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The Basement Theatre Christmas show is back and this year it answers a question we didn’t know we wanted the answer to- what if God decided it was time for the apocalypse but due to a bureaucratic requirement, had to send a representative thus bringing about Jesus Christ II?

The answer is presented to us by a core cast of four and a revolving cast of celebrity Jesus Christ IIs who have no idea what’s going on. On the night I went Madeline Sami was Jesus (yes, of course Jesus can be a woman) and she was brilliant. The core cast is Gareth Williams, Hayley Sproull, Julian Wilson and Victoria Abbott all of whom are equally excellent.

The rotating cast of JCs includes: Antonia Prebble, Kimberley Crossman, Michael Hurst, Rose Matafeo, Madeleine Sami, Amanda Billing, Rhys Mathewson, Jamie Bowen, Kura Forrester, Olivia Tennet, Bryony Skillington, Nic Sampson, Guy Montgomery, Hamish Parkinson, Chris Parker, Joel Tobeck, and Jaquie Brown. So really, whichever night you go, it’s going to be great.

Oliver Driver, who directed last year’s JC Superstar is back at the helm. This time though, along with the rock musical numbers, there is a lot more piss-taking and improvisation. Which is exactly what that show needed in my opinion. The show was full of laugh out loud moments and even a spot of audience interaction.

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There are moments of lag (which you’d expect when 1/5 of the cast members don’t know what they’re doing) but because of that, the 2 ½ hour show could probably have had 30 minutes trimmed off. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed myself the whole way through.

Definitely recommended for a bit of (not too serious or traditional) Christmas fun.


  1. Its fashionable to laugh at religion but sound interpretation of Bible prophecy has not failed yet & predicts the USA & Catholicism will be the last evil powers on Earth before its destruction by fire. The same book has many calls for all people to believe & live so nobody needs to be lost.

    • Well, there is the curious matter of certain Biblical stories that, under the cold light day of scrutiny, does not stand up to analysis.

      Amongst these are the so-called “missing day” which is not recorded anywhere else in human history.

      Another is the curious anamoly that despite being descended from one couple, the Human Species is comprised of several different races.

      If people want to believe that the Bible is fact and infallible, that’s their prerogative. I don’t share that view.

      Perhaps the greatest irony is that your god demonstrate’s ‘his’ love by creating vast, destructive disasters; allows his followers to suffer horrendous fates; and, most tellingly, permitted his son to be brutally tortured to death. (Little wonder that, 2,000 years later, humanity has learned from your god’s demonstrations of ‘love’, and we now excel at mass-murder and creation of weapons of mass destruction that could turn this planet into a radioactive wasteland, in a matter of minutes.)

      Personally, if I were your god, I would’ve called it quits after the fifth day of creation. The planet would be a more peaceful, cleaner, safer place.

      But hey, just my views, QT.

      • We have different races but they can all interbreed, look at the animal kingdom ie cattle, sheep, dogs etc for similar examples.
        While the disasters are called acts of God they are a result of sin & caused by Satan (Job 1:12, 19), when the judgments of God are poured out (Revelation 16) you will know the difference. I am not worried about a missing day in 6000 years when most of the world has us many billions of years old.
        Thanks for your reply & personally i enjoy the company of non-believers as they can be more aware of problems in this world & look for solutions compared to many Christians who are quick to condemn anyone different from themselves.
        The Job reference is a bit simplistic but you need to read all of Deuteronomy 28 along with a list of other texts to understand the character of God.

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