the ones that suit the present government, and the systems they prefer and uphold, seem to be getting more favours.

  6. Yes, I too spluttered my morning coffee, especially when I read the whinge in the Herald about how we should take vulnerable young children into our hearts and homes. Ms Rebstock’s Welfare Working Group laid the ground for subsequent welfare reforms that are creating the so-called vulnerable children that Ms Rebstock is wringing her hands about.
    This is clearly National rewarding a functionary who has told them what they want to hear about fragmenting and privatising the key components of the welfare state. If we were really interested in looking after vulnerable children we would be integrating and adequately resourcing our social services.
    Have a happy new year and a successful 2016, everyone.

    • What hands on practical experience does this Paula Rebstock have with regards to Children & Young Persons and Welfare, she appears to be a neo liberal academic with some offshore qualifications paid to write reports to satisfy the Natzi Agenda.

      The problems in society today are the result of neoliberal economics and the social engineering that has been going on in NZ for the past 40 years, where state asset stripping and beating up on the less fortunate lower socio economic sectors have been the norm. Tax cuts for the wealthy funded by offshore borrowings, and increasing GST to smack the poor are further examples of neoliberalism.

      $2000.00 a day to write reports which the Government want to read is obscene and waste of taxpayers money? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  7. Make me want to throw up in my cornies.

    It’s like school prize giving, these honors have become trivialized by John Key as a thank you present tp party faithfulls.

  8. Impeccable logic, John.
    My first reaction, too, was total amazement and disgust plus a few choice words my mother would have strongly disapproved of.

  9. Yes I was shaking my head that we are slipping back into the Victorian era where “philanthropy” is/was the new deal for social problems. The false hope that some filthy rich individual turns their eye toward the needy. But I’m not surprised that the rich think paying off someone or something, somehow redeems them!

    I see it as the wealthy’s way of bribing the ferryman in the hope he doesn’t transport them to where they really deserve to go.

    At least Richie didn’t take the bloody Sir bullshit title. Where is former National Minister Sir Doug Graham anyway?

  10. Another highly paid reptilian enticed out from under the rock it slithers under just like Harold Titter .

    And like Titter ( who was brought in as another highly paid ‘ consultant ‘ to dismantle our public health system ) Rebstock is yet another reptilian neo liberal to manipulate half truths .

    And it is classic neo liberal subversion.

    Looking back , there is indeed a format to these moles in our society since 1984. The classic strategy of dredging up data that at first glance always seems to underscore the ‘ waste ‘ aspect.

    This so-called ‘ waste’ always being focused ( deliberately ) only on the fiscal aspect – never the human aspect. These subversives measure success only in these terms ( and their notion of ‘success’ was only ever designed to relocate assets and wealth to the neo liberal ) , however ,… never mentioning the fact that quality if adequately funded is what we all perceive as success – they exclude themselves of course as that notion of success is counter to their objectives.

    The next stage is to bring in ‘ experts’ , obscenely paid for out of our taxes at exorbitant rates that are never overtly publicised . The goal being in tandem with neo liberal politicians to enact policy to privatise former state run utilities and assets , – creating private monopoly’s and shifting the power base which inevitably enriches only the neo liberal – as well as entrenching their political program.

    The neo liberal is both an inherent subversive and trougher. They do nothing without ulterior motive . And that motive is always to have laws passed and moles embedded in positions of influence that relocates finance and power from an established and stable social democracy to their agenda.

    They will use such tools as slanted data to misrepresent figures that have always been accepted as part of the effective day to day running costs of the operation of any social democracy. Ignoring the massive social costs incurred by their subversion’s , they will use PR company’s , ‘experts/consultants’, bodies such as the New Zealand Institute ( former Business Roundtable ) to lobby financially and politically as well as divisive tactics such as promising huge salaries and positions to former state run CEO’s when that SOE is privatised.

    Knowing full well that when that SOE is privatised profit now becomes the main driver in any operation , thus costs automatically rise and quality service to the general public is diminished greatly.

    Falsifying statistics is often employed as a method to not only enhance public perception but also to assure shareholders ( more often than not offshore based) of the viability of their investment. Standard practice will involve staff and wage cuts , casualised work contracts in many cases, backed by the neo liberal politician with passing such ‘laws’ as the Employment Contracts Act and destruction of collective bargaining.

