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Judith Collins' return to Cabinet - John Key had no choice but to reinstate 'the Crusher' - NZ Herald


I’m happy-as-larry to have Judith Collins back as a Minister in this scandal-prone government.

I don’t know what possessed our esteemed Dear Leader to re-appoint her. One of them obviously has something on the other. But truth tell – I don’t much care.

Fellow blogger, Curwen Rolinson, has already detailed her impressively lengthy list of stuff-ups.

She is the gift that keeps giving and I’m waiting how long before the next pratfall, scandal, mis-use of ministerial power, and links to right-wing loony bloggers, hits our headlines. The woman just can’t help herself. Her bloated attitude of entitlement/power over-rides any modicum of common sense she might possess.

I’m betting the entire Press Gallery will be keeping a close eye on her.  As will be every opposition politician, political scientist, blogger, pundit, etc.

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Scrutiny of her activities will be unlike anything ever experienced by past or contemporary members of parliament. Media will be falling over themselves to be the first ‘break’ news of her next cluster-f**k.

Worse still, Collins’ next stuff-up will damage not just her career, as well as undermine Key’s perceived reputation for sound decision-making (for reinstating her) – but also the National Party’s future ability to govern, with “the Crusher” as a potential Leader-in-waiting. New Zealanders are not ready for a third-rate, self-absorbed “Kiwi Donald Trump” – one prone to “errors of judgement” on a seemingly regular basis.

‘Fun’ days ahead.





NZ Herald: Judith Collins’ return to Cabinet: John Key had no choice but to reinstate ‘the Crusher’

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  1. If this is the best national have then we are screwed. I suppose it’s something that she can’t keep her mouth shut like plastic Parata

    • … suppose it’s something that she can’t keep her mouth shut like plastic Parata

      Parata. Indeed. I liken Collins to Parata – both trouble-prone; both creating headaches for their Party. (Though Parata is perceived as generally inept, Collins projects an air of gratuitous Muldoonesque malevolence.)

      • Honestly. I’m beginning to think they teach this stuff at law school. Is it me or is all high profile lawyers quite incident prone in New Zealand.

        Maybe it’s a curse of the Kardashians

  2. Frank said; “I’m happy-as-larry to have Judith Collins back as a Minister in this scandal-prone government.”

    Yes frank that is an accident prone lot alright.

    This will add more fuel to the fire now, hope the fire brigade are up for it.

  3. I’m happy-as-larry to have Judith Collins back as a Minister in this scandal-prone government.

    You may be happy as (given that exposing the shit these people perpetrate is kinda your bread and butter), but I, for one, would rather have this country run by people who are competent, kind, resourceful, pragmatic and decent.

  4. See, here’s the thing. One thing that John Key seems to understand is the short attention span of both journalists and the public. If you are in trouble during an interview, just talk the clock down until the interviewer says “we’re out of time….”and tomorrow the matter will be forgotten.

    For this reason there can be as many pratfalls or scandals as you like, the original setting: that this is a hyper-competent managerial party run by a massively popular – even beloved – leader who reads the public brilliantly will never be challenged, because the evidence will be yesterday’s news.

    Until this setting is challenged those scandals will have little or no impact. The trick is to be able to predict the pratfalls and scandals.

    How do you make the scandals seem inevitable?

    By introducing a new setting. One that will be reinforced by every scandal. Something like: this is a short sighted, lazy administration, with neither ideas nor conviction, taking their orders from the greedy 1% and treating the average Kiwi with contempt.

    By holding up this kind of image (one that is close enough to the truth to be proven and demonstrated over and over again),and reiterating it, or something like it at every opportunity and about every justifying incident, the scandals will no more be the fodder of one day,and gone the day after, they will be further evidence and proof for the image you are establishing.

    Until those who have the chance to speak through the mass media begin to enunciate this and predicting this kind of behaviour pattern, there is little or no possibility of gaining the traction necessary to change the fortunes of those who oppose the current government.

  5. I hope Opposition revisit the Oravida debacle and keep the pressure up on Collins and her lies and deception through it all. At least if nothing else, it will keep the issue alive, refreshing the public’s mind.

    Let the games commence.

  6. Given we essentially have a criminal in charge of our country, it would be fare to say that Judith will likely have quite a bit on Key. The question is, when will she back the dump truck up?

  7. Just keep singing that Oravida song, and remind her, again, again and yet again, she is a sell out kind of person, and she will with her boisterous attitude invite the next sword to fall over.

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