Honours List is dishonourable – TDB Honours list 2015



We already have the All Blacks corporate logo mooted as a possible flag, do we need to have 10 people connected to the All Blacks on the honours list as well?

The Honours list are for those who have defended the status quo and protected privilege so it’s no surprise right wing media and vicious bureaucrats who are engineering the destruction of the welfare state are being lauded.

We need a ‘People’s Honours’ list for those who have challenged the state – not those who have acted for the State.

TDB Honours list 2015

  • Dame Susan Devoy for courage in the face of Islamaphobia. 
  • John Campbell for services to the people of Aotearoa
  • Nicky Hager for services to true journalism
  • Jane Kelsey for services to sovereignty 
  • CPAG for demanding social justice
  • Lizzie Marvelly for fighting rape culture
  • Rose Matafeo for services to feminism
  • The Fan Brigade for services to feminism
  • No Pride in Prisons for services to combat transphobia 
  • Marama Davidson for services to Maori
  • Amanda Bailey for services against bullying
  • Sonny Bill Williams for services to sport and enlightenment 
  • Helen Kelly for services to humanity, cannabis reform, worker rights and being an incredible human being

When privilege is entrenched, equality feels like prejudice.  We need an honours list that reflects the real heroes not those who already have the power.


  1. Agree completely. Well done. We do need a real and genuine honours list and yours is a good one. We need to question the right wing media at every turn because, as we know, their allegiance is with the ugly side of politics and in fact is dominated and controlled by them. It is truly a challenge to be ethical in journalism and politics when the majority is asleep ; mostly brain dead and complacent.

    • We dont really need an honours list. We need an honourable society where doing what is best for all is the default position. The only required list would only be to highlight dishonourable behavoir.

  2. Wonderful list Martyn. I agree and would add the following:

    *Helen Kelly for services to the union movement and all workers’ rights

    *Sue Henry for services to State house tenants

    *Martyn Bradbury for services to journalism

    *Frank Macskasy for services to journalism

    *Dita de Boni for services to journalism

    *Mihingarangi Forbes for services to journalism

    *Kelvin Davis for services to human rights

    *Tim McKinnel for services to justice

    *Paula Penfold for services to journalism and justice

    *Michael Tavares for services to conservation

    *Johno Smith for services to conservation

    There are many other people who deserve recognition for their contributions to improving NZ society, especially for the most vulnerable NZers. The above list is just a sample.

  3. Add to the esteemed list above :

    What about Sir Bomber Bradbury?…followed by Sir LPrent , Sir Gordon Campbell, Sir Kim Dotcom…YUS!


    Lady ( or is it Dame?) Laila Harre, Lady Sue Bradford, Lady Annette Sykes , Lady Metiria Turei…Sir John Minto, Sir Trevor Richards, Sir Hone Harawira, Sir Winston Peters, Sir Russel Norman?

    ( I am sure I have forgotten some….please add)

    I have to say I always admire those that refuse the Honours…they are usually the most worthy of all

  4. No , no ,no , Martyn …..you’ve got it all wrong …

    The Honour’s List is supposed to be designed on the original …

    You know the one ,… knights and Barons etc who led the peasantry into bloodthirsty private wars for their own grip on power. If the noble was captured , he was ransomed, the peasant was simply slaughtered.

    And then the peasants family was left to starve without a provider – after having their taxes raised to help pay for the nobles war effort.

    You have to think prick, arsehole , subversive , in-house favoritism – that sort of thing – to get the true essence of a modern day ‘honours ‘ list in the neo liberal manner of thinking.

    Goodness gracious !!! it would never do to actually have good people who don’t have money and power as their guiding operative principle being honoured…

    What are you trying to do?

    Spook the shareholders?

  5. MSM do the thinking for most new Zealanders in these busy times we live in we need the TDB to get some honest opinions and feedback from the general public?

  6. The problem with your argument is that the public generally don’t value dissenters and those that use public disturbances and stolen emails to further their cause.

    It annoys the majority in the centre right

    • What I love about you Mike is that you truly do represent the anti-intellectual rump of NZ so well. The funny thing is that if the Left had been caught increasing mass surveillance powers, dirty politics or crony capitalism you would be screaming about the injustice of it all – but because it’s your side of the political spectrum abusing power you privately grin like a wolf. That’s why people like you Mike have no moral high ground, you are a tribal vulture with the ethics the match. That you think that’s a success is all the more disturbing.

    • Mike the problem with you and other mindless Key adherents is that you have stunted moral development. People who function at your level of low moral development believe in vacantly and unquestioningly following the leader, and become irate when truth about corruption is revealed. The reality is, you enjoy being an unthinking follower because it’s easy and doesn’t require you to engage your brain and moral compass.

      People functioning at this stunted level are the people who would have told the Nazis that Jews were hiding in attic, and would say that Heinz in the Heinz dilemma shouldn’t steal the medication to save his dying wife.

      Regardless of how Nicky Hager got his emails, what those emails revealed was the truth about the moral depravity of John Key, National Party MPs and those who support the Right.

      • Nicky stole them – they were private property. Is that what you want – legalised theft of private property?

  7. The real heroes in every community are those who work away quietly in the background, the teamakers, the kitchen ladies, the folk who always turn up at a working bee, and the neighbour who is never too busy to help, the stranger who helps the person on the street to cross the busy road, or carry your bag for you; these unsung heroes are the real people. The only thing we could retain is the 20 people in the Order of NZ, and no politician should ever receive an award of any kind. Neither should govt servants. All are wellpaid and that should be enough.

  8. If the Left had brought in Mass Surveillance of the NZ population, the rabid right would have been screaming blue murder.

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