    As stated before , – the neo liberal is an inherent subversive and trougher. They are also globalists who minimise the importance of the concept of the independent sovereign nation state – evidenced mainly in the west by a series of iron clad free trade deals whereby an external board of directors control individual economies. Because of this they are also inherently treasonous .

    Their goals are never one of civic , social or national coherence but rather as stated , shifting the power and financial base away from the general public and concentrating power , finance and the decision making process progressively into the hands of ( mainly ) offshore financial institutions.

    It is hard therefore , to realistically believe any of these self congratulatory gestures from one neo liberal to another is anything more than a PR exercise that is designed to cover up from the public’s view the real motives behind their decisions.

    • Titter’s breakdown of our Mental Health System was a raging success.

      A true neoliberal success story?

      We keep hearing how wonderful neoliberal economics has been for NZ, however it has really only benefitted the top 1%, we have slipped from
      No 1 in the OECD rankings to somewhere in the 20’s we have record levels of overseas debt and we have sold virtually all our State Assets.

      Has Neo Liberalism really been that successful?

      • Around one to three in the OECD formerly – but at one stage we were 32nd – behind that off Mexico as a direct result of the introduction of the treason that is neo liberalism.

        Last I looked we are still languishing around that figure.

        We were also compared to some east European poor country’s in some reports.

        So the next time some neo liberal right winger try’s to cite how the left always goes on about Venezuela instead of Scandinavia as a model for working affluent social democratic society’s – remind them of how their precious neo liberalism has ended us up more in alignment with the former communist eastern bloc country’s .

        Lets see them try and deny that – then tell us they are not talking out through a hole in their rear ends.

        There’s a reason why the neo liberal and the Hollywood movie industry has a mental image of New Zealanders as ‘ Mexicans with cell phones ‘ ….

  11. Agree with you re Nat supporters getting gongs. This is exactly why we should not have knighthoods or any other awards because both major political parties suck up to supporters. I would rather have the presentation photo from the country district we left 12 years ago than an award that was ploitically motivated.

  12. A very foul act key has committed yet again, giving the hard nosed Rebstock any rewards for her slash & cut policy she carries out with eagerness, of so much she touches as she did in USA, as she creates misery for the poor and glee for the rich.

    Happy new year John, and gear up for the next election cycle in 2016 as we approach 2017.

  13. Did even more than chocked on my muesli when I read about Dame Paula R! This defies belief the only way I can cope with such bshit is to ridicule the whole dam thing.

  14. I think the fact that Lynton Crosby is also getting a knighthood in Britain shows that the psychopathic nature of liberalism is (finally? ) showing it’s head proudly in public

  15. Oh my Lawd! This is just farcical!

    Follow her trail of destruction ….

    ACC – pre-existing condition(s) even if you are newly hit by a bus, transferred many head injury clients to WINZ because they didn’t have the ability to fight for their entitlements

    Commerce Commission – who now represent corporates in their fleecing of money from hard working NZ’ers – Chorus, solar buy back rates paid a below the wholesale rate of electricity, etc

    WINZ – $350.00 per year for food grants but only allowed to apply for such a grant every six months and receive no more than $80.00 at a time – Dental $300.00 per year but only allowed to apply once a year and if the first payment is for $75 for the X-ray, forget getting money for the filling / extraction – benefit payments cut to those most in need – abolition of the Training Incentive Allowance

    CYFS – bet she’s going to introduce workhouses only call it some fancy name like “training centres” (probably to make up for housing shortages and abolition of the Training Incentive Allowance)

    This neoliberal arsehole should have been deported years ago!

  16. While I sympathise with John Armstong because of his illness, he got an award because hes always been a Key supporter and his columns revealed his bias.
    As for Rebstock she got a reward for more asset sales, another word for privatisation,selling us down the river at our own expence.
    Key is so blatent nothing suprises anymore.
    This year might be one of many more nasty surprises.

    • Just remember , ELLE , that is the right wing neo liberal who uses the govt dept’s such as WINZ as their tool to get people who are chronically ill to ‘get out there and find work’….despite them being incapacitated..

      Armstrong was an avid supporter of this , … call it karma or call it reaping what you sow…

      I’m fast losing compassion on such types these days.

      Had a gutsful of them. And it wont hurt to feel a bit of the the pain of what they did to so many others far more vulnerable than they ever were with all their wealth and connections.

      Funny how mortal we all feel when the boots on the other foot.

  17. You’re referring to that Dam Paula. “The primary emphasis in determining the award of honours should be on service to the community or nation, and on merit and achievement, in whatever field, going beyond the normal requirements of duty or office.” (Report of the Prime Minister’s Honours Advisory Committee, September 1995) This is simple speak for ‘sucking up to the privileged elite’. All nominations are confidential and recommended to a batty old woman in old Blighty by the Prime Minister for woyal approval. It’s just a trumped up farce.

  18. Is she still in her office collecting her ( our ) $ 2 k a day ? If the answer is ‘ yes’ ? Then the fault lies more with us than her. We all know by now that the female Neo Right would sell their daughters into whore houses ( And, in fact, do by default ) so why would one pause at $2k a day for facilitating the theft of yet another of our resources that is CYF’s?
    If we don’t stop the likes of rebstock in her greedy tracks then it serves us right if she and her ilk treat us like fools. Less yap and angry missives and more direct action. Lets fuck their shit up?
    Any up and coming direct action is now their fault. Not ours . We’ve been patient enough. We’ve weathered their idle cruelties, we’ve watched on as they’ve bullied and abused us and our whanau and friends. We’ve witnessed bold and callous abuses of power by greedy over-privileged individuals who’ve become so at our expense. Their time’s up. We must act. They’re gone too far. They brought it upon themselves.

  19. like a modern day version of arch Freidmanite Ayn Rand, who spent her later years on welfare, Rebstock has lived well since the 80s on taxpayer dosh one way or another

    she started out in Roger Douglas Treasury and has espoused small government and neo liberalism ever since, sack the public servants and replace them with private sector consultants–like her–is the message, she was a major architect of gutting welfare benefits by collapsing all vulnerable people into “jobseekers” and mentored “Pullyer Benefat” on how to put the boot in more effectively

    so sod off to the honours list

  20. Hear hear John.

    Rebstock contributed to increasing the misery of the already impoverished. And she gets an honour for this? Speaks volumes about the sewer moral values and priorities of NatzKEY!

    FJK and his gang of thugs and bullies are a disgrace, not only to NZ, but to humanity in general!

  21. New Zealanders are getting what they voted for or did not vote for, the apathy of the “missing million voters” is leading NZ towards a dictatorship under this Natzi Government, the country has been Asset Stripped by the 1% percenters and we are reverting to a feudal society.

    As they often say “NZ is more British than the British”.

    • 100% right. Most kiwis are dumbed down that politics don’t matter via the msm. New Zealanders are getting what they voted for or did not vote for, the apathy of the “missing million voters” is leading NZ towards a dictatorship under this Natzi Government, the country has been Asset Stripped by the 1% percenters and we are reverting to a feudal society.

      Those missing million voters are an encouraged by the msm apathetic impediment.

  22. Some years ago I searched Rebstock’s bloated and biased WWG report for evidence of having spoken to any real life beneficiaries about THEIR real life experience on a benefit. Nothing, not a scrap of evidence a single beneficiary was consulted! To wit, a preordained no-win agenda and of zero material utility. Bet your bottom dollar the CYF review will omit any consulation with vulnerable children, their families or caregivers. Nor of course social workers as already reported by the PSA. Years before all this horror, I led social research into the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of beneficiaries. If I recall rightly, around 5% of beneficiaries might be labelled “bludgers” ; the rest in various states of active job search, many expending as much so 40 hours a week LOOKING for work that the previous National administration had ensured didn’t exist.

    • This question for the second time has attracted down ticks.
      The Minister of Education publicly congratulated someone called Janet Elspeth Adams for a New Years Honour for services to education.

      I have no idea who Janet Elspeth Adams is and so asked the question. She has been made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit so has obviously made a contribution. Are the down ticks because someone thinks she should not get publicity? If so, why?

      If a down ticker knows the awardee is definitely the person on the Linkedin list (or not) I would love to know.

  23. So right John, it never ceases to amaze me how the neo libs, you know (i
    did it all myself, smaller Govt.,poverty is the fault of the poor etc.)
    seem to have absolutely no problem spending a large part of there
    working lives sucking from the public teat.
    Wikopedia. Paula Rebstock

  24. So right John, it never ceases to amaze me how the neo libs, you know (i
    did it all myself, smaller Govt.,poverty is the fault of the poor etc.)
    seem to have absolutely no problem spending a large part of there
    working lives sucking from the public teat.

  25. The neo liberals in Government are linked to the neo liberals in the Private Sector they are mutually inclusive, you only have to join the dots.

